Songs That Make You Cry -

Precocious Halfwit

I am your man Christmas parsnet
No idea why this one gets me because it has no emotional significance. It might be the wistful voice, it might be the fragile piano, or it might be that it just sounds sad. It will put a lump in my throat 100% of the time, though.

Especially because yesterday was Father's Day here in Britbongland.

round robin
I know they're a meme band, but this song hits me in the feels pretty hard. It does a really good job of showing the emotions that a kid goes through as they watch their parents fall out of love and reminds me of going through similar stuff. Also, it's one of those upbeat songs with depressing lyrics and those are always sadder to me.

Prophetic Spirit

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I'm gonna still saying, this is the pinnacle of final boss fights songs in the entire Kiryu saga.
And that's because... the entire fight is depressing as fuck.


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It can get you emotional if you've lost a loved one.

I can't believe this hasn't been posted before. I mean, just listen to it. You hear the first few plucks of his guitar and you're already hit with the raw and daunting pain the song evokes. And taking into account Willie's backstory just breaks me, man.


A modern shanty about a sailor returning to the location his ship sank, along with his crew, with the intention of killing himself. He decides not to. I can't make it through this song without tears. Literally every single time I've heard it, I break down crying. I'm not in a very good emotional place right now, which is definitely adding to it, but it's still a very sad song.

Child Smacker

I smack children
Not really made me cry, but this album is good to listen after a bad day and get even more miserable.
I swear the opening guitars on Souvlaki are enough to make me collapse on the floor instantly.

Something folky from Australia, this album gives me that sweet sweet melancholy nostalgia I always like in my music.