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Wouldn't the more straightforward solution be to just kill the foster kids then?
The straightforward solution is abortion. Why spend 13 years neglecting a kid just to kill them?

Also, I thought abortion wasn't used as birth control anyway, that's just a myth. So why would there be a sudden influx of foster kids? Wouldn't we just be short a few rape babies and some weird exceptional deformed ones that only last a week?
Hey look at the strawman.
There are plenty of people who recognize that abortion is often used for when one gets past the goalie. I never made any argument different. I'm a realist on this issue, not a dogmatic idealogue.
So, who takes care of the kids? It won't be the parents. Are you going to volunteer?

Lissamine Green
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I swear to christ, these people keep getting dumber and dumber. Telling women to not risk FAS is not "policing their bodies", it's preventing them from intentionally making their child special needs. Furthermore, men aren't being "absolved" of fuck all, when I can name -

- were victims of a crime,
- weren't the actual fathers,
- where sperm was stolen,
- where IVF was done to circumvent legal discrimination and a waiver was signed, and he was STILL forced to pay.

Fuck directly off, you demented harridan.
Of all the stupid, pedantic, and needlessly complicated vocabulary troonism has loosed on the world in the last ten years, I have to say the simple phrase "pregnant people" becoming so ubiquitous is still what annoys me the very most.


Anti authoritarian asshole asshole
Better to subsidize the abortion that 18 years of childcare (I know you’re gonna say we shouldn’t subsidize either but that’s just not realistic)
It's not realistic because of the bleeding hearts, but it's the correct option.

So we can subsidize them neglecting a child for 18 years instead adding even more to our quite large social welfare burden. Good economic plan.
Or get rid of it and let private charity handle it like it's always been done.
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Oh Long Johnson

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Not really. The new rules just jacked up the standard deduction so you need a lot more itemized deductions to make it worth bothering with them, charitable or otherwise.
There was talk about nuking mortgage interest and points, but I never followed up, so depending on whether they followed through with that, the standard deduction would pretty much cover the majority of everyone 24% and below.

Regardless, I assume we would both agree that due to the changes, there is less incentive overall to contribute to charities.

Or get rid of it and let private charity handle it like it's always been done.
That isn't how budgets work anyways. If enough people bitch programs get added to the budget. I am not super keen on funding New York freeway maintenance debacles but here we are.

If it makes you feel better just imagine some government bean-counter having you not pay on the ledger and me not paying for that freeway and doubling my payments for hoover rentals. There. Happy now?
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At this point, if you are an revanchist, you can make the case that the elimination of abortion is a critical goal to punish the left for the damage they've caused society and in particular the bread and circuses that keep most of us sate and well fed and distracted to the point that we are willing to vote liberal and not really look behind the façade of corruption underneath the well maintained mask of the Democrat Party. IE you fuck with our entertainment and freedom of speech? Goodbye abortions, cause we'll make sure you'll never be able to get one/will rot in jail for the rest of your life if you get an illegal abortion.

Furthermore, there are those on the lunatic left who that have an accelerationist mindset that would welcome a ban on abortions if only because it's the sort of thing that would "wake the left out of their slumber". In particular, SJW/Feminist types who have long screeched that the right gets away with a lot of the stuff it does, especially abortion-related, because the left think that reversing certain high profile victories of decades past is "unthinkable". Eliminating abortion could have a Pandora's box effect on society, especially since the rich and powerful will ALWAYS find a way to make sure their wives, daughters, mistresses, etc can get an abortion via a doctor.

Either way, clown world will become a much scarier place no matter how such a matter resolves itself.

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