ShannyForChrist / Shannon Eileen McGraw/Dornbush/Gattis & Jason William Egroff ("Rev" / "Baby Carrot") -


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I honest to god tried but I can't bring myself to do it. Like you said, she's annoying as fuck. She isn't entertaining in the slightest and she's just plain retarded but not in a fun way. Her stuff should be documented and archived because she has a history of wiping her uploads but I'm not the man for the job.

Cecil McFly's video does a good job at highlighting the entertaining bits of her cowdom.

Semper Fi @Kamov Ka-52 for getting some more stuff archived.

I too am not the man for the that job. I usually am up kind of early, which seems to be when she tends to stream rants. The earliest ive gotten to view her is like 5 minutes into a stream. and i just cannot make myself start up a recording program to archive her stuff. maybe i should start at least archiving streams. idk

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So wait... don’t archive your public shit?
She’s callin YOU out brother!
Notice the “huuuuuge audience” of zero chats and 9 hate-watchers ... yay! (Seen at end of clip)
Cucked-out hype-man agrees. Praise Jesus.
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So Shannyforchrist now has another channel called shannyforsatan and has just dropped a 20 minute video against Repzion and it's the funniest shit i've ever seen

Here's a clip from the video with some pretty funny bombshells
*Shannon halfheartingly admits to ''swatting her husband with a sex toy'' which matches an allegation from her domestic violence incident report where Jason claims she assaulted him with a fetish whip
*Shannon claims Repzion is getting his sources from gov officials and the police and says that the police are essentially gangstalking her

*Shannon plays down the domestic abuse and suggests that Repzion himself get's pegged by his girlfriend(Completely unsubstantiated, but fucking hilarious nonetheless)
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Must be sad for Shanny that she's such a ridiculous cow that nobody cares to keep up with her. She donates hundreds of dollars to the deathfats and haydurs and all she gets is a mention when she does it while her thread moves at a pace of a post every two months or so.
Strong case for saddest lolcow of the year
I'm disappointed with Rev tho he should be giving us Milk like no tomorrow

I tried watching the porn video and my internet shit itself not once, but twice. I will take it as a sign that someone up there is watching over me and didn’t want me to traumatize myself. Thanks, shitty internet company and NSA!
The FBI agent that watches over what you watch on the I ternet probably knows who she is and wanted to protect you.


Imagine being so trash that even your lolcow thread on kiwifarms is basically a graveyard. I'm actually shocked that this thread is not pumping out content, yet she is so fucking grim that I don't think anyone is willing to put effort into documenting it.

I actually completely erased her from memory after that only fans shit with Chantenay penis with the goat beard. She is genuinely doing the one thing cows here don't do by being herself. Getting dumped in the depths of the forums not by leaving but by being absolutely trash tier.

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Truth. This freakbitch was so painful to follow I pretty much stopped after critiqueing her porn video with baby dick, and stuck her in a memory hole until today when someone rated my 'review' and I checked back into the channel to see if there was something new and interesting.

There isn't. Rarely seen a more unlikeable cow, yet not near hate-able to Pigroach or Russhole Greer levels. Just....unpleasent and you don't want to be reminded of her.
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