Shannon Marie Evert / shaedog96 / Shaquana Jefferson - Hypocrite, klepto, fat, youtuber

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Dec 27, 2019
That channel is confirmed to be Shannon; she just uploaded a video. Can anyone archive it before she does her usual deleting rampage? I'd do it myself except I'm too much of a tard to figure out how.

Also Shannon we know you read here, pleeeease come back and make more angry toilet videos, these other fat bitches need to be called out

Feb 12, 2019
I agree with some of what she said. But wow is she riding hard for Amberlynn. I don’t think Amber looks like she has lost anything since her cancer window loss. Side note I can’t stand OPS.


Sep 1, 2016
I've missed Shaq. More often that not, she is right on the money when it comes to these fatties, and this video was no different.

(although I don't agree with her saying Becky is a good artist lol)

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Sep 27, 2020
Looks like she's finally come out of hiding with her new name change:


She also uploaded ANOTHER video.

General summary:
Shannon (and Julie but who cares) will no longer talk about Haydur Nation stuff.....after this 30 minute rant video, of course. Obligatory Charlie Gold is a "Lazy Piece of Shit".

As a true and genuine fan, I really hope she doesn't hang up her hat. Shannon's manic toilet reads are top tier and with her gone I guess Peanut fills her niche, and quite poorly I might add. I guess only time will tell, but she hasn't been able to stay away yet despite how many times she's nuked her videos and accounts so we'll see. :optimistic:

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Sep 19, 2018
Shannon's continued presence on Youtube perplexes me. Why start this new channel just to shout into the ether about your hot takes on these women, and then shut your comment section off? She doesn't permit any kind of back-and-forth discussion with her audience. So why bother if you don't care enough to hear other perspectives? She could find just as much catharsis writing in a journal, if she just wants to have a one-way conversation with herself. I bet Amber could spare one.

She posts shit like this, and it's always with this tone of, "I'm doing you all a favor, even though I have better shit to do." Maybe go do better shit, then? Nobody's sitting with bated breath wanting to know how many zombies you killed this week, or what shade of lipstick you just ordered with your taxpayer-funded check or how Judy's weightloss transformation is going. I'm sorry, but who the fuck is Judy? lol Seems like that's a new name that just popped up, and it's assumed that somehow by osmosis, we must all be interested in her life story because they're...friends?

I don't even disagree with her on the Charlie situation. I'm just failing to see why she wastes her time. She seems inconvenienced by this. If she has such a great fulfilling life, a great man that treats her right, doesn't need the money of a side hustle, blah blah blah. Then, what's the impetus for continuing to post videos on a social media platform, without the social element?

She strikes me as astoundingly arrogant to think her voice and her perspective is the only one that matters in the room.

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Sep 19, 2018
Hiding my Moonface Jefferson's most recent video-- which she devotes the first 6 minutes responding to my previous post, and levels all the criticism to @ThoughtsAndPrayers. lol It's cool, Shannon. Easy oversight, with your busy schedule of playing video games, failing Keto, and giving your unsolicited hot takes on US politics.

It gives me no joy to defend people like Charlie Gold, or anyone who earns money for having a vapid opinion online, but it's also a free market. It may offend her that the thing she's willing to do pointlessly--for free-- is something they've learned to capitalize on (and wisely so, in the current economy). It makes little difference if they're deserving of it. They don't deserve it anymore than Shannon deserves Section 8 Housing and dicking around 11 months out of the year because she's too combative to hold any job. Bipolar, my ass. She could do more and doesn't because she's admittedly lazy and complacent.

I guess the more glaring issue is that in Shannon's world, the only currency that matters is dumb pride that keeps you broke and dependent rather than improve your station in life. She thinks it's better to be perceived as noble in her repudiation of a capitalistic society that rewards effort than to stain her reputation as 'A Real One' that isn't fake, isn't greedy, and doesn't need your approval. lol

Pretty rich of her to tell others to 'get a real fucking job' when she doesn't have one, want one, or apparently need one because her basic needs are provided for by the very types of people she condemns. Only in America can you develop a wheeze that severe on cigarettes you don't even pay for.

Jun 27, 2021
It’s been so long I can’t tell if she’s thinner than before or what but I am glad she got her ass back in front of the camera. And fucking lighting up to boot! Rate me whatever, but I love this crazy bitch. She states that she’s off her bipolar meds for a few months. No explanation for that. Have no idea if she’s still with Anthony. Her dog needs more surgery for growths. Oh Shannon….

She was practicing for a zoom call for some study about smokers or some shit that is paying her $100. She’ll probably delete the vid like most others she posts now.


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