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Not "cry" also but man does this hit the feels especially first hearing it on trainspotting 2.
The song is like the embodiment of wasting your life away and it seems like it's too late to change it.


Chocolate Genius - My Mom

Think I got it from a bawww thread on /b/ years ago.

I'm in a better place than I was when I needed them outlet bit it can still make me dirty cry


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Hausswolff's songs always sound like something you might hear in an ancient ritual, but the normal kind

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Probably the song that has hit me the hardest for about two years. I interpet the lyrics as being about an irreversible change occurring overnight, possibly in a relationship. For the first year or so, I couldn't listen to this without crying through it, but I have a better grip on what it reminds me of these days.

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Probably a cop-out answer, but Johnny Cash’s “Hurt”

This song gets me every fucking time. I’ve listened to a hundred “sad songs” that didn’t make me feel shit, but a song reflecting on your lifelong failings performed by a man who self-admittedly burned a lot of bridges due to his own lack of constitution, expressing how much he wishes he could go back in time and do everything different, or at least be able to try and make amends if only he had a little more time, but also realizing his life is over; I’m tearing up just writing about it.

Couple this with the fact that this was one of Cash’s last performances before actually dying, his hauntingly frail vocals with his complete lack of hope or optimism, this is something that cannot be faked. This is one of the most genuinely heart-breaking messages I’ve ever heard in a song.


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Edit: I'm an idiot who forgot I already posted/mentioned the song I previously posted. So I'll post this one instead, always makes me misty.