Orbiter Sean Walker / @Psychic Espeon / WCT - Self-described "Final Protagonist of Christory", spree-killer fanboy, encouraged Chris to "channel" spree killer Randy Stair


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Jul 23, 2021

Update 10 September 2021

Leaks, including audio, have been released of Chris "channeling" Randy Stair per Sean's request, as well as screencaps of conversations between Sean and other weens regarding Randy Stair. Begins on page 30.

Update 03 September 2021
Huge leaks just dropped of Sean's discord. Among other things, they show that Chris was fucking Barb for far, far longer than we thought, and perhaps most interestingly, they provide insight into chris' mindset after the merge and fallout with Null. I will update OP accordingly with what the leaks show (still developing), but for now I'll just link Spooky's post: doot doot

Hello everyone, this thread is kinda old now, and long overdue for a redone OP that's less guesswork, and more about what we actually know.

And speaking of "what we know", we now actually know of his collusion with Bella in far greater detail and depth. It's a rather large amount of info so it has its own thread - read here

So, let me introduce you to none other than the final protagonist, and most important christorian of all time, the man who Clyde Cash wishes he was; Sean "WildCat" Walker; the next Null, and the true and honest inheritor of the multi-million dollar IP, "Ember's Ghost Squad". Or that's how Sean would describe himself, anyway. He goes by countless aliases, and the list in the OP title is far from complete. For the purposes of this thread, I'll just call him WCT, because it is easy to type quickly lol.

he is a youtuber obsessed with mass shooter randy stair, was roleplaying as randy to chris, likely in order to get chris to kill himself; he worked with bella; he is a total freak himself; he is in frequent contact with thad mcmicheal (old school pedo from/a/); and he is a furry. may have worked with praetor, he is not handsome, he has a million sock puppets, and he wants to be the main character in chris' story. Also by his own admission, he was almost a mass shooter, and he molested his dog as a kid. Cool!


apparently wct.png

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

This unique looking individual is @Psychic Espeon (powerword: Sean Walker), who was a member of the farms for a while, but it wasn't until the Isabella Janke thread that he really came into his own; he was initially a whistleblower of sorts, someone who was in touch with Bella (10anon as she was known back then), and all seemed well. But he was in fact colluding with Bella to frame Fiona (the autistic girl who just wanted to bone Chris, and had nothing to do with the rest of the freakshow). Proof of this enclosed below.

View attachment framingfiona1.pnghere's a link to the image if it is too small to see here

So Bella and WCT were initially in cahoots, working to frame Fiona. However, if you ask WCT, that isn't what happened at all. According to him, it was he who was the hero of this story

sean the hero.png

That's right folks, it was he who turned the Kiwis against her!
Never mind the fact that during the shitstorm that was the early days of the Bella saga, Bella was also trying to throw WCT under the bus (they're made for each other <3 !)

bella turns on wct.png

And WCT wasn't content to just collude with Bella, no. Sean, for reasons best known to himself decided that the best thing to do would be to reach out to Gibi (powerword Devon John), another huge fucking retard who thinks he is a reporter (my apologies to those with learning handicaps, I do not mean to insult you by comparing you to these people). Sean served as the backdoor man for Gibi, being the so-called friend that Gibi tried to cite as a source while in the midst of doxxing Fiona (twice). The damning proof linking Sean and Gibi is quite extensive, so rather than trying to summarize, I will just link the proof (Just note: in these leaks, "Conner" is WCT. I know it can get confusing keeeping up with all his names):
Gibi and Sean: til death do us part

Now, this is all well and good, but the story doesn't stop there. If Sean was just some guy involved with the Bella Show, then this thread would probably just be about 8 pages long. No, Sean isn't just a cow, Sean is a fucking milk factory.
First, let me explain some of WCT's backstory before we get onto the good stuff, mainly his obsession with the schizo mass shooter Randy Stair, his freaky web of lolcow connections, and his delightful personality.

the Watchmen were a group of White Knights who came into Chris' life sometime in 2019 or so. They initially did stuff like working against Sockness, yadda yadda, they are notable for severely enabling chris by feeding into his LARPy delusions about CPU gods and all that. The important stuff is that in June 2021, this group broke up, and it was not a pretty divorce. I'll get into that, but first it is worth knowing that before the breakup, the Watchmen and Praetor were in a tug of war for Chris' influence. The thing is, Praetor is a pretty behind-the-scenes group, so it's not really easy to say what exactly goes on with them, so if WCT is with them or against them, and in what capacity is all speculation at this point.

