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Again more "I'm not attracted to minors guys just trust me!" shit from Sean. This dude posts/retweets once a week or more to remind everyone he's not a pedophile. Which Sean that only makes you more suspicious that you are in fact a pedophile. Especially if you're sending Animal Rape Porn to Children (by your own admission) and possibly doxing those kids if they piss you off. Which you do get mad often and mass report those who make you mad so the child doxing stuff isn't out of the realm of possibility. Either way Sean. Constantly telling everyone how you don't want to fuck kids doesn't convince people that you don't want to fuck kids. It does the opposite.
Oh god, that tweet. Isn't that tweet about how adults should watch what they post online because kids might see it? I remember seeing Kittydog retweet it and it's just 🙄
Adults don't have to put "trigger warnings" or be careful what they say. Kids shouldn't be online to begin with, and when you're 13+ like social media requires then you are nature enough to handle darker subject matter. It would be different if an adult contacts a child about that stuff but simply talking about it online is not a problem. Funny how these "woke" people echo Karens and Mom Groups.

It's ironic too. Soo... Posting mature content is bad but exposing Zoophilia to children is A-OK. Kittydog is also a degenerate that needs her own thread.
Petty Virtue signaling, it's crazy how many predators do it.

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So uh, he either deactivated his twitter or changed the name.View attachment 1999693
Looks they have a new account, but it's private.

310 tweets in a month, I wonder what deviancy lies within.


Numeric ID link just in case.

Edit: Someone on Discord passed these along, not sure what server they are from or anything, but apparently they are the last Tweets he made before he privated this new account.
1Discord Consent.png
2 Discord Consent.png

This one is my favorite
3 Discord Consent.png
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a degenerate autistic furry who posts dumb shit


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You'd have to be pretty fucking stupid to argue the morality of fucking a horse, like a whole new kind of retar-

it all makes sense now
Some of those crayons might've had lead in them.

Also does anyone have his discord #? i can check around ponyfag servers and see if hes being an absolute weirdo there too.
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Retweeting about not sending porn to minors is fucking rich coming from him.
They're still trying to claim they dislike pedophiles but think dogs can consent? Ok. I guess somehow they think the law won't come after them if they say they disavow child rapists enough, even though bestiality now has federal charges.
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And another thing that almost looks as if supports/somewhat defends pedophilia.



That one's gone too LMAO
I'll edit this reply if I can find the next account. It's inevitable he'll create a new one; he can't resist getting attention. I assume he'll need to take the time to make one though because the one I just archived was made preemptively in March, apparently.

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Oh shit lmao I completely forgot about this thread and thought it was dead since Sean deleted his twitter out of panic. Didn't know Sean got back in action. It's funny he's seeing a therapist now though (if that is true). I hope its because of his parents finding this thread and forcing his weird ass to go sit down with a therapist. Though he's probably lying.

On a sidenote, if this true, makes sense. Most therapists are worthless and don't tell their clients the truth. They just nod and agree and just be their friend for $300+ per hour. Reasoning is, people like Sean tend to just switch therapists anyways when their therapist says shit they don't like. So it's within the therapist's incentive to not challenge their patient. Just be their friend for money. This is actually one of the biggest issues with the mental health system today besides a myriad of other problems.