Snowflake shoe0nhead / June Lapine / June La Porta & Armoured Skeptic / Gregory "Greg" Fluhrer - A poor man's Boxxy: rejected by Vaush, disowned by /pol/ for burning coal, sleeps in a dog's bed surrounded by trash, and her ex-boyfriend.


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June Lapine is a 30-year-old woman and YouTuber who now spends most days posting on Twitter. Her audience is young, politically conscious men who she masturbates for money and attention. She has no genuine political affiliation but currently pretends to be progressive. She constantly talks about her fetish of being taken by a fascist man as a war bride, because that fantasy sexually stimulates her fans and encourages them to give her money.

June Lapine lost her virginity to a black man who once confessed he had kicked a cat to death. He was killed in a carjacking in 2020. June did not mention his passing and does everything possible to conceal that she was in a relationship with him, because he was black. If pressed, she will claim he was physically abusive and that he is a sore subject to her, which is why she does not talk about him. There is no evidence she was ever abused by him and she donated $300 to a GoFundMe for his funeral expenses. It appears she just refuses to talk about him because her audience is right-leaning men who would be permanently turned off to know that June Lapine lost her virginity to a black man

This thread was originally about her and her boyfriend, ArmoredSkeptic. They were in a 24/7 long-distance BDSM relationship. She publicly posted pictures of herself wearing a leash and collar and eating out of a dog bowl under his desk. They never moved in together, and lived on opposite sides of the Canadian-New York border. He likely cheated on her continuously and she coped that this was natural and acceptable because he is such an alpha male he deserves multiple women. Their breakup happened on her 29th birthday. It's speculated that her age was a significant factor in their breakup, because age regression roleplay was one of Armored's fetishes.

There's a lot more that could be said about her but the OP would need a full rewrite. Just know that she is a political prostitute with no conviction. ArmoredSkeptic is better off without her but he's still a retard for allowing their embarrassing relationship to be a public matter.

A few important links:

Break-up post from Greg.
That art gallery review a user from /pol/ would want to see because you're psychologically addicted to seeing porn of white women who fuck black guys.
The time she got catfished by someone pretending to be a Nazi using a picture of a homosexual Swiss Instagram model ...
... who then joined the forum to make fun of her.
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In contrast to her alt-right pushing of free speech, one of her advertising sponsors is an app called "Candid". While this app promotes itself as a platform for anonymous free speech, it is actually used to collect data for devising algorithms to automatically detect and censor undesirable statements and opinions. Advertising money is worth more than principles in this case, it would seem

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