SHOP WITH ME!!!! | VLOGMAS DAY 5 2019 - 12/05/19

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Jul 11, 2017
She’s really going with those full body thumbnails huh

we got a Video bomb from Becky. Amber has a doctors appointment. Primary care doctor she emphasized. Blah blah she’s sick and her foundation is fucking with her skin.

Amber complaining about the singing doctor. She was the one who told amber she was “healthy but big”. So amber chose to believe the hayderz. Apparently she wants to be told how unhealthy she was by her doctor. Because that’s gonna work.

we get a montage of doctors office shit to some Xmas music.

Amber drops that Becky is on the rag. She sent becky into Walmart for some tamps— “ya girl don’t need to be spending money”.

Ambers new doctor diagnosed her with a viral virus.

amber goes into being MotivationalLynn and then we get a car ride story time. Amber drops the fact she was looking at houses and she done saw a UFO. Some conspiracy theoryLynn sperging and a TJ Maxx visit. She touches everything with her viral virus stained hands without a care in the world. We also have a faux Louis mini backpack situation type deal.

Amber jokes that Becky is Paparazzi as she lumbers between shelves and shelves of breakable shit. Waiting for her to knock down an aisle of glass candles.

Amber shoes a tacky sign that says “home is where my mom is” and does a fake crying lip trembling face and says “I’ll cry later”... we get our second clip of Xmas Muzak for the rest of the TJ Maxx footage and I begin to question my life choices.

Amber comes out of TJ Maxx without having bought anything but spreading her germs. “Trust me, I read your comments.” She’s trying to be “strick” with herself wrt Money.

Twinkie down 1.4 el bees. Some friends just left. Amber has said she’s trying to stop giving her scraps of her food and not killing the poor chihuahua.

doctor called and said she has to go back on antibiotics. More useless info. Thoughts and prayers for our oversized gorl.

Comments of the day. Amber wants to cook for us and show us how good her cooking is. Someone named Sean is blind and reetarded saying she’s losing weight. She’s doesn’t delete comments because people can say what they wanna say.
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May 9, 2018
Oh Amber, going on about imaginary doctors and situations that didn't happen. No doctor on this planet, unless they have gone blind, would tell you that you are healthy. You don't need to have a blood panel done to see that, you would need that done to see the damage that you have done to yourself.

Also, what's this bullshit about blood pressure, bitch your organs are going fail because they are being crushed by your massive body weight. Your blood pressure means fuck all.

Idk, if I were a doctor and saw someone that fucking fat I just wouldn't care, fuck the Hippocratic Oath, and fuck them.

"Yeah, sure, you're good fatty here have a cheeseburger on your way out, late, see you when I have to sign your death certificate"


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Oct 27, 2016
Looks like they were shopping in Target.


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Sep 20, 2016
What RevisionistHistoryLynn left out was that in following visits, the singing doctor said her shit was reversible if she acted NOW, would not give her emergency weight loss surgery like Amber wanted, and encouraged her to join the New Year weight loss group at her office, which was low carb and very dangerous! She also diagnosed that laygh with the lymphedema, then according to Amber, changed the diagnosis to a pulled muscle.

Serial Grapist

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Aug 29, 2019
Amberlynn: my previous primary care doctor was this girl I honestly loved, because she would sing and she was just fun and uppity like for every holiday she would just dress like super extra.

Ummm....... What do you think uppity means?


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Aug 19, 2017
The way she talks about professionals is hardcore enraging; it is one of those indicators that confirms her outright narcissism. This fucking behemoth gets off on degrading people because deep down she knows she is hardcore trailer trash and not just normal TT like Becky meth child trailer trash.

Could only last 6 minutes I'll watch it when MBP puts his up, her vlogs the last 3 weeks have been utter dog shite, just Amber full on exploiting her body and tbh Amber phase 1 is worse Amber.

Jun 4, 2019
Twinks looks terrified

To be fair, Amber looks hungry. I wouldn't want her looking at me like that.

This lady is a mood

jfc beggy looks terrifying, trying too hard to seem alive
Phantom layg
Ugh that greasy mop.Screenshot_20191205-121349.pngScreenshot_20191205-121400.png
She's choking, suffering low oxygen, someone save herScreenshot_20191205-121432.png
Arm fat sag, neck hump accentuated by the normal sized backpack (that looks mini on Albert lel)Screenshot_20191205-122155.png

a llama weighs 450lbs

amber's hump #1 fan
May 29, 2019
"i know how i talk is disrespectful but that's just how i talk so i'm going to continue to be disrespectful" :story:

y'all be proud of amber. she went around tj maxx touching everything she could wrap her paws around and didn't buy a single thing. have fun cleaning up after her, minimum wage tj maxx employees.

Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 11.36.05 AM.png


This time wont you please... drive faster
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Nov 15, 2014
Chest cold situation has formed. Just like last year when she was crying and calling for a doctors appointment.
I swear her lips are disappearing more and more.
I love the hi guiseeee from Becky with fresh bed head from laying down all day.
Look how fucking high she is

Notice how her fucking neck and chin are now merging.