Slapfight with some furfag -

How many of you hate me?

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Pronouns are Ni/Gg/Er: proud transracialwomankin
you would be at fault due to the existence of compromising details on this forum, it's that simple
Actually, you would be at fault, because the information here is a collection on info posted publicly. Stop posting your personal Info online, dumbass underage fucktard.

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Take it from your friendly neighborhood Lucifer, you need Jesus.

You actually just fucking confirmed your dox to us? Mods need to kick the kid before he gets hurt. The bible newsletter spam is you getting off light- delete your account and stop following 18+ accounts before Sparx catches wind that you're 16 and blocks your ass just on principals. They've deleted entire threads where they defended/romanticized zoophilia when the fandom turned on feral NSFW artists last year; if they had half a braincell they wouldn't let you follow them after finding out that you're a minor, ESPECIALLY since they've dated pedophiles in the past.

He wasn't posting his dox.

That's a pretty obvious joke, a mashup of the infamous "Bearmeat's Indian Den" copypasta and the old Duncan Construction/Frank Garrett soundboard pranks.


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This dude is so going to get drugged up and raped by some "friend"-of-a-friend at someone's airbnb as soon as they get turned loose from mommy and daddy, aren't they?

They took the time and energy to warn you, but a guess your too much of a rebel with a hard-on for fighting the man that your going to double down on your retarded intuition to prove how much of a big boy you are and that all those mean haters are wrong. Go ahead. I'm not going to waste my breath to try to convince a stupid teenager to not do stupid teenager shit, and I won't cry for you ether if shit goes downhill for you because of it. Just remember that you only have yourself to blame when it gets to that point.


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Ya know the thread was funnier when he was making an ass out of himself but now it's all an intervention and autistic faildox. I'm out you niggers ruined the fun.
Action's gonna be in the thread proper anyhow now


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yeah I get it, that's why I am discreet when doing this shit, it ain't my first rodeo, i am sick and tired of others telling me what the fuck i should do and shouldn't do.
For starters, you're underaged and you participating in erotic chats is putting everyone who's involved at risk of getting arrested once the authorities starts caring about busting online chat rooms. And this is the best-case scenario.

As far as the furry fandom goes, let's just say that all that glitters isn't gold. Seriously, the fandom gets involved in some sick shit, at times and it usually starts by them ignoring that it's wrong to kill your dog so you can fuck it.

I'm not going to dox an autistic kid, but someone else here will

I unintentionally did "dox" a 17-year old, last month. Granted, it's Tv Tropes, a wiki that's a magnet for tards.
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Perhaps not you specifically, but who's to say some extremist asshole won't do it anyway?
Isn't this the same as you lying about your age to follow 18+ only accounts? You specifically might not cause them problems, but what's to stop someone else from using that information? Information that is easily found in places other than the Farms.

I'm going to suggest you take your own advice. Get outside. Go offline - for, like, a while. Only talk to people in the real world for a bit. You say you're getting help - if you're in therapy, be honest with your therapist. After all, if you're making valid points about your identity and the world they'll understand why you don't think you're human, right? If you want to help people, don't do it online - go help them in person, it's infinitely more rewarding.

Stop acting like you're smart - actually be smart. Of course, as a sixteen year old boy, you're statistically unlikely to listen to any good advice. And the impression you're giving off is that you're depressed and insecure and so you think being a martyr and acting on impulse somehow makes your lack of self-esteem and emotional intelligence noble. But your current mindset is going to get you hurt, seriously damaged, in ways you don't deserve. Yet. Because you are far from irredeemable.

You could be happy. But nothing you are doing is helping that. And when people are the constant cause of their own misery, but blame everyone but themselves while wreaking havoc on the people around them (and that description likely matches far more than one of the people you choose to spend time with online) - we make fun of them. If we're that terrible, well, you came here to make fun of assholes as well, so you should go outside before you become more like us than you want.

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You all need to leave this person alone or suffer the consequences, it is their innate prerogative to do what they do on social media or other forms of social platforms, leave this shit alone or face the full force of the Phantom Corps. Also since when is it illegal for a 15 year old to be on twitter or other social sites??? News flash it isn't, so BUTTOUT!

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