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Bunny Tracks

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This is one of the saddest, and most beautiful songs in history, and if it doesn't make you cry, you're not human.
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Demon King

From darkness, comes light.
This whole fucking album, but more specifically this song. It is so raw, that you could be in the best of moods, but somehow it still affects you the moment you feel it.

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Self-explanatory, I suppose. I see it as the red string of fate in song form, like a reeeeeeally long red string, and there's still no guarantee someone's on the other end of it.

Demon King

From darkness, comes light.

This song portrays four different emotions at once. Longing, loneliness, happiness, and sadness. Something about it has kept it on my playlist for over 15 years. It is largely unheard of, but it is perfect portrayal of the emotions you feel when seeing a nice sunset. When saying goodbye. When remembering a lost love. When thinking about what you need to do in life. It is proven by the test of time, to be posted here.

Islamic Creampie
One of my favourite bands since my teenage years. The lyrics are even more poignant and eerie considering the singer was killed in a car accident before the release of the album. The only musician death that actually made me cry.



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It's about the singer's friend who killed himself by jumping off the roof of a multistory car park. I've lost loved ones to suicide, and this song sets the mood of losing someone like that perfectly.

This version brings tears to my eyes and chills the spine. Those harmonies and chord changes. Vivaldi is my favourite composer of all time, he can play your emotions as well as any instrument. (Runaway Train is a damn good film too).