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This mostly because when it first came out and was playing on the radio all the time was the same weekend I was spending the last few days with my ex before she had to move to another city for work and our relationship would end. I'll cry to a lot of stuff if I'm in the mood or had a few drinks, but this is the only song that brings tears every single time.


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I am depressed person, so there are more than one.

"There's light that never goes out" is about being so happy, that you're not afraid to die and this is about being so miserable and lonely, that you want to die.

The whole Giles Corey project is like a hammer to the head, but for me this song tops it all. "I wanna feel like I feel, when I'm asleep" - I don't believe that could be wrote by someone, who didn't experience extreme depression.

I don't know why, but it gets me every time.

This one, because it's so naive.

Because it's full of loneliness and movie is fucking depressing.

God, I am a pussy


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Here ya go. This one's sure to ruin your day 😅

Did you enjoy the pink ballerina dress?
Did you ever notice your father had such a fetish?

He financed you to best schools.
He was strict at home, keeping your body in thin sexy form.

He was the one who wanted to put the shoes on your tender feet. Wrap them tightly. Accidentally touching your thin legs.

He forced you to struggle in border of anorexia. Did you look in the mirror, seeing the ugly fat girls reflection?
Did you refuse to eat so you would look better? Was it like that?

Not with your father.
Your father looked at you in every possible practice and show, yet he saw nothing but the thinnest and smallest little darling, he wished to hold close and penetrate. Something so beautiful he had created, but so willing to taint and to force under his power.

You and your friends, stretching in those tights. Into positions which made your orifices so available, but hidden under surfaces of thin clothing.

He'd like nothing more but expose his cock, thicker than your arm, and penetrate every orifice of his beloved child.

Sometimes you could see stains in your ballerina shoes. You couldn't yet understand what it was.

It was semen, from your fathers private fetish games. And sometimes cunt slime, when your father forced your mother to masturbate with those little shoes. Watching her tightly closed eyes and facial expressions which made her look so guilty. So guilty!!! but even more weak. Adjusting her life under power of man of the house.

Your father wanted you naked!!!
He wanted you to dance for him.
With slow movements, with calm music on the background.

While watching your movements, he would see the romantic visions, of you gagging on semen, holding little tummy with both hands, messy tear blurred wet eyes watching pieces of torn tights.
Traces of shit and blood, red and bruised orifices.

You're so hungry!!! But fathers control doesn't allow bigger meal.

You're so scared!!! And can do nothing else but play along.

This is the life you have!!!
Living doll.
Fathers own toy.
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"Cry" is a strong word but I really like this.

I think this video really highlights the subtle tenderness behind classic Simpsons. Yes, the show is goofy with a family that's constantly getting into wacky adventures, but underneath the silliness is Homer and Marge's genuine love for each other and their sacrifices for their family. The way the song uses Marge's "You are so beautiful" is powerful stuff, man.


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I had this weird friends with benefits kind of thing about two years ago and I got too connected to the girl. She loved this song and it makes me cry every single time. I don't listen to it anymore for my own sanity and so I don't start thinking I need to crawl right back to her. Really good song though, would recommend.


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My parents were big fans of the "Yacht Rock" genre. My childhood was filled with the sounds of The Eagles, The Doobie Brothers, and most frequently Steely Dan. As a kid when the song "Deacon Blues" started playing I thought of it as the boring sad song. Now in adulthood it's one of the songs I most strongly identify with.

More eloquent people than have analyzed the song, but to summarize briefly it's about a man's dream to live wild and free regardless of the consequences that can come from it. To stop living a buttoned down boring lifestyle and instead "Drink scotch whisky all night long and die behind the wheel." He wants to learn how to work the Saxophone. Does the character do it, does he become the "Deacon Blues?" Well he never existed so it's whatever the listener thinks.

Whenever I feel like just saying fuck it and living on the wild side I immediately think of this song. It's still a sad song but a powerful one about living life in a way that makes it worth living.

