Celebrity Shane Lee Yaw / Shane Dawson - Hack comedian/filmmaker, millionaire pretending to be poor, did blackface, fucked a cat, pedophile


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Aug 10, 2017
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Shane Dawson (b. Shane Lee Yaw, July 19, 1988 ) is an entertainer currently struggling to stay afloat against the cancel culture undertow. As one of the top content creators on Youtube (over 20M subs), it remains to be seen whether Shane will be protected by Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki for being too big to fail. As of this writing his youtube channels are reportedly demonetized.

Shane’s content being retroactively branded as problematic is nothing new, but the difference this time was that unlike other casualties in the Woke Wars. a prominent Hollywood family kicked Shane’s shit in. And because people who actually matter, i.e., retarded Hollywood celebs are screeching, all the accusations previously lobbed against Dawson are resurfacing on social media. People are listening this time.

The catalyst for this shit storm is a short clip from the early 2010s where Shane pretends to masturbate to a poster of actress Willow Smith (b. Oct 31, 2000), who is pictured circa age 11. Willow is the daughter of perennial A-lister Will Smith. Willow’s mother Jada and brother Jayden blasted Shane on Twitter for this decade-old footage, with Jayden also pointing out that Shane had done “blackface” comedy skits in the past. From there the story gained mainstream media attention.

Willow's mom (archive)
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Willow's brother Jayden (archive 1, 2)
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If blackface isnt't real how can our eyes be real?
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Shane Dawson's apology

After his Twitter lashing, Dawson whipped up a somber apology video, and was quiet for a few days. Beauty influencer Tati Westbook then released a video accusing Shane Dawson (along with Jeffree Star) of manipulating her into smearing James Charles with the presumed objective of diminishing James Charles’s brand as competition for market share in the beauty biz. This may sound like typical Beauty Influencer Drama but it was more serious than that because James Charles was accused of "predatory" behavior with other young men. Shortly after Tati's video apologizing to James/dragging Shane & J* video went up, Shane went live on Instagram, offering real-time commentary as he watched Tati's video. Shane said her tears were fake and that she was lying, as Tati cried about having been sexually assaulted in the past. Clips from the IG live were featured on mainstream “news” outlets including Entertainment Tonight.

As for financial repercussions, Shane's videos are currently demonetized; his cosmetics have been pulled from Morphe stores, and Target announced they would no longer be carrying Dawson’s books in store or online. In a subtle move that spoke volumes, Jeffree Star’s company Killer Merch has elected to restock Shane Dawson’s branded apparel. This would suggest Jeffree supports Shane, although Jeffree Star has not commented publicly on Shane’s scalping.

Why so scandalous?
Over the years Shane has made several videos featuring characters that promote ethnic stereotypes, some of his song parodies are culturally insensitive, and he has done blackface a few times. Literally no one cares (but it's all itt).

There's so much to get into here, and most of it comes down to OW THE EDGE, and Shame MERELY PRETENDING to be a pedophile/zoophile and that he has moved on from that "edgy" style of "comedy." But if you joke about fucking kids for years, what can you expect? Play games win prizes.

Back in October 2018 Shane, along with other big name youtubers were criticized for shilling the therapy app Better Help (KF thread here). Capitalizing on the emotional immaturity and potential psychological fragility of their young fanbases, youtubers had paid sponsorships, made videos shilling the service, and advertised BetterHelp referral codes encouraging fans to join up. Thanks in large part to Amberlynn Reid (threads 1, 2) it was uncovered that unlicensed professionals were treating and diagnosing clients. Unlike other big names (including Keemstar and Philip DeFranco) who posted mea culpa videos and vowed to stop promoting BetterHelp, Shane Dawson offered a dismissive "situation is being monitored" response to the BetterHelp backlash, and continued to shill for them. As of this writing his referral link is defunct but it's unclear whether his promo code still works i.e. still nets him money.

Initially this was just a joke at the bottom the post. But now there's footage of him putting his mouth on a dog's dick or whatever. Still MERELY PRETENDING I'm sure. But there's enough now for this to be its own subsection. He can't keep his mouth/dick away from the family pets it seems. Cat fucker. (archive)


Shane Dawson Beginnings & Timeline
Shane started a Youtube channel in 2008 at age 19, and for several years his content consisted of shitty sketch comedy and parody music videos. In 2015 Shane started producing Conspiracy documentaries, which are now his most popular content. Shane has also produced documentaries about other Youtubers, including Tana Mongeaux and Jake Paul. In the fall of 2019 Shane Dawson collaborated with makeup mogul Jeffree Star (KF thread here) in releasing a hugely successful line of cosmetics for Jeffree’s brand. Shane and Jeffree portray a close relationship to the public, though it’s questionable how genuine their friendship is offscreen. Of note, Jeffree Star has been accused of far worse than Shane Dawson and remains unbothered. But perhaps Shane will be unbothered too, after a week or so? No one cares about Hollywood celebrities anymore and Shane has an enormous fanbase. In the meantime, talk about Shane here

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Thanks to @weedsneaker13 for help.

