Shane Holmberg / Shane Presley Holmberg - The Containment Cell for The Breaker of Chairs, Eater of Shoes, Groomer of His Child Bride

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The latest in the life of @Shane_Yes_That_One

Spot on. The Dem base isn't far left. Historically, we start to lose when candidates choose to placate a fringe group who will never vote for the ticket anyways.

The left has been offered one of the most progressive platforms in decades. If they waste it, it won't happen again.

Shane. The traditional, blue dog Democrats are not the ones that the Democrat leadership has been placating to for a while now.
Their platform deserves to fail.

He retweeted Robert Reich:
Q: What does a president without a plan, a party without a platform, and a cult without a purpose run on?

A: Fear of Black people.


Wow. The similarities between ISIS and the MAGA caravan is striking.

Put the soy down, Shane.

The only way you will stop the violence in the high crime Democrat run cities is through strength!
Shane responds with this:
Breaking News! @realDonaldTrump Endorses @JoeBiden for President!

Biden? Strength? You've lost it, Shane.

Boogaloo Bois, Proud Boys and, Patriot Prayer are all relatively new alt right hate groups. Why would you expect @realDonaldTrump to disavow them when he hasn't even condemned the Ku Klux Klan?

Two things, Shane. 1. The KKK was founded by Democrats. 2. Trump did condemn the KKK during his speech about the Charlottesville fiasco:
Racism is evil. And those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.

Trump is losing evangelicals and the military. That is almost unheard of and unprecedented.

Come on Republicans, is Trump really the hill you want to die on?
This is the article that Shane links:

Damn. @JoeBiden is on fire.

Then put him out.

I'm white, and I'm not afraid. But I also don't sympathize with racists.

Black and brown Americans are attacked and dying at an alarming rate daily. A couple of white men are attacked and now it's "So scary for white people"? GTFO of here with that privileged & racist bullshit.

Is that why you altered that one tattoo?


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I wonder what Shane said about Kenosha Kyle. Kid's only 17 and has a baby face, but he has more testosterone (and smarts) in his trigger finger than Shane has in his entire body.


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I wonder what Shane said about Kenosha Kyle. Kid's only 17 and has a baby face, but he has more testosterone (and smarts) in his trigger finger than Shane has in his entire body.

You should not have asked:



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You should not have asked:

Kill me now.

I couldn't be surprised. He's always been a moron.


I put on my robe and wizard hat.
Kill me now.

I couldn't be surprised. He's always been a moron.
I think the irony here is that shane is similar to the pedo who got nuked by rittenhouse or his allies. Shane would be the guy to scream "shoot me nigger", get blasted, and then people would wonder why he would be shot like that. Also he is a groomer.


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Has anybody ever noticed that @Shane_Yes_That_One looks like Lenny Baxter from the Powerpuff Girls?
Lenny Baxter.jpg

Dominique Skye is upset that Shane's pasty white child bride is correcting her Latinx friends on their improper use of Spanish.

Rebecca knows more than them because she was raised by a Hispanic nanny and is fluent in the language at a collegiate level (as in capable of succeeding at university level courses of any given subject taught in Spanish). Her son is 1/2 Peruvian, and her father is partial to Castilian Spanish.

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"Becky" was part of the all-inclusive Shoudaku Con.

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Someone should tell this dumb thot that Spain is a white country. This is like a black Nigerian saying that white people shouldn't correct English grammar.

Captain Manning

Tbf @Shane_Yes_That_One is the closest thing to a nigger a white person can be.

No, that would be the @theralph.

Shane is closer to a nigger than any self-respecting white man should be, but he's got a lot farther to go. First he needs to divorce his wife, move in with his mom (that will be the second downgrade, since he already went from a nice house to the infamous shoe apartment), find a younger wife, make a sex tape with her... and so on.

Basically, we have lots of potential from him.

Although I have to wonder what happened behind the scenes. Was he not getting enough attention? Did the black fetishist lawyer take his spotlight? Did his child bride run away?

He's so stupid, even KV knows he's stupid. He doesn't have the pull he claims to have had, and they got wise to that. His reputation in the con scene is not good. @Not A Bug spilled the beans about A-Kon.

In short, even they think he is pathetic, and a liability. They almost certainly know he's a groomer.

I think the cracks in his usefulness first started to appear when he started shit with ReiBear. Remember how he castigated her for saying Führer (FMA political title) in his Discord? Nothing says clout chaser like a failed con chair that is completely disinterested in anime.

I said in the main thread that when this Vic stuff is finally over, you're likely gonna see a a pretty epic beat down of him by the KVers. At least I hope so. They have been chomping at the bit, but holding off in the hopes they can appear more unified.

His best hope might be to just continue to shut the fuck up about Vic, and maybe they'll forget he exists. Unfortunately, his child bride isn't doing him any favors by picking a fight with the only woman in KV that is sorta-kinda attractive. That's waving a red flag in front of the white knight simps. Protect the latina queen!!!


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Speaking of @Shane_Yes_That_One,
Here's his latest takes:
Shane Dumb Laugh.png
Excited Soy.jpg

Y'all.....I think we're going to win Texas. #BidenHarris2020

Wow. Massive wave incoming.

It's absentee ballots, not mail-in ballots, Shane!
You're not even considering that they might be voting Republican.

Bernie didn't have enough support in the primaries. That's not a coup, that's a tragic flaw of his campaign. If your entire plan to victory is winning with only 20% of the electorate, you've already lost. He ran a worse campaign than in 2016, and lost half of his 2016 support.

Sounds like cope.

Not to be that guy but....
1. The panels are different.
2. One table is a rectangle and the other is an oval.
3. The carpet is different.
4. The chairs are different.

Looks like Shane's inner autism is showing.
Either that or he's been a secret interior decorator this entire time.

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