Sean Christian Daw-McGee / Tegan Fallon / Hazel / Christine Dawson / BVDGRRL / BVDGRRLXXX / Sparx Traxx / BADGRRL / heskl3t - Batshit insane otherkin and tranny with supercharged AGP and a love for hyper boobs, dicks, and balls - furry drama whore - dated a pedophile

Jun 8, 2020
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Reality vs. Photoshop​

Sean Christian Daw-McGee (d.o.b. January 1, 1996) is better known as Sparx, Tegan, Hazel, and BADGRRL. Sparx is a Twitter-addicted transgender furry, DJ, programmer, and drama whore. Sparx is probably most notorious on the internet at large for having a pedo roommate who ended up going to prison. In furry circles, Sparx is your generic Twitter furry making a total of 3595 Tweets and Retweets in only 3 months. Most of these tweets follow certain themes, including programming/technology, Antifa/social justice (Black Lives Matter/tranny shit), and other random furry drama.

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Sparx is a

Sparx the coomer
Like 99.99999% of trannies, one of Sparx's main personality traits is porn and fetishes. Sparx has a LONG list of fetishes, which he proudly lists on the secondary, NSFW area of his website. You can read that list here.
View attachment screencapture-knotty-sparx-dog-2021-07-14-19_26_42.png3 month old archive (slightly different from the attached image)

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 8.02.34 PM.pngArchive

Like most furries, Sparx has an AD (After Dark) account. Most furries use this to talk more freely about NSFW topics and post porn of their characters. Sparx does this, but also posts IRL porn of himself.

Sparx has numerous porn commissions of his fursona. Most of these cater to what could be considered as his #1 fetish, dickgirls with enormous dicks and balls. Sparx's fursona canonically has this. Link is NSFW.
no archives; you need an account to see NSFW stuff on FA.

Sparx actually goes the extra mile and incorporates his fetishes in real life.


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Just because Sparx has a second account for NSFW doesn't mean his main account is SFW. He frequently exhibits horny-on-main behaviors, like commenting on NSFW furry art.
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Sparx's delusions
With everything else that's been established about Sparx, it shouldn't come as a surprise that he's completely nuts, and more so than your garden-variety furry/tranny/Twitter addict/[any combination of the three]. Sparx is an otherkin, which is someone who believes that they are a non-human (animal/fictional creature/etc) in a human body. In other words, Sparx wants to be female, but also genuinely believes he is a dog. Go to Sparx's Twitter account and you'll see tweet after tweet that have "woof" in them or "puppy"/"i'm puppy"/"i'm doggo"/[any other variation you can think of]. To the uninitiated (myself included, at first) this may seem like LARPing or maybe generic low-effort furry humor. But with Sparx, it gets another meaning and represents a desire to be a dog.


Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 7.20.49 PM.pngScreen Shot 2021-07-14 at 7.23.06 PM.pngScreen Shot 2021-07-14 at 7.23.44 PM.png

Sparx is now openly an otherkin/"therian" and claims to have species dysphoria.
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Sparx even takes a page out of the CWC playbook and genuinely believes that there is a parallel universe populated by anthropomorphic animals, and that his fursona tangibly exists.

From around the early-mid 2010s, Sparx's main pastime was DJing as well as making his own music. His music is generic chiptune and it's really nothing interesting or particularly good. It just exists.
Sparx still DJs, but doesn't really make music that often. In fact, the vast majority of his music was uploaded over three years ago, and he only came out of retirement to post something that he used in a Twitter post.

You can listen to Sparx's music on Spotify (10 monthly listeners) or SoundCloud (1,693 followers)
Files for each are attached below.

Sparx's new venture is programming. It is very likely that this is how he is employed as he has tweeted about going to different places and performing maintenance/other random routine stuff.
He also occasionally posts programming-related stuff on his account. Sparx being Sparx though, a lot of these tweets have his coomer-y humor.
archive archive

Drama whoring
On two different occasions, Sparx's drama has been picked up by the farms.

Sparx was first noticed by the Farms in this post. For context, a random furry had made a TikTok video that made a joke about how almost every furry is LGBT, and Sparx got offended by it.
The Farms forgot about Sparx, until...

The pedo roommate/ex
This is the biggest Sparx saga so far, and his main claim to fame among random, non-furry internet users.

On June 18, 2020, an apartment inhabited by Sparx, FoxyShiloh, and EVoidgazer/TerraiDawnbreak was raided. It turns out that EVoidgazer was a pedophile.
This security camera photo of the police in a filthy and extremely cluttered apartment is now iconic and has been posted by furries and non-furries alike.

EVoidgazer was arrested, and Sparx and FoxyShiloh were evicted.

Sparx also has one-on-one fights too!

Here, Sparx gets into an extended fight with a fifteen-year-old on Twitter. Both parties are annoying, but Sparx is especially immature for letting this continue.

someone archived this 2 months ago.

Sparx vs. The Furst State
I'm not going to include all of the pictures here because it's a very long saga with a lot of angry Tweets from Sparx, but the summary is that Sparx joined a random Telegram chat, and someone linked Sparx's ED page. Sparx raged at the mods of the chat to ban the user but the mods didn't give a satisfactory response, leading the drama to spill over on Twitter.
You can read about it here.

Random Sparx Faxx (haha get it)
This section will be have interesting facts that you should know about Sparx. It will basically always be unfinished, but it will get updated whenever I see fit.


Admitting autogynephilia


This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.



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Aug 27, 2019
So what about this guy makes him stand out from the thousands of other Twitter furries, excluding the police raid on their pedo poly fuckbuddy? This op is a start, but there's nothing really captivating here yet.

You should definitely add more information about EVoidgazer/Erika Terrai Shepard and the police raid. @D.Va made a post about him in the furry drama thread after the incident. There's a lot you can dig up here.

Regardless, this is pretty funny.
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Edit: Also that Chiptune music is lame as fuck lol. He's not skilled enough to use more complex instruments/samples in his compositions but he's also not crafty enough to stick to similar limitations of older hardware, nor can he use the same workarounds actual talented musicians used while working on machines with such limitations at the time. He's missing the entire thing that gives Chiptune it's charm IMO.
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Nov 1, 2016
I should point out that I faildoxed Sparx in a previous thread and somehow pulled "Chris Dawson" from somewhere which is why it ended up in the OP. Thx to @zedkissed60 for pointing out this error.

Christine Dawson is a previous name they used before a legal name change. Actual deadname is Sean Christian Daw-McGee:

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Sep 7, 2019
Why do I sincerely doubt this is what actually happened? At best it's so thoroughly decontextualized that it's meaningless anyway, at worst it's a stupid lie. I could see a confused officer, looking at this ambiguous person, asking something like "What do I call you?" as he tries to gather information for a report or something.


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Jun 25, 2015
Why do I sincerely doubt this is what actually happened? At best it's so thoroughly decontextualized that it's meaningless anyway, at worst it's a stupid lie. I could see a confused officer, looking at this ambiguous person, asking something like "What do I call you?" as he tries to gather information for a report or something.
it could be possible that one of the officers met a genderspecial before, got a pronoun wrong and then they raised hell about it, I mean that's really pushing it but I can see it happening