Sketchy things you experienced - Sketchy things you experienced when young, which didn't necessarily seem sketch at the time

Ad Lib Moaning
Me and my mom was in the women's restroom with other women. Every woman was talking, it was normal. Then some androgynous looking guy walks in to charge his phone and everything fell silent. Not those 'trans, but actually a dude wearing a wig and dress', its an actually androgynous person that nobody could tell who the gender was. Every woman was staring, some protectively walking in front of their child(ren) or holding them back, even my mom did the same. Nobody was sure what to do and not sure if there is danger, but stood there staring just in case.
Androgynous guy got enough of their stares, and left with his phone and charger without a word.
The whole thing was spent in near confused silence, and some women asking if that's a girl or boy among themselves only to be met with 'I have no idea' from others.
Glad that nothing came of it, but I never felt so confused and scared in my life.

Pocket Dragoon

you're disturbing my calm.
The idea of a shitter as a social sphere is sketchy in and of itself.
Surely you jest; the latrine was one of the last bastions where men can (or could) retreat from rampant cunts of all types, and communicate about the crux of a days' biscuits.

But even so..... women have always had spies in that realm; they're called maids. It wasn't until theirs started seeing intrusion (without yelling "male janitor!!" first) that they got really uppity.

So yes, cancel them.
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