saying goodbye after 11 years ...... - 8/13/2019 -


~doot gang~
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At 7:00 in the car post-dentist AL says: "I've been prola-prolonging..." She was about to say prolapsing.

Also get Becky with her Piña Colada situation.

These old vlogs are becoming so predictable with this wank timeline that reading threads and watching even a few minutes of her latest uploads feels like a fever dream.

Raw Meat
"I love living vicariously through you... that looks so good"

What exactly looks good? It's a dry looking potato topped with cheese, some disgusting looking slob passed of as pork chops and half a plate of green beans, no seasoning or flavor. Everything looks good when you're 600 elbees and stuck eating chicken soup.

Lol this bitch thinks that she's going to get "suctioned up" during a tornado. Gorl no tornado is that powerful.

Also how does someone her size get a tooth pulled? There's no way the chair could have supported her. I did a quick Google search for dental chair weight limits and got answers from 350lbs to 500lbs. Gorl is obviously past 500lbs.

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