Sean Walker Discord Leaks [MERGED] feat. MKRNightVee, ex-Kiwis @The Fool and @{o}P II - Bella Janke and Everfree! It's all Naught's fault! Details his "intentions" for Chris! Threatens to sue Kiwis! Has a Discord with APC and others! Sexually attracted to Naught and Null both!

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Jul 31, 2021
0 - TheGhost.jpg

(Disclaimer: If you have been mentioned in this OP, it is only to alert you to the fact that one of the "final protagonists" of Christory has been talking about you specifically, and I have personally made no allegations in this post towards anyone mentioned, nor do I intend for any allegations referred to in this OP to be regarded as fact. All allegations referenced in this post have already been made by others elsewhere.)

I have recently "acquired" a leaked Discord conversation between Sean Walker/@Psychic Espeon/@Mage and former Watchmen member MKRNightVee, in which MKRNightVee confronts Sean over the recent events. This conversation seems to have occurred not long ago, either sometime on or after September 13th, 2021. I have attached the full conversation to this post, but will provide necessary context and summarize the key points to the best of my ability (there's 58 total screencaps), because I doubt most people are interested in or have kept up with Chris orbiter Discord drama. However, I do encourage everyone to read the full conversation, because it is both informative and hilarious in equal measure.

You will also notice that I have redacted MKRNightVee's (referred to as MKR for the remainder of this post) Discord username and profile picture, as well as mentions of a few others. This was requested as part of a stipulation for me posting these screenshots, and seeing as everyone involved is already thoroughly doxed and documented, I saw no reason to deny this request. I have gone out of my way to give the identity (with one exception) of every redacted individual, and have even linked or alluded to where readers may find their dox. Feel free to call me a faggot for redacting weens or whatever; if you want to a-log any of them, they are all very easily contacted through publicly available channels that aren't Discord. I obviously haven't redacted Sean because of his alleged status as a faggot, so without further ado:


Dramatis Personae
This is a quick rundown of each notable person and group mentioned in these logs, in order of mention and noting all names used to refer to them in the conversation. I have made this list to help provide context to any readers that may be unfamiliar with the Watchmen or related individuals, and have included links to information for each, if such resources are available. I have chosen not to list such known figures as Isabella Loretta Janke, Fiona, GiBi, Ethan Ralph, Spooky Bones, Amberlynn Reid, Brianna Wu, DSP, Null, Marvin, The American Hedgehog, Jacob Sockness, Barb, CWC, or other miscellaneous KF users; as most of these people are assumed to be known to readers of this thread, or are irrelevant to the conversation as a whole.

  1. MKRNightVee / Meghan (not that Meghan): The redacted participant in this conversation, see her thread and section on the CWCki for background information. I should note that MKR supposedly was part of the Watchmen who did not follow Sean after the group's breakup in June of 2021, and to my knowledge this is the first time the two have corresponded since mid-July.​
  2. Sean Walker / TheGhost / WCT / Kat: The primary person of interest in this conversation, see his thread and his CWCki article for background information and other aliases. This conversation is the first (that I know of) publicly known appearance of Sean since he went underground around August 5th, 2021. To date, this conversation is the only known instance of him addressing the situation and divulging information since his last post on this site. I can only assume that his new alias "TheGhost" has something to do with his Randy Stair obsession, and alleged desire to fuck ghost waifus.​
  3. Watchmen: See the dedicated CWCki article.​
  4. Praetor: See the dedicated CWCki article and this thread for information on Isabella Janke's supposed connections to the group.​
  5. @naught / Anon: Former Watchmen member and notorious socker, banned from Kiwi Farms and some similar sites. See his section on the CWCki; he also has a thread on another website, that I will not be linking here.​
  6. Chairman Miaozer / Meowzer/ Tiff: Sean Walker's former e-girlfriend, user of sites such as Twitter (1 & 2) and Gab (no known archives.) She has a thread on another website, that I will not be linking here. I should note that the thread in question was created by Sean himself, as retaliation for spurning his affections (a common motivation for Sean, it seems) using Chairman Miaozer's own identity, and he is said to have allegedly took control of several of her accounts and/or used her identity on various platforms at several points.​
  7. Anaxis: CWCki fag, former CWCki server owner, former Watchmen, and supposedly former Knights of CWC member. See the Lainchu section on CWCki, their CWCki user page, and these logs with Sean/Isabella/other Knights members.​
  8. Owls / Ryan: Original "leader" of the Watchmen, see his CWCki section for background information.​
  9. Redacted: The individual I have labelled as "Redacted" in the logs is alleged to be Naught's girlfriend, who Sean supposedly wanted to make into a sweetheart of his very own, before that damn dirty Naught stole her away!​
  10. NovaKyle / Kyle: Another former Watchmen member, see his CWCki section for background information. I should note that the CWCki is very incorrect in stating that he was a minor member, and to my knowledge he was actually a very prominent member of the group.​
  11. Momiji: I honestly don't fucking know who this is.​
  12. Johnathan / Uriel / Aidy: See previous, too many fucking random speds. Thankfully, I'm almost done.​
  13. Klop / CatLoPez: Prominent CWCki fag, former Watchmen member, and former owner of the CWCki Discord server. See his CWCki account and the CWCki's Lainchu section for some background information. I have personally spoken to Klop since this thread was created, and as a result of this interaction, I have no reason to a-log him further at this time.​




