Sea Salt Mine - here there be chimping over the lawsuit

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>Orange Julius




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The use of "Orange Julius" bugged me.

Did some googling. Orange Julius is a fruit smoothie/juice store, apparently like Jamba Juice. They were bought by Dairy Queen in 1987. The Orange Julius branded stores remained, though apparently DQ offers the same juices that OJ offered.

Orange Julius, far as I can tell, only has locations in California.

Just found it weird. You generally make a reference only if you're familiar with something. For example, It'd be weird for a guy from Massachusetts to make references to In'N'Out burger, which primarily exists in California, with a store here and there no further east than Colorado.

It's a little odd for someone not familiar with Orange Julius to make a reference to Orange Julius,

I thought Buttick made a deal to leave Vic alone if Redvicstan leaves Ron and the VAs alone.
nevermind its just not tweeting to him
Looks like Tewson's gravitational pull yanked the banhammer out of orbit (again).

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Wait. Emile Paint is also wolf lolyer?


"Ohhhhh he's a shrewd one!"
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albert macdonald chan

Novice computer programmer and Norm Macdonald fan
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Fat is back, and has been on a tweeting spree these last few hours. The account shows it was made in January 2020 so it's just another handle change, it seems like everything before 14 hours (at the time of this post) has been nuked.

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Toye made a rather interesting response with his tags, but then again it is Ron.

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The “President of Antifa” really needs to step up his game and stop using grainy gifs that you can’t even recognize. Even a drunk Nick Rekieta can meme better than you.