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Jan 21, 2020
I remember all these stunts when they came out. My friends and I at the time thought his shit was funny - that humor is what made him famous, just like other goofy youtubers at that era (smosh comes to mind, but I dont think that they were as offensive.)

I'm just confused why everyone's acting like this is brand new exposure material. It's been out there for probably a decade. I guess the mob didnt give enough of a shit to check before now? Very suspect in my opinion.

Make fun of me for watching keemstar but he did a good summary of the situation with Shane and the Smith family


A lot of channels are doing videos covering the situation and reacting





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Feb 8, 2020
Nice. Shane always looks as dirty as ALR's knuckles. Greasy, fatty, stubbly, annoying. Throw in some untoward behavior, and, yas queen that's good shit for KF thread. - Hubris disguised by self-deprecation. mmm good
Are the videos he recently deleted the videos with the black face, etc.? Have they been up on YT this whole time?

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Sep 25, 2019
I'm just confused why everyone's acting like this is brand new exposure material. It's been out there for probably a decade. I guess the mob didnt give enough of a shit to check before now? Very suspect in my opinion.

He has a lot of "new" fans that bought into the morality policing that he had been doing for a while now. The whole James Charles thing gave people an excuse to drudge up old dirt that a lot of said new audience hadn't seen before.


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Apr 16, 2020
I remember him doing all this shite at the time and could never figure out how he managed to get his audience to perceive him as the gentle caring Bambi of youtube. Shock jokes aside the video with him and his gf talking to the 12 year old about cock rings and sucking dick makes me want to vomit.


Jun 4, 2019
I think for posterity it should be mentioned he is the object of Onision's hateboner, early in his career he and Greg kissed and afterwards dude went on a crusade against Shane. He also totes still wants to fuck him.


Years and years and years of trying to compete, looking like him, acting like him, and reeeeeeeing because Shane was everything he could never be. He often called him a pedophile, ironically.

Now Greg sits atop his poorly made OnlyFans throne, laughing and saying I TOLD YA SO SHANE A CUNT AND YT IS PROTECTING HIM
It's kind of poetic


Onision thread
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Mar 16, 2019
I know that Shane was involved with other youtubers in sponsoring Betterhelp, 2 years ago.
He made a long video featuring Kati Morton called The Dark Side of Jake Paul .

Archive of The Dark Side of Jake Paul (360p):

For those who don't know about Kati, she is a therapist who used to be sponsored by Better Help in 2018.
So regarding Kati Morton, the thot therapist. She seems to be tied VERY closely to the company. Her linkedin strongly hints towards her being the co-founder of betterhelp. Quote, "We're an early stage healthcare startup that delivers professional mental health knowledge to a global audience." The timing fits, the other descriptions fit such as a scalable model with a 450,000,000 strong marketplace. Interestingly she claims to have "strong traction" before the company was even produced which suggests she knew she would be advertised all over youtube before she even made it. Its mentioned separately to her other company too so its not the same company.


Co Founder
December 2011 – Present 6 years 11 months
Santa Monica, CA
We're an early stage healthcare startup that delivers professional mental health knowledge to a global audience.

High Fidelity Wireframe
We have strong traction
We're scalable
TAM: 450,000,000

I'm also fairly sure I've seen her elsewhere tied to betterhelp by name as a part of their company, but I can't find it so take that with a pinch of salt.

As an aside, she annoys me. She is a marriage councillor, but she comes on to the Shane Dawson video claiming to be a clinical psychologist. I happened to watch the videos with actual doctors and their take was that she has the knowledge and understanding of someone who has no education and simply read a wikipedia article. All she is doing, in fact, is reading from the diagnostic manual, misunderstanding how said diagnostic manual works (suggesting she has never used it before), and stating very heavily disputed "facts" as though they were accurate. And whilst I'd like to say Shane wasn't educated and clearly doesn't understand mental health, their take was that he knows what he is doing is inaccurate and is purposefully cutting up the interview to make it seem worse along with purposefully twisting the explanations.