Conversation Highlights
(All screenshots of the conversation here are thumbnails, click to enlarge.)
  1. Sean's opening speech, in which he bemoans his situation, while also claiming he has "no regrets". He shares his revelations regarding the community surrounding Chris, as well as Kiwi Farms.
  2. Sean confirms that LARPing as Randy Stair was a form of enabling Chris' delusions, and explains his "real intentions" for Chris (Praetor is also mentioned.)
  3. Sean calls @Spooky Bones a "rat" (he does this multiple times in the convo) for leaking the logs he gave Spooky to "help [him] clear [his] name." He also explains that he "never wanted" Chris to "an hero", and mentions Praetor again.
  4. Sean cites his posting of the "totally "legit"" BDSM texts as the reason for his thread's existence. He also whines about Naught a whole bunch (I'm not highlighting most of that, it's very gay), while wishing he (Sean) had "never joined this community." He says that "this was all worth it" in the "long-term", but not in the "short-term."
  5. Sean talks about his first impressions of Isabella, and speaks on plans for "Bella and take Chris to Everfree NW to defend him from Sockness..." MKR also feeds into Sean's narrative that Naught doxed the Watchmen, in order to earn Sean's trust in the conversation. I should point out that the only claims I know of for Naught doxing the Watchmen come from Sean himself (and those who followed him to his Watchmen splinter group, the Knights of CWC), as well as users of a certain other site, that both Naught and Sean are known to use. More on that later.
  6. Sean details his reaction to the Incest Leaks (which he erroneously states were leaked on July 25th?), as well as his final interactions with Chris.
  7. Sean whines about Naught some more (again, very gay) and seems to confirm that @Marvin allegedly knew about plans for Chris, but "didn't care" as he was "focused on other shit."
  8. Sean goes into further detail about his intentions for Chris, and also makes some claims regarding the Watchmen breakup.
  9. Sean goes into detail concerning his fight with Anaxis, talks about the moment he "lost", and continues to say that this entire situation is "all [Naught's] fault." MKR also mentions @GiBi here.
  10. Sean implies that Isabella did not have access to his Knights of CWC server, and that she was only in a "group DM to get her talking." This is a blatant lie, as there is hard evidence that this is not the case (in spoiler, Neko/Conner is Sean), and that both Isabella and Fiona were in Knights for some time before this group DM took place. He also claims that it was Isabella who exported the group DM; this is also a lie, as the logs use Sean's timezone (Pacific) and were never posted prior to him giving them to @Spooky Bones (see highlight #3.) Isabella is also removed from the group DM in the logs, and there are further notifications present after this that she could not possibly have seen or exported. He goes into more detail concerning "the battle" with KF and Isabella, and claims that yours truly "was where shit went wrong for [him.]" Nigger, what?
    fiona joins.png
    isabella joins.png
    The Group Dm.png
  11. Sean states that "in the next 1-2 years at least" Kiwi Farms will "be gone", and says the same in regards to the CWCki. He follows this up by showing how much of a newfag he actually is, by stating "all the good cows are on their way out", then proceeding to cite Amberlynn Reid, Brianna Wu, DSP, CWC, Ethan Ralph, and Isabella as being the "good cows." He does make a correct statement regarding Isabella's perceived lack of longevity as a cow, but does not seem to realize that he himself is a suitable replacement. He also provides insight into his opinion on Isabella, stating "she's just a numbskull."
  12. My personal favorite highlight of this conversation, in which Sean names those on Kiwi Farms that he who would seek legal action against, should he feel inclined to do so. He names the following, and for the following reasons: @easy (for being the OP of Sean's thread), @Aldora (I assume? No reason given.), @Basalasas (for being "autistically curious"), Naught (for an assumed plethora of reasons), @PsychoNerd054 (for writing Sean's CWCki article), @Null (for calling Sean a "dumb nigger"), and @DiscoRodeo (I assume? No reason given.) He goes on to express his worries (and lack of worries) concerning the consequences of his thread and overall exposure.
  13. Sean claims that his family is "aware of [his] thread", says that he is "sorry", and will "take responsibility for the unfortunate situation" despite not taking any responsibility whatsoever (as of the date of this post.)
  14. Not much of major importance in the next 10 screenshots between the above highlight and this one, aside from Sean fretting over being doxed and complaining about the state of KF. However, in this next one, he mentions a server he owns called "House With No Doors." It's possible that more information on this server will come out in due time, now that it's publicly known, but what I do happen to know is that it is a server (again, owned by Sean Walker) made up of many members of a certain other site and sundry notable individuals. Why, even APC / Arm Pit Cream (among other alleged frequent users of another site) makes an appearance in the user list, and with a fancy colored name no less!
Those are all of the major highlights (to me, anyway), but I again urge others to read the conversation in its entirety (.zip attached to this post) to obtain an accurate and complete perspective on the information contained within.