The breakup was because of a falling out between WCT and another member called Bismuth, the latter of whom is accused of doxing WCT. However, in dms with Isabella fucking Janke, WCT admits to being the one to take down the Watchmen (who were more or less a positive force in Chris' life) out of personal dislike of Bismuth, and then asks Bella to help dox him
praetor 2.png

In later DMs with Musicbro (he's just a guy who was briefly in contact with WCT for unrelated reasons - no relation to any CWC drama. He's also the source of so much fucking juicy info on WCT, thank you musicbro i love you) WCT doubles down on the fact that it was him who tore apart the watchmen for reasons of spiteWCT and Naught.png
Now, I'm not totally sure if Naught and Bismuth are the same person (sorry the Watchmen saga is so fucking dumb that I don't wanna get too involved), but pay special attention to his choice of words: I decided to take Chris with me as their punishment.
Doesn't that sound a bit ego-maniacal? Like he wants to control Chris, and gain authority for doing so? We will get back to that in a later section of this autistic essay of mine.

One of the more prominent watchmen goes on to accuse WCT of manipulating Chris to his own ends.

She was, as it turns out, totally right. She also accuses WCT of working with praetor, fwiw. Janke also worked with Praetor making the Sonichu Animation they used, and is likely involved with the whole stun gun shit they pulled (tried to get Chris to zap himself to the extreme; Bella is shown on video zapping herself with a tazer)
WCT also follows/followed (he may have deleted his twitter) one of the founders of Praetor, Anni Renee on twitter. Now, apparently she is independently popular as a tiktok "bunny girl"(?) so maybe he is just being thirsty, but I doubt it is a coincidence.

Also of note: one of the watchmen is an alleged zoophile/dogfucker. I've linked a pdf of a watchman server provided by a big guy

WCT and his ego

This part isn't to do with his relation to the current shitstorm, so I have spoilered it, but it's a fucking funny read, man.

I wasn't really sure where to put this section lol, but I figure that here is fine.
WCT has an ego the size of a fucking planet. To begin with, he fancies himself as the final protagonist of CWC's life, and relishes the fact that when he joined the watchmen that he was one of the most powerful people in the CWC sphere, and was excited to be in Geno's documentary. This is all in the header image, go scroll up and look at it again, you lazy guy.

But it doesn't end there.
WCT Null.png

He also wants to be Null! I honestly have no clue what he means by wanting to be Null, but that's some fucking weird shit.

As was pointed out later in this very thread, WCT also goes by Conner on discord. He has a weird habit of referring to Null by his full name; Null's middle name is Conner. It's some real Buffalo Bill shit.

You see, we got these screencaps from Musicbro, who I've mentioned a couple times. Apparently WCT was hitting him up trying to get free music for one of his documentaries made. In the very same convo, WCT while trying to get someone to make him music for free goes on to tell this person to become an admin on his own personal wiki and fix articles that aren't up to snuff


The audacity of this dude.

To quote myself (sorry for quoting myself lmao):
the ego on this fuckin guy. the "take chris with me as their punishment" thing and previous comments about being "the protagonist of christory" or whatever give me a pretty good insight into this dude's mind. wants to be important, sees chris as some fountain of glory or whatever, that by association he is somehow elevated into importance. barely sees chris as an individual, just as an accessory to his own self importance; yeah, yeah I can see how this sped would be interested in trying to get CWC to become another Randy Stair,

all these fuckin people have such little inherent self worth that somehow they're of the opinion that by having control over chris that somehow gives them glory in the eyes of the internet: all these kids wanna be oldfags so much holy fuck. I'm trying to put this thought coherently, but it's like this new batch of trolls grew up on the myth of christory and are obsessed with becoming a part of it, because that will give them some feeling of acceptance among their 'peers', those being other losers online. the snake eats its own fucking tail, man,

To quote DiscoRodeo:
It's been said before, but if the highlight of your own life, is involvement in Chris' life by proximity (an autistic manchild who raped his mother) thats fucking pathetic. If thats your sole focus, to achieve fame through said proximity, you seriously need to reevaluate your priorities.

You see, he's obsessed with the idea that by controlling Chris, he is somehow made important: he wants to be associated with Chris, to be seen as someone of importance. Like Bella, he wants a place in Christory, but as we all know, interacting with Chris will fuck you. He wants gto have his cake and eat it too: he wants to be the protagonist, but he doesn't want the backlash that comes with meddling with Chris: he wants to be in Geno's documentary, but he wants anonymity

You cannot have it both ways, Sean. You pozloaded my neghole, now you gotta deal with the smell.

His obsession with online clout doesn't just end with Chris, he also tried to get clout from KF members in the past by pretending to be friends with a former staff member AnOminous
wct anominous.png

AnOm never even spoke to the guy. He's just such a tryhard. He desperately wants to look cool, to be with the in crowd. Look where it got you, Sean.