She portrays herself as a clinical psychologist, her linkedin even states that she has spent some time to at least a minimal degree inside a clinical setting, but from what I was told she likely just sat inside the interviews as a trainee then left (timing suggests it was intentionally to learn the basics of clinical psychology for betterhelp) and she displays an incredibly obvious lack of understanding towards anything that would make her qualified as far as clinical psychology goes (such as her involvement in betterhelp). A lack of understanding shown beyond just the Shane interview, that is.
Not much helpful to the thread but i found this interesting tweet by Kate (the woman shilling Betterhelp with Shane Dawson and Jacksepticeye)


lol are we sure this woman is a licenced therapist?
that bitch kati Morton tweets a new video with shane and in the description she has a betterhelp link, this just proves my theory that she has ties to the company since after all the controversy and has been promoting this service for years even before they changed their name from tryonlinetherapy to betterhelp she still shills the shit service

so i retweeted the tweet and to my surprise they responded
View attachment 580748

and i replied by showing them THEIR OWN PRIVACY POLICY
View attachment 580754

and they blocked me :)

(Source | Archive )
EDIT: I forgot to mention about Shane's The Truth About Jeffree Star youtube video page: Source | Archive
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Apr 21, 2018
I remember him doing all this shite at the time and could never figure out how he managed to get his audience to perceive him as the gentle caring Bambi of youtube..
Because he was an obese bullied loser through high school and as a kid he was raised in poverty due to being abandoned by his dead beat dad. These sob stories of his made gullible teens who could relate stick by him through every discourse (his coming out video even more so).

That’s why he can still play the “oh hehe i’m so poor I still wear clothes with stains and holes and omg I am so impressed by all my rich youtube friends” act when he lives in an expensive ass house in a california gated community. Honestly thought he would have been cancelled when he mentioned googling naked babies to see why pedos found them “sexy.”

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Jul 15, 2019
Maybe I’m old than a lot of kiwis on here, but to give Shane a little defense - his major rise to popularity was the early 2000s. And his content was considered edgy and funny. What he’s being canceled for today, is what made him famous yesterday. Being a random “oh my god I can’t believe he said that!!! lol!!!” Shock jock on YouTube was very popular then. It’s also what made Jeffree Star popular when he was doing the same thing. And even Jenna marbles (tho not as bad as Jeffree and Shane) was also doing this type of humor. (Sex jokes, offensive shit, ect...) - cancel culture how it exist now and this morality policing of comedy is kind of new. Back in the day Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star, Jenna marbles, was favorite picks of 2000s teen humor of random/offensive mix. I can’t really explain it. But if you was a teen growing up then you probably were into it and found it funny. And while I agree they are problematic now, some part of me is sympathetic to their past videos because they were playing to what made them popular. They were they icons and rising stars of YouTube in the early 2000s for a reason. That being said Shane Dawson is manipulative and always thought cancel culture was soooo funny even making his pallet on his make jokes about “tea shade” and “apology video” shade - he could laugh and joke when it happened to other people. Seems he doesn’t find it so funny when it’s happening to him. The early 2000s are long gone, and frankly - he should have done better PR with his channel instead of surrounding himself with known problematic people like Jeffree and Trisha. But ya know - he thought his puppy dog act would save him. But we all know that act is bullshit. Lol.


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May 17, 2019
He was from that odd era of YouTube where the skit and the music video reigned supreme. He was alright, I was young and I watched him. I still think his Disney song is a funny take on how all the child stars went nuts.
But, he only really had a couple of jokes and fell off my radar for a bit.


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Jun 13, 2020
Jenna bailed just in time, wow. Shane tried to jump on the apology-train a little too late.

I feel like the majority of the Youtubers from the 'old era' can't really thrive on this platform anymore. They've had their time in the spotlight. The new generation needs new idols that align with their morals and worldview and stuff.


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Apr 16, 2020
When the cat fucking drama happened he (kind of) pulled a Kevin Spacey and proposed to his boyfriend to make it go away. Somehow I don't think that's going to work this time.

I still don't know why Jenna Marbles sat there laughing while he made out with her dog. Ryland Adams seems like a money hungry little snake as well, the pair are suited.

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May 1, 2018
People are overreacting to the drama honestly. 10 plus years ago people found his ghetto characters hilarious and that type of humor was a big deal. Those people are probably embarrassed they grew up and realized Shane isn’t all that funny.
I enjoy his conspiracy videos and some of his vlogs but he’s not an amazing content creator. All of this feels like a way for the Smiths to fight to stay relevant. The worse thing about that Willow clip is that he made an unfunny edgy joke. The guy clearly isn’t a pedo like a bunch of other cows on the site.