For now, I will end this post with Sean's final words (as of this OP):


EDIT: Well, that was a lie. Sean had some more words for us, and he doesn't seem to like this thread very much...
  • See here and here for updates on his Discord activity, and here for some interesting information.
  • See this post for a leaked conversation between MKR and @The Fool.
  • See this thread (now merged into this one) for leaked logs between @{o}P II and Sean.


  • Sean & MKR Discord Conversation (Full).zip
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A big guy (for you)

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Aug 8, 2021
Honestly don't know which is worse. Sean is Sean but Meghan wears cat ears.


Going to have to give the TKO to Meghan here.

This would've been a good start but he's lied multiple times in these DMs. Very sad.

And if you end up reading this, don't kill yourself Sean, you're a massive retard but pretty young, I find your "Anime Villain" stuff pretty funny and want to see more of it.

Edit: Just noticed this


The account Naught allegedly doxed him on was called Nightmare, and Sean has capitalised it here. Rent free

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Sep 12, 2021
I remember thinking I was hot shit because I was considered a leader in a few AOL chat rooms in high school, but this guy makes that ridiculous immature narcissism look like nothing. Who the hell does this shit for the kicks unless they serious have major psychological issues?


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Jul 31, 2021

Sean has already become aware of this thread, and has changed his Discord username and profile picture after deleting every message I've posted.
Thankfully, I now also have the ones he sent after the conversation in the OP took place (prior to him deleting messages, just now) which I will edit and post ASAP.

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Jan 16, 2021
Sean threatening to sue is so toothless it's hilarious. Of course, you can't really expect much better of a "threat" from someone who looks like he came from a genetic engineering project whose goal was to produce retards– But he just seems so exasperated and can't think of any better imaginary approach.


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Jul 31, 2021
The following messages are from today. Sean Walker declares @Spooky Bones to be "Kiwi Farms's Joseph McCarthy", among other things.
The only thing that may need some extra context here, is Sean's alleged threats of doxing "music bro."
Music bro was someone Sean was in contact with in the past in regards to commissioning music for his videos. Music bro's friend (@Zelos Wilder) relayed some interesting information regarding Sean Walker on music bro's behalf to Sean's thread, including Sean's alleged interactions with Thaddeus McMichael / MadThad0890 (more on that later :tomgirl:.)
Here are Zelos Wilder's posts (1 & 2) regarding the alleged threat of doxing Sean made to music bro, for context.
Music bro has also corresponded with Spooky Bones in recent days, and a great deal more of music bro's information regarding Sean has just been shared in this post.
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Spooky Bones

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Aug 29, 2019
> Why did you try to dox this person?
> idk, what's their name?


(Which reminds me I have some unreleased Music Bro material, I'll go do that in a bit ... thanks, Sean.)

Also have his parents been sending him to therapy or what that he talks all this personal growth hot air.

The grandiosity is, indeed, unbelievable. I've rarely seen the like. This guy really does think that he's on some kind of divinely imparted mission.

Spooky Bones

I am a deceitful person. Be wary of my intentions!
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Aug 29, 2019
the plural genitive is "promis" with an "i" not singular nominative "promus" with a "u" don't make me rap your knuckles with my ruler

I'd have gone with "sic semper focariae" anyway especially for a female janny

Steely Dan

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Jan 22, 2020
What a fucking massive faggot. :story:

Hey Sean, you're a an ugly chink incel who would be the perfect candidate to shoot up a school if you weren't already out of high school. (I suppose you could still shoot up your college ala the Virginia Tech guy; whom I wouldn't be surprised is actually another one of your idols like Randy Stair. But, I'm not in the FBI nor do I glow in the dark so I wouldn't suggest things like that to you :smug: )

BTW, if because of these slanderous and salacious remarks I've just made you would like to also add me to your KF lolsuit; yes, I am in fact the Steely Dan, from the famed Steely Dan Band of the 1970s. And now in retirement I spend my time cyberbullying retards like yourself. :story::story::story:

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Aug 5, 2021
Give it a couple of weeks and we might find out she was in the Knights server too.
Sic Semper Promus, even the good ones still do it for free.
In a month from now, I'd stake my bottom dollar, that we'll find Spooky drunk posting somewhere he shouldn't have been, and the whole vendetta will come to the surface. Guy can't get his act together. Mark my words. Opioids are a hell of a drug.

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