WCT and Randy Stair: Obsession and Manipulation of CWC


Take a look at this screenshot: Conner is WCT (one of his millions of pseudonyms). The context isn't so important (sorry i'm getting a headache trying to decode this shit myself lol). What is important is the names "Andrew" and "Ember".

You see, he was roleplaying as Randy Stair, or something to that extent. For reference, Randy Stair (AKA Andrew Blaze) was an insane columbine wannabe who shot up his workplace, a supermarket, killing like three people or so. Randy was obsessed with a one off villain from danny phantom. and believed that by killing people and himself, he would be reborn in her "Ghost squad", which is an afterlife where all his beloved cartoon characters are real. Sound familiar? There's a lot of that kind of roleplaying. What we have come to believe after piecing together the breadcrumb trail is that WCT was roleplaying as Randy in order to convince Chris that by killing himself, he could make the merge happen, or something to that extent.


If you are interested in Randy Stair (he's a pretty interesting lolcow to be fair), here's a decent vid - sorry the narrator's voice is kind of weird though

Turns out, as found out by @Bunny Tracks, WTC was an active contributer to the Randy Stair wiki; guy is obsessed with Stair. (fun fact randy wanted to make national headlines and become a legend like the columbine guys but he only made local news :lit:)


Now, here is something even more spicy. Not only was WCT obsessed with Randy Stair, but by his own admission, he was almost a mass shooter too!


For those not in the know (like myself until i looked it up), couch cuck is the name of a mass shooter, who apparently WCT almost ended up just like. Now isn't that interesting?

randy stair wct.png

Okay here is where it gets slightly muddy. The watchmen broke up in june of this year, (ALSO SORRY FOR ANY TYPOS FROM THIS POINT FORWARD, FOR SOME REASON THE SPELL CHECK STOPPED WORKING LOL) so, I had initially assumed this was the point at which his manipulations of Chris started, however new evidence has now come to light of Chris posting about Stair as early as 2020, implying that WCT has been feeding him these delusions for way longer than initially assumed.

Here is Chris back in June of this year posting about Stair (thanks again to Bunny Tracks for diggin up this screenshot!) and thanking Wildcat - this is proof beyond a doubt of WCT's manipulation of Chris,


And here is the screenshot from November 2020 (A year earlier than previously thought) wherein Chris posts about Randy Stair, talking about how the two of them are like kindred spirits.

Now it is hard to say when exactly WCT's influence began. It is possible that Chris had heard of Stair independently and said all this own his own accord, but given the fact that WCT was in contact with Chris during this period it seems unlikely. Maybe we can assume that his influence began sometime in 2020? Thanks Jimmy for uncovering this

So, to reiterate; this guy was actively feeding Chris beliefs about Randy Stair, a guy who's goal in life was to kill himself to be reincarnated alongside his waifus. And now remember that WCT had contact with Bella and Co. and was (I think) a co-conspirator. Remember that Bella's end goal was to get Chris to become an hero. Do you see what we're getting at? How easily Chris' belief in the merge could have been co opted to this end?

Another thing of note is his video titled "Last Interview done by Chris Chan" or something like that. The title heavily fucking implies that WCT thought Chris wasn't gonna be around much longer, and was possibly/probably aiming to capitalize on this. I will include some choice clips that further imply that WCT was of the opinion that Chris was going to an hero soon.

"Even if it KILLS YOU!"

"You've been kind into Randy Stair, which I find funny"

WCT the furry who may or may not have molested a dog

Sorry I don't have too much for this section, but it is worth knowing that he is a furry. There was a furaffinity that was initially assumed to be his, but that's just some friend of Bella's who also happens to be a furry. He probably does have a FA though, so if you find it pls share

Thanks to @Call Me Ducket for pointing this out: not only is he a furry, but he has implied to have molested his childhood dog. what the fuck.
espeon dogfucker.jpg

WCT the YouTuber

WCT was an amatuer documentary maker, he made videos on topics such as the Syrian war, Thaddeus McMicheal, the convicted pedo, and - of course - Randy Stair. Apparently his documentaries were reasonably popular: many people in this thread even mention having watched them in the past. So, he is a passionate filmmaker: how much did he earn?


Unfortunately some days after I made this thread, he nuked his channel

BUT FRET NOT! Here's a complete archive of WCT's videos
Thank you Caesar for the archival work!!!