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I wouldn't necessarily say that this song made me cry, but it did fucking hit me deep in the pit of my soul. And wouldn't you know it, it's an emo classic.

Despite going through an emo phase, From Autumn to Ashes never quite made it onto my radar. I was aware of their existence, but only because they disbanded by the time I made it to middle school. It wasn't until recently (like within the last year) when I finally gave them a proper listen and I really wish I listened to them much earlier. Their discography at large is really hit/miss, but I'd have to say that Short Stories With Tragic Endings is definitively their best song.

The entire album at large is about a failed relationship of Benjamin Perri's (or Francis Mark, can't remember who specifically). This is the final track on that album and it's essentially a clash between two emotions: intense vitriol and intense melancholy with the first half of the song being an aggressive screamo piece and the final half of the song being an acoustic guitar piece performed by Melanie Wills.

What really got me about this song in the first place is that it perfectly encapsulates the sheer storm of emotion that comes with a nasty breakup. There are points where you're absolutely pissed the fuck off and there are points when you lament over how horribly shit ended. It's just such a shame that nobody ever made an acoustic cover of the full song. 99% of the time, it's just a white chick covering the second half of the song which to me is a major injustice to the song itself. It's meant to be listened to in its entirety, with violins, guitars, and all.

Elton John - The Last Song

Enuff Z'Nuff - Strength

Rush - Nobody's Hero

Pink Floyd - The Final Cut (demo version)

2Pac - Brenda's Got A Baby (The song is sad, but that music video...)

Joy Division - Eternal

3 Colours Red - Beautiful Day

Suede - Still Life (The band version and the orchestra version)

Prince - Sometimes It Snows in April (What makes this worse is that this song was recorded on April 21, 1985. Prince's date of death? April 21, 2016. That's literally 31 years after this song was recorded. Damn).


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Pretty much any song from Modest Mouse's first album or The Antlers Hospice. Even though Modest Mouse went down hill after Isaac got off drugs this one still gets me.


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I'll throw a couple more.

It's so soulful. You hear it, cry, but actually feel better.

Not for personal reasons, but this song is sad by itself. Also, comment section is like a graveyard.

It's so naive and touching at the same time, you know. It should be funny, but it's about something so pure and genuine, that I can't help myself. And yes, this song was playing when Ricardo Lopez shot himself, which makes it even sadder.

Sadly, not the most well-known song of this band. I'm not the best person to talk about PTSD, but this song does a very good job talking about it with one simple line - "Will you be the same when this is over?"

Fuck, I forgot this one. To me it's superior to the original, because it is soaked with desperation. Also, I never liked those dreams. "Just another false alarm".
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"Cry" is a bit strong but this song (and most of the album it's from) are instant maudlin feels, for me.


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"This is our birthday,"
"So why are we weeping...?"

"Poor George, poor George,"
"Can't help he was born a king."


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This piano cover of the song Dreams by Fleetwood Mac.

Around Spring Break when I was 20 my mom found out she had breast cancer (thankfully it was benign) so we spent that time together, and she and my sister and I all went on a daycation to this local swimming hole type natural springs pool in the back country that she and her parents used to go to, real beautiful place with covered oak trees, babbling brooks and creeks, a big natural swing, the type they tie a rope swing to a tree on top of a cliff and people line up to swing off it and jump in, people would sit in the shallows on the rocks with their cooler floating in the water drinking beer and shit.

They had barbecue and those open communal seating benches and live music and at the end of the day we go get some and this lady is playing acoustic guitar covers and she plays that song, Dreams. It wasnt like this one, but I specifically remember that line "what you had, what you lost, what you had, what you lost, oh thunder only happens when its raining..." Piano can get to me anyway but this lady makes it so haunting and emotional and fuck I held it together and we were hanging out like everything was normal but I hear her get to that part and youre choking on your own throat, I remember it so vividly when she does it.