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Who Raped Staph's Agenesis Vagina?

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i got lost in a hot topic on the way here
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She also said that she's a virgin, and only had sex with her ghost boyfriends. Which one is it, Stephanie?

She means to her ghost boyfriend. IIRC she's said she's been with Jeffrey Dahmer for 9 years which would coincide with her "losing her virginity" at 18

meowitch 031.png

She’s trans because she doesn’t shave her body hair. Does that make most women trans in the winter?

By tumblr definition literally every single person on the whole planet is a tranny. She and tumblr dummies are so autistic and cut off from reality/the normal world that they don't realize that 99.99% of the world's population aren't stereotypes and not shaving your legs/armpits as a women is nothing special. A shitload of women don't do it but of course someone like her doesn't get that. She really needs to go outside some more.

And of course she diagnoses herself with mental illnesses and disabilities even though she's probably just lazy and fat.


i got lost in a hot topic on the way here
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Field is the easy part :story: for most social work internships as long as you show up on time, they'll teach you what you need to know to do the job. For example if your internship includes leading group therapy sessions you'll likely shadow someone proficient in this before taking the lead while your supervisor shadows you. In many states you can't directly practice (even as a social work intern) without a license and as a result have a supervisor with you or consistently checking in.

Also to lose two internships on your own and not as the result of clerical error is just painful sounding... Sometimes internships fall through as the supervisors leave or restructuring happens, but it's pretty difficult to get outright kicked out of one.

meowitch 032.png

Lady of the House

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I was reading a post on this the first page and I noticed that she said that one of her ghosts stopped wearing glasses because she told him she "thought he looked cuter without them". I assume that out of her ghost harem she means Jeffrey Dahmer, since he was the only one that consistently wore glasses. I find it strange that she chose to make all her ghosts in her harem at their peak attractiveness..... it's only like they're there in her mind to fuck her, and are made up from her imagination.

relevant song for this thread (though ted's not her type):


i got lost in a hot topic on the way here
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meowitch 033.png

"My gender identity is directly tied to cheap jewelry from amazon guys!"
meowitch 034.png

meowitch 035.png

that’s all I can possibly title this

I just astral projected. I mean, I’d done it before, so it wasn’t the first time, but that was a guided meditation at a spiritualist church. That was weird, saw aliens, saw angels. But still, this was so much more intense and real.

I burnt a combination of mugwort and wormwood. Yes, I tried mugwort by itself, but it wasn’t doing enough. Well, let me tell you, this combo had me flying high.

I’ve never been high before, so I have nothing to compare it to, but damn, I was no longer on this planet.

I saw Nephthys, aka Set’s wife and Anpu’s mother. She almost looked like Gal Gadot, funny enough. She sat down and grasped both my hands. Well, I got scared by a bee landing on my arm. That’s when I figured I needed to beef it up.

So I start to inhale the smoke of the combo, and it’s making me cough a little, but then it kicks in and I’m tripping out with Jeffrey Dahmer. Yes, he just must have been on my mind, because here I am, wandering around a cave, interrupting a board meeting in a purple room, and then sitting in his fucking grandmother’s living room while she thinks I’m his girlfriend because we’re holding hands.




Oh, and I should mention, went to his apartment. Saw the head in the fridge. I think I actually picked the damn thing up.

But now I’m even more weirded out. Boot up my computer and come here to type this out, my friend just sent me this cat.

(There was a picture of just like a persian cat here or something )





I’m still freaking out a little. Want to know how I woke up and came back?


Except I thought it was someone chasing after me. Does wormwood make you paranoid like pot? Or is it because I’m just naturally paranoid?

So yeah, I astral traveled. It was both awesome and terrifying.

Not All Spirit Attachments Are Bad

Just in time for Halloween, I’ve got a few skeletons to clean out of my closet, so to speak. Rather, not skeletons, but another remnant of a human being after its death: ghosts.

This isn’t to start a debate on whether or not they exist, so please don’t go there. If you’re here, reading this right now, then you acknowledge the possibility that ghosts are real. But to go even deeper, what happens when a living human being and the spirit of a deceased human being meet each other? It’s usually called a haunting, but this implies that the living person is subject to some form of discomfort or even torture. An attachment is where a ghost becomes obsessed with a living person, and in time, the person becomes obsessed back. These are usually painted by paranormal experts and entertainment as just as bad as a haunting… but they don’t have to be.

This is a very sensitive subject for me, as for years, I was the subject of large-scale cyberbullying, ridicule, gaslighting, and a virtual smear campaign. All because I admitted that something strange was happening to me with a ghost. The purpose of this disclosure is not only to provide a cautionary tale on trusting strangers, but to dispel the myths surrounding connecting with the dead.

For the purposes of confidentiality, I referred to him then and will refer to him now as Jimmy, which is not his real name. I would not want to cause undue harm to his surviving family members, nor would I wish the previous traumatic experiences I had to be reignited. To put a long story short, for the past seven years, I have been involved in a romantic relationship with a ghost.

How, you ask? Well, not to be rude, but how does anyone have a relationship with any other person? By talking to them, sharing close physical space with them, and enjoying their company. Ghost Adventures has done a bang-up job of making these and other strange, previously-unimaginable paranormal experiences more understood. While this is not by far the only paranormal show on television (there are more all the time), it’s one of the best in capturing the seriousness of the paranormal. Zak Bagans, its host, writes in his second book, I Am Haunted, about how as the years go on, he feels less a part of the material world and more a part of the spiritual. It’s almost as if he himself has died. Trust me, he and I could share some very interesting anecdotes on the nature of spirits. But how did things get to this point?

