Songs that "Suck So Good" - A thread for sperging about songs and artists that are so bad, they're good.

The Morbid Angel album "Illud Divinium Insanus" is my go-to guilty pleasure. David Vincent returned to sing since leaving the band in 1996 and brought the industrial metal he had been doing since he left Morbid Angel. Save for the two actual death metal songs, Blades for Baal and Nevermore, the rest is a retarded mix of industrial & death metal and I love it for how bad it is. Radikult is the main song everyone points out to get an idea what kind of trainwreck the album is.



In defeat, malice. In victory, revenge.

Fucking that song, whilst I sometimes hate it, it does hold some really nice momories.

I was with a lass at the time who was fucking obsessed with Clueless and Cruel Intentions, she was studying film and had some lofty opinions on those films. I remember she played this song, and fucking Every Me and Every You by Placebo over and over. I swear we fucked to it all the time. First time I saw Cruel Intentions my thoughts were "this isn't Zombie Flesh Eaters, what the fuck have you got me watching?!" But sure as fuck, the sex would be really emotionally charged and shit, not kinky, but really intense. Amazing how when I listen to this song I sometimes imagine a life I might have had in the city with her, I can see a house and everything, play out how things would have been if I had not decided to stop being a faggot and fucking avoid the hellscape of middleclass aspirational lifestyles.

Crazy how I am emptying my purse to you cunts, but, now and again I do enjoy to dream my life of dreams whilst listening to this song. Its fucking shit and not at all what I normally like, but it holds that place.

Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows.
Nostalgic but I can't deny it sounds cliché.

And really any Ska music and folk punk song considering people don't like it. I love it though.

Oh, and Thrift Shop by Macklemore. It's so catchy.