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Jun 17, 2019

"Jueves" by La Oreja de Van Gogh

Starts out as a heartfelt, sweet little acoustic about a pair of strangers falling in love at the train station, but none of them having the initiative to make the first move, song takes place from the girl's perspective, her insecurities, wondering if the guy even notices her at all, etc. Lyrics are very reminiscing of those teenage love songs from back then.

As the song picks up, the couple in the song make their move after boarding the train, they introduce themselves to each other, and to the girl's joy, dude confesses he feels the same way she does. She is happy.

As the train rides inside a tunnel, the new couple hold hands, with the girl expressing she will take advantage of the tunnel's darkness to steal a kiss from the guy. The lights go out, and she says she will never forget this moment, she will never forget this day, March 11th.

The instrumental dies down to a sole piano, and the song ends with the girl reaching for the guy's face with her hands for a kiss, receiving a soft "I love you" in return, and her declaring that her "remaining heartbeats" are all his.

On the day of March 11th, 2004, multiple bombs exploded in the subway tunnels in Madrid, Spain. The worst terrorist attack in Spain, killing over 190 people.

Now apparently the song's true meaning is well known over there, as the band has stated so in many local interviews, but from an outsider's point of view, you really wouldn't be able to tell at all, nothing in the song besides maybe the very last lyric (The remaining beats of my heart) even suggests anything other than a love song, so when i learned about the whole thing my mind exploded.


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Jul 1, 2021
It's about niggers shooting each other over sneakers, not about white kids shooting up their school.
man that takes me back to that absolute hellhole of a time when this would play 24/7 on all stations in my neck of the woods. Hearing it now induces some mild trauma

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Mar 29, 2021

This song is actually about a school shooting.
Brenda Ann Spencer, aged 16 at the time, opened fire at a San Diego Elementary school. She’s currently 59 and serving a life sentence at a prison in California, USA.

When asked why she did the shooting, she responded with “I don’t like Mondays”