حلال StarryGreenEyes95 / Taylor Mitchell Pickens / BlueGator / AzureTranquility - Massive stalker, fat creepy tranny, trollshielding at olympic level, attention-whore

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BE 911

Username in question: @StarryGreenEyes95 - https://kiwifarms.net/members/starrygreeneyes95.30039/
As you may have noticed by now, this tranny likes to post in a lot of threads to basically say he is much better than all the troons featured on the farms, as showcased in his literal first post in here.


You also may have noticed his avatar. He purposefully changed it to a photo of his breasts all by himself like a big boy. This already indicates the kind of user we are dealing with here. On top of that, he likes to basically throw his nudes in PM. @yawning sneasel doing his usual check in PMs led to him giving a few photos and nudes without any shame.



Outside of here, he is a youtuber and generally goes by Bluegator / AzureTranquility / Michelle (his chosen name). He streams a lot everyday and to no one's surprise he has a shit voice. He made a patreon page which has a big fat 0 as number of backers. He also begs for games and posted his PO box address so people could send him some.

Hello. My name is Michelle, but you may call me BlueGator, of if you're on a "first-name legal name" basis, you're free to use Taylor. I am a transgender woman (Male To Female) who is passionate about video games, music, and I try to express that through my YouTube Channel(s) while also making sure my friends get their due part, as well.

I created this Patreon in the hopes that certain requests that have been long overdue, such as 3DS game recording, could finally become a reality so that I can make more people happy! Every single penny donated here will be used to help bolster my YouTube Channel(s) and NOTHING ELSE, I mean it, I pay all of my necessities out of my own pocket, thank you very much! <3

So, if you'll help a girl out, I promise to help you all back in return! An eye for an eye, as they say. ;)

Digging a few of his usernames and emails will lead to various hilarious things he posted online about himself.

He has a few funny posts on his reddit account /u/BlueGator95.

On that account you will notice Taylor's tendency of harassing people compulsively, which he was called out on many many many times.

Was called out back in 2010 for impersonation and creating a lot of sock-puppets to harass people on DeviantArt.

He is also generally creepy towards people on the internet and asking really inappropriate stuff overall, as shown with this post on DeviantArt with the username AzureTranquility95.

If it is accepted here, it wasn't the case at all everywhere as he was called out on twitter for having a really rude behavior towards people and asking them really inappropriate stuff, with his twitter @MichelleBGAF (now deactivated for obvious reasons).

He has a few legendary quotes on Neogaf which he was banned twice from.
I don't think having child pornography on your hard drive is so bad, but it's definitely wierd as fuck. Wouldn't catch me with it... I just don't see how anyone could get any sort of sexual thrill or high from naked children. :/

It's like assuming someone is a furry just because they have furry porn on their hard drive. Difference is, child porn can convict someone. Furry porn will just get you wierd looks at worst.

Now if the guy actually raped a kid... that would be a whole different story, bro. That's not cool.

But accusations aren't to be taken likely. And in my experience, people can make some wiiiiild accusations based on a few actions that could be mis-interpreted.

For example, posting lots of nice comments on someone's blog could either be interpreted as A: being a creep or B: just being a nice guy.

Of course, it's way easier to assume someone is a pedophile if they have child pornography on their person. However, porn in and of itself is not harmful, it just severely implies that the person is capable of doing something potentially harmful at some point in the future. Which I guess is why it's considered a crime, it's more of a preventative thing.

I don't think Jared from Subway is a pedophile.

Neogaf post - Archive

This leads to him having to make a massive amounts of sockpuppets everywhere to avoid being banned or recognized for his massively autistic behavior. The funniest out of all of them is definitely @TacosMaxPrim128 where he pretends to be his own BF. It's obvious it is him for a few reasons, notably that he follows Narcissa and Lizstar (which he mentioned talking to here) but also the same dude that called him out earlier for being a creep (shenannigoat).
This hasn't helped him too much though, as he was fairly easily spotted by Marisa Hunt, a streamer for Vinesauce and someone that Taylor has been harassing for 10 years, showing his inherent inability to receive "no" for an answer.
@Blake Bumbleby @PsychoNerd054 Thank you very much for posting these screenshots, this allowed me to find something actually really important about him, further cementing in stone that he is a massive stalker. Get ready for this, we are in for a ride.

Some of you might recognize this streamer from Vinesauce called Marisa Hunt, better known under the usernames Imakuni and Pelikuni. Here is her twitter for reference and a picture she took with Chris.
View attachment 604197
You might wonder why I am posting her account here. It's fairly simple: Taylor has been harassing this woman for 10 years and to this day still makes socks to try and impersonate her and harass people under her name, if not outright trying to troll her.
View attachment 604201 View attachment 604202 View attachment 604203 View attachment 604204
The charge in New Jersey for harassment was caused by Marisa having too much of his shit and hiring a private investigator against his ass for ruining her life for all this time. This is actually pretty gross.
View attachment 604206
And if you do not believe Marisa at all and you think this is made up... Here is a complete wikia article written by Taylor himself about how he managed to stalk her, tried to know everything about her life and being a massive virgin loser, all of this under the guise of trying to document her under a bad light. This reads just like the bits he sent you by PMs, so I have absolutely no doubt that he is the author of this article. This showcases a pretty dedicated harassment and pretty obvious inability to have "no" for an answer. Enjoy the read! (my favorite bit is when he describes posting his cock on a forum as "a prank". Check it out.).

Last but not least, he is a massive whore online. He LOVES sharing his nudes online and has posted a lot of them on a few places. He also made a fetlife account and posted a few times about his feeder fetish in a bunch of places. Don't burn your eyes too much!
Since the creation of this thread, he sent more pictures of himself as well as some porn footage by PMs. Again, a massive whore in action.
All of this makes the fact that he comes on KF to say how much better he is than everyone else all that much funnier. This absolutely makes him an excellent cow and this is why I think he amply deserves a halal.


Real Name: Taylor Mitchell Pickens
Preferred name: Michelle Pickens
DOB: August 28 1991
Address: 10609 Plover Pl Jonesboro, GA 30238-6645
PO Box: PO Box 525 Jonesboro, GA 30237-0525

Twitter Sockpuppet - Archive
AzureTranquility Reddit - Archive
BlueGator95 Reddit - Archive
AzureTranquility Youtube - Archive
BlueGator Patreon
Description of himself on Wikia - Archive
Gamefaqs account - Archive
Playstation Age - Archive
Nintendo Age - Archive
Nudes dump (site is NSFW and rather unsafe) - Archive
Fetlife Account

Deactivated / banned (among a lot of other accounts):
Facebook - Archive
Banned from neogaf twice (apeoverlord007 / AzureTranquility95)
Massive amount of socks.

[email protected]
[email protected]

Welcome to KF, @StarryGreenEyes95 . You are here forever.
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Dec 10, 2014
This is amazing, I'm so glad to see this thread already. I saw this fucking idiot shitting up all of my favorite threads with their tranny garbage and knew it was only a matter of time. I never would have guessed it would have been so soon.

I mean, pictures of his own man-boobs as his icon?



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Sep 16, 2018

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