WCT and Thad
According to Musicbro, a guy was in brief contact with WTC because WTC wanted him to make music for his SYRIA documentary, one of the people in WCT's discord was Thaddeus McMicheal


Yeah this Thad. The guy from /a/ back in the day. The convicted pedophile. Good company to keep, Sean!
Thad was arrested in the early 10s, but he is out of prison now, and as WCT himself explains:
sean and thad.png

so, it's actually pretty likely that he and Thad are actually in contact.
Edit: so I'm an idiot, lol. The answer was right under my nose this whole time, all I had to do was look in the re-uploads: Yes, WCT does have contact with Thad, in fact he did a fucking 2 hour long interview with him. So yeah, beyond any doubt, it is confirmed that WCT associates with a convicted pedophile. I was trying to embed the video but it is far too large, I guess, so
Here's a link to the interview

According to some people (Musicbro, WeisGuy) who were in WCT's discord for a brief period, WCT acted super friendly with Thad, too. It is very disturbing that Sean would freely associate and behave super friendly with someone who went to jail for cp and pedophilia; apparently their relationship was comparable to people who are old school friends. Even if you wanna give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was speaking to Thad out of some journalistic spirit, the fact that he basically befriended him and treated hm like they were old friends is really fucking sickening., Thad used to post regularly about fantasising about abducting children and doing unspeakable things to them.

If you weren't around for the Thad days, this might not seem like too much of a big deal, but trust me, in 2010 and thereabouts, Thad was the fucking KING of lolcows. Seeing him somehow involved in all this is abso-fucking-lutely surreal.

WCT: unlucky in love

WCT's also went through a tumultuous breakup with his e-gf, a 30 year old nazi girl who he wanted to turn into a tradwife (what is it with asian white power types in this group? first louis now this guy?). Their drama spilled out into a couple onionfarms threads, where it got juicy; he got called out and doxxed, and he leaked the nazi girls nudes (allegedly), and it's just great fun to read.
Here's a post detailing his egirl adventures
Post of someone with firsthand experience talking to WCT about his girl problems, and his desire to "fix" her

wct gf.png

WTC stuff from other lolcow websites

There's a lot to go through, so I'm just gonna link Spooky Bones' post where she screencaps some of the highlights. I haven't personally gone through a lot of it, but one thing of particular note is this



WTC timeline of stuff unrelated to CWC, Randy, or Bella

Thank you to Helen Henny for this!
Timeline of WCT Shenanigans
- Early October 2019: he becomes involved in "investigating" Vic Mignona. This ends shortly after.
- Mid/Late October 2019: he makes an expose video on lolcows Lillee Jean and Laur Trueman and posts it to YouTube. Lillee Jean strikes his channel. He attempts to negotiate with them to remove the strike. Steve McRae acts as a negotiator for some reason. A threat is made by the Trueman family to expose WCT's dox, and he eventually capiutlates to their demands and deletes his video after they agree to lift the strike and back down. During this time various YouTube figures rally to WCT's defense including Creepshow Art and Ready 2 Glare. He will remain involved in Lillee Jean drama until early 2021 at least.
- 2020 general: He develops a fascination with global politics, in particular Syria and Yemen. He was also planning on attending Babscon 2020, however this event was canceled/rescheduled for 2021. He also began uploading videos to various YouTube alternatives during this time including Bitchute, LBRY, Vlare, New Tube.
- April 2020: he begins "investigating" Suzy Lu. This fizzles quickly.
- February 2021: He has public Twitter interactions with Anni Renee of Praetor.

In closing

To sum up; the guy is a freak, but more importantly, I genuinely think there's a case to be made that he's one of the more sinister individuals who have been influencing Chris over the past however many months. Someone who's been feeding him downright violent delusions about the glorification of a mass murderer. Someone who has been conspiring with Bella who was known to have wanted to get Chris to commit suicide. Someone who's actions have shown an intention to directly make gain from Chris' assumed future suicide. And also he made a documentary on Syria, because the world surely needed another fucking American voice telling us the what for on the middle east, but I guess that's less consequential than the rest of all this.

Genuinely dozens of people have helped me in this thread, collecting info, getting screencaps, piecing things together. Finding all this out has been a group effort, so thank you everyone!!!!!!! I have done my best to summarise the 24 pages of this thread, but I've probably missed some stuff. But I hope this OP tells you enough. Special thanks to Zelos Wilder who is Musicbro's friend, who got in touch with him and got us so much milk.

The Future of WCT?

Sean has deleted all his social medias, and if his messages with Gibi are any indicator, he's probably going gto lay low for a while. Before deleting his discord though, he did threaten to dox Mucicbro for leaking info to the farms; taking hostages is not a sexy look, Sean. If you're reading this, don't worry music bro, no one wants to fuck with you.
Chances are Sean is pretty freaked out, tactically shitting himself while constantly reloading this thread - we know you read this thread sean - but he thinks that if he just lays low, this will all blow over. It won't.

If in the future, you see a suspicious account on here defending Sean or trying to edit the CWCki to paint him in a positive light, you know who it is. Try hiding Sean, it worked so well for everyone else didn't it?

shouldve listened to null.png

you should have listened to Null, Sean.



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