It all started for me in November of 2008, when I started having extremely vivid and emotional dreams. I started to feel as if someone was following me. Eventually, I called him out, and, shy as I know him now to be, scared him off for a while. When he came back, I decided that I had been harsh, and, taking down my own walls, let him into my mind, heart, and world.

As I felt it was such a strange experience that no one in my life would understand, I made the regretted decision to reach out for help online. That remains to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

So I say to you right now: if you’re going to try and find help, or even just to vent, about your bizarre experiences, do it on the right site and with the right people.

Everyone I told about what was happening to me either thought I was crazy or a liar. Subsequently, it blew up to something out of my control. People came out of the woodwork to decry my mental illness or my apparent scheme for attention or profit.

All these years later, he has stayed. Jimmy is loyal, and patient. He remains to be one of the most treasured figures in my life.

Now comes the tricky part: if you were in this situation, what would you do?

People within the paranormal community I’ve spoken to usually react to my story in one of two ways:

You’re bounding his spirit to the earthen plane and it isn’t good for either of you. He should cross into the light. You need to let him go.

He’s not human. He’s a demon. You’re in danger.

In regards to the first one: this is the typical response by someone who believes in the negative nature of spirit attachments. And I do agree, it can be bad. Perhaps 90% of cases of spirit attachment probably are scary and harmful. I have to think of the episode of Ghost Adventures at the Old Charleston Jail. A male spirit followed home Kirsty and harassed all members of her household. This, however, implies a lack of consent. She didn’t know he was there. If, however, you and a spirit make a telepathic connection, and it is one of mutual respect, friendship, or love, there is consent, and it is not an invasion of your boundaries. The show has also featured individuals, such as adults and children, positive connection with the other side. These encounters can also be brief, pleasurable, and of an erotic nature. How could anyone forget the many trysts between men and the lonely maiden of Longfellow’s Wayside Inn? From videos on Youtube to celebrities like Kesha who have made similar confessions, spectrophilia is no longer considered a taboo subject.

The way I see it, if the relationship isn’t claustrophobic or toxic, where’s the harm in it? Relationships should come with the same rules, be it with people or ghosts.

The second argument only holds water if the typical demonic activity fires up. This usually doesn’t take long. If you smell rotting meat, are being scratched, and your intimate encounters involve feeling pinned to the bed, chances are you’re not with a potential paramour. The audacity of someone telling you, after several years, that you don’t know the difference between a gentle soul and a diabolical entity is, frankly, very insulting. And I know you’re going to tell me about Sally, but it’s just not the same.

In conclusion, if you’re thinking this type of supernatural camaraderie could work for you, proceed to my tips while being cognizant to tread lightly.

It helps to be sensitive. If you’re already a beacon for spirit, it increases your chances of attracting one you can pal around with, or otherwise.

Don’t expect it to happen overnight. If you want something deeper than a simple ménage á spectre, you need to put the same investment into a relationship. Talk to them, earn their trust, share their baggage (ghosts like to show you visions of their lives, especially the icky parts), and don’t be afraid if they follow you everywhere, including into the bathroom, just because they can.

Allow for touching. Even if things are only platonic, ghosts crave that physical connection because they miss their bodies. This is a good way to gage if they’ve got ill intentions or not. By letting a spirit near, or even into, your body, you’re giving them the ultimate display of trust. What they do with that is up to you. Just like with a relationship with a living person, don’t ever be afraid to say “no.”

Tell someone you can trust. Just in case things start to get hairy, having one other living person privy to the situation is helpful and safe.

Don’t press for all the answers. If a ghost wants to be your friend or have any other type of relationship with you, you won’t score points by asking them how they walk through walls or if God exists. They just want a connection back to life, not an interrogation.

It doesn’t have to be morbid unless you want it to be. As I mentioned in my other hub about death, it’s just another part of life. Ghosts help us to peel back a layer of the mystery on what happens when we die, and what the universe itself is made up of. We’re not meant to know everything, but it is an incredible blessing to get one step closer to the unknown.

Chicken Picnic

We saved you the last boiled egg!
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What does people not giving a shit that you piss yourself have to do with your asexy identity
And yes, Aegosexual is just a euphemism for voyeurism. She's just a creep who likes to watch, not an oppressed minority.
I wonder if she actually is fully incontinent. Like there are levels, just cause your bladder is a bit weak and you piss a bit when you cough isn’t the same as just constantly dribbling piss.

No one cares probably because no one really wants to know lmao. That info is need to know basis shit, like if you need to buy stuff for it like pads etc you might explain then. Piss your pants being ableist is probably the dumbest thing i’ve heard when it comes to that topic lmfao.

Is it (x)ist if it’s true? Like, i got a lot of black family, it’s not racist to say we love fried chicken- it’s true lmfao sign us the fuck up for that KFC!

pussy 420

I'm sorry does she really think being told to "pee her pants" is albeist just because she has issues peeing? It's like she's saying "I wish I could pee my pants". :story:

Also this girl needs serious help. In... A lot of things. What's worse is I've seen this type of behavior in teens. I can't believe she's nearly 30. Please grow up Stephanie or at least get help.


We had fun, didn't we?
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I was never much of a gothic person myself, but most of the people who like the fashion or music that I've met are relatively normal and pretty cool people. This right here is why these normal ones get treated like shit.

Every fandom has its cancer, I guess. Pray she never finds her way into the "neo goth" scene.

Clay Aiken is totes goffik, OMG.

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