Sean Walker / @Psychic Espeon / WCT encouraged Chris to "channel" spree killer Randy Stair [NEW LEAK] - Self-described "Final Protagonist of Christory", spree-killer fanboy, has his grubby fingers in every single pie

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beauty dies in LSD orgy
I can confirm that Sean is unhappy.
Why would he not be happy? This thread has almost 60,000 views, 30 pages, and Sean even has his real name and face featured prominently on the CWCki's featured article. Hell, the CWCki even directly cites this thread as a source.
What's not to like Sean? You're a bonafide Christorical figure now! Everyone will now that you are the most powerful guy in the CWC sphere. This is a great accomplishment, Sean walker; all eyes are on you.

I know from the GiBi leaks that it sounds like Sean's plan is just to GTFO from the internet for a period of time until everyone moves on, but i'll tell you man, it isn't so easy to wash the stink off, especially when we have his name and address.

For context however, the message was a link to this thread, as well as links to music bros bandcamp, youtube, Facebook and a smiling emoji.
What would this even achieve, Sean? Music Bro has been nothing but good to us; if you try and dox him, all it would do is get him more listeners.


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@eaisey I assume he isn't happy because he's been forced to play second-fiddle to Isabella, who he probably thought he was playing or had control of the whole time.
If this thread gets the Halal tag, I don't think it should ever leave this board. Putting it on the Chris board would give Sean exactly what he wants, but leaving it here in this rubbish heap would make him seethe for eternity.
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Spooky Bones

Get in, loser, we're going doxing!
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What do we have here? Discord leaks? The Merge is powerful.

Let's look at only the beginning of the first one and see what we find. A lot of it is tiresome, Sean fighting other weirdos for status as Chris's primary confidante. But there is a lot of other informative material here.

All memery aside and no fucking around this drop changes the timeline and suggests Chris was raping Barb up to a month before the Merge, possibly longer than that, and he repeats the "3 days" claim he made to Null. Many had previously assumed the rapes he spoke with Bella about were the first. It seems like they were not.

Let's play a little game called "what did Sean know and when did he know it?"














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Sean's a complete fag when reading this all, but so is CwC. I guess the ember's ghost squad stuff is even more confirmed. There's also a chance that theres a chat somewhere of Bella and him speculating on who CwC's partner is. I know that if someone told anyone into CwC that he had a 50+ partner, there would be very immediate speculation.

On CwC, it seems like what he's actually done still hasn't sunk in at this point. He's more shocked or shook up at Null than he is of the situation. Other than that, hes more angry at the police as well, checking in, taking a shower, having a casual dinner, etc.

I guess that perhaps explains, in part, why he was so chill prior to getting arrested. The dude is seriously such a tard. "Josh pulled a stunt, how dare he cut ties when he found out I was a motherfucker, that shook me, the audacity of this unexpected reaction" was what was on his mind. How someone fucked over him, not the legal situation he was in.
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Spooky Bones

Get in, loser, we're going doxing!
True & Honest Fan

For those keeping score at home, this is Sean acting surprised when the incest leaks dropped and the Merge started. And not saying a word about knowing about Chris's "girlfriend" even when you know damn well he saw Null's thread on the topic where Chris used a lot of the same language he used with Sean. He then went on to make dozens of posts containing a sticky mixture of truth and misdirection in the Bella thread, but not before helping Bella perpetrate her fraudulent BDSM texts.

Final protagonist indeed.

Sean's discord has been deleted. View attachment 2503923

Honestly I’m impressed it lasted as long as it did.

Also quick followup on something from my last post, the archive of the vetting chat discord. I think it’s point 5 where he feels powerful for making an “EGS member” delete her Twitter (ProcelleHaxiel) in fear I’d guess. She deleted it again and he has like no presence left. I never said he caused her to leave, I put her deletion to a time that could be looked up back then. Just something I’d like to point out because the deletion was recent.


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Finally made it through the OP. I gotta laugh, all the cows that have been exposed here have high reaction scores. I bring this up because it’s interesting. People like @AssDust get ass mad about people negging them. Aside from the individuals like Pam and @TamarYaelBatYah, every lol cow that has been exposed as a user (that I’ve seen) has been generally well liked.
I read a post talking about how a lot of KF fags would be lolcows in their own right.
I’m inclined to believe that because you’d have to be autistic as fuck to want to involve yourself with Christory in any capacity.


beauty dies in LSD orgy
This doesn't sit well with me, and I can't quite put the words to it.
View attachment 2508987View attachment 2508988
ah, really should come as no surprise that sean, a guy aged 20/21 has weirdly old parents. There's been studies on this yknow.

also i'm still not used to seeing chris discussing fucking his own mum with in such sickeningly saccharine tones :tomgirl:. I can practically hear his weird high pitched seduction voice as he talks about Barb's inner child. sometimes, amid all the rest of the drama that's unfolded over the last month, it's almost possible to forget that chris chandler fucked his mom. almost.

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