SO EXCITED FOR 2020!!! | Vlogmas Day 17 2020 12/17/2019 - I’m so excited I can’t withstand it right now

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I have a happy planner for work/ meetings/ social activities, so when she said she got one my first thought was "ok, not crazy so far, let's see how she messes this up." Of course she had to take the heinous route and have SIX. because one of her 8000 journals can't be a gratitude journal. That wouldn't involve spending more money.


It would mess up my metabolism
Shes afraid of tornados but ate a plate of keilbasa while hooting and laughing with the window open. Pick a fear and stick with it, dont pick a fear that day just to seem dainty and quirky.

Honest to god dude I would lose my mind being around people like her and eric who vocally mention there fucking anxiety every 2 seconds. Welcome to earth where almost everyone has anxiety. It always storms and shit where she lives and now today her "stomach hurts"
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Reminds us once again she's not feeling well - finds a new reason. What happened to calling the doctor & making an appointment because her UTI isn't going away? She forgot a crucial planner - one for when Becky shouldn't be driving but is. She'll need 1 subdivided into driving to get groceries, driving to pick up fast food, driving to restaurants. She's seriously slacking - she ALMOST has too much planning to think about to actually DO anything; almost. Another planner or 2 should take care of that niggling detail.