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Oh! Okay! There is a song I’ve been looking for for years! It’s so vague in my memories.
It’s a pop song by an artist that I’d never heard of before. For some reason I think they may be British?
Male/female duo, I think the guy is black and the women was not black. I don’t think she was white.
I think the video was 60’s mod style? Or maybe they are in a salon. I remember orange and green colors.
Also it was a bop! Really fun. I listened to it in 2009 and used to work out to it. I’ve always wanted to revisit it but I remember so little it seems impossible.


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There's this song in this video that I just can't remember the name of it. I've looked everywhere and used Shazam and I just can't find it.

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There was this country-ish song that was sorta popular on youtube last year, and in the music video the couple were madly in love, until things went to shit because she was the hottest piece of ass in the trailerpark, and all the others were lusting for her.
Something something she bangs someone, husbands kills him and maybe her, goes to jail.

I do realise that that is pretty much every country song, but I can remember liking it, and haven't been able to find it again.

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Took me literally years to find this song, since the local classic rock stations never said who played it or what the title was.

This song plays on a loop constantly at an amusement park close to where I grew up. I know the damn thing note by note. Totally kickass track. One of the best rock instrumentals.

I don't have any "can't remember" songs at the moment, but I remember hearing a song ONCE when I was like 15 and falling in love with it instantly. It was on the radio and the DJ never said who it was. The radio station never seemed to play it after that one time. Tried to find it online by searching lyrics but had no luck (this was the mid-90s). Eventually I was convinced that I made up the song in my own head. Then I finally heard it again like 15 years later in the background of a TV show. Was able to track down the title thanks to more advanced internet -- it was a fucking U2 song. For fucks sake.


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I only ever heard bits and pieces of this song for years, in a hardware store or on a passing car radio, and the guitar and whistling parts sounded really REALLY pink floydesque to me. So for years I was looking for a pink floyd song that didn't exist. Then I heard it in the car while driving with my at the time lady friend. Turns out it was scorpions.

UK indie style song from 00s, is in G sharp. verse just goes E chord - G sharp chord. quite slow. simply cannot remember the name or artist.


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some spocky japanese version of the Panzerlied. they deleted it from yewtube for hatespeech...

im retarded, found it on my own HDD...


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