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I got some good technical info here, the best kind really, based on empirical research. I've also given some thought to the bigger question of whether modern men in general could benefit from limited use of Steroids, and the short answer is... Yes, they really could. However, ultimately you're taking drugs, which always come with both health risks as well as addictive potential. You should avoid doing drugs on general principles, and the truth is most people can achieve a reasonable level of fitness without juice. Fitness is mostly about hard work and dedication, and you don't have to (and probably won't) look like a magazine cover model. That being said, there is good potential in juicing sensibly for rapid self-improvement:

The concept that people seem to overlook is temporary use of steroids (probably just Testosterone really) to initiate a fit condition, rather than as some kind of lifestyle choice. Lots of younger people DO have low Test levels, but they are usually low because they're not in shape to begin with and their diet sucks. Believe it or not, you can use Testosterone in a moderate and safe TRT dose (topical doses start around 40mg/day) to get yourself into shape rapidly, discontinue use, and end up with much higher endogenous Test levels afterwards. This should be the ideal goal of any cycle, to increase your muscle mass and performance in the shortest time possible, then maintain that level (or close to it) naturally.

I would recommend using topical Testosterone (Androgel and it's generics) at no more than 60mg/day for fitness beginners who are way out of shape and/or have low endogenous levels. These days there are clinics everywhere offering TRT, so if you've got some cash, you can go get tested and probably get a script as long as your levels are under 300ng/dl, maybe higher if the doctor's cool. Low-T as a condition is considered to be levels under 200 or so IIRC, while 1000 is about the high end of natty levels. At reasonable topical doses, it's very safe and you don't need to lose any sleep over cycles or PCT (in the short term).

In order to maximize your benefits, you will need a moderate to heavy training routine, and be ready to consume plenty of calories. It would be best to already be in the gym 3-4 days a week before you start. A low topical dose will not give you pro-card results. You will work for every bit of gain, but your strength and recovery will be optimized almost immediately so that you will see significant gains from a normal program. Remember: DO NOT max out your lifts just because you can suddenly pick up an extra 50 pounds. You will gain strength faster than you gain technique and the muscles/endurance to really use it. Watch your form, work hard, and don't overdo it. I'd say you can cycle about 8-10 weeks on and 2-3 off with a 60mg/day TRT dose. PCT is always recommended but the pharmaceutical stuff is hardly "required" at this level and in short intervals. OTC herbal and combination forms of PCT should really suffice. Once you have a base, you can start doing 5-6 days training per week for better results.

When you discontinue use (or on off cycles), the notable effect should be a loss of strength, not muscle. There is NO REASON that you should lose muscle! Yes, your max lifts will decrease, but who cares? Stay on it, fine tune your diet, optimize your regimen. You WILL be able to make further gains natty because you can now work harder with your brand new muscle fibers. Aim at getting back to or beyond the numbers you could do while on juice, and if the big lifts don't wanna come back, focus on physique. Manage your diet to bulk or cut, these will become your new "cycles" for a while.

Doing this for about a year will take you from "Looks like shit" to "This guy lifts". Since the goal is to minimize use, I wouldn't recommend doing it for longer than that without taking another full year or so off cycle. You should use the most effective PCT you can get, preferably from your prescriber, but I'd use it sparingly. If you wanna play it paranoid then go conservative with 6-8 weeks on, 4 off for your cycles instead. As I've mentioned, there's very little risk at this level, in fact many doctors don't seem to consider it necessary to prescribe hardcore PCT to people at this stage. Clinical PCT is pretty aggressive and has it's own side effects. If you're young though, err on the side of caution and consider what you can do to stay safe on top of minimizing overall use (of everything).

When you get a regimen, your body fat down, and build a bunch of muscle, assuming diet's good and no endocrine problems, your endogenous Test level will go up and stabilize. Sometimes it will go WAY up. It's not uncommon for some skinnyfat-turned-swole who initially had 100ng/dl Test levels to end up in the normal range, or even the high-normal for genetically gifted people. You'll see the difference, you'll feel the difference. You won't be as powered-up as you were on the juice, but you'll be way better off than before. Note that this is assumed to be part of a comprehensive lifestyle (fitness) change. The Test itself is nothing but a tool, just like any other drug.

Anyways, you will end up hitting a plateau with this formula. Whether you're happy with it or not depends on many factors, and this is where addiction and counterproductive mechanisms can enter the picture. Past a certain level of base fitness, where you're visibly in shape, pulling 1-2x your bodyweight on various lifts, entry-level topical test won't do much for you anymore. I would strongly recommend sticking to a natty lifestyle after realizing your new potential, and I guarantee that after 3-5 years of regular training you will look better and feel better than you did taking T.

HOWEVER - for one reason or another, you might feel the need to make some more rapid gains, or get past a plateau, or just change it up. This should be done with careful consideration, but the basics remain the same. You will want to select a product and cycle that minimizes physical risk, and make sure that you keep your cycle (ideally just one at a time) short and use the appropriate PCT afterwards. The goal at this point should be rapidly gaining muscle for aesthetic purposes, since strength gains will rapidly deteriorate after cycling off.

Testosterone in higher doses, usually IM injection, is suitable for mid-level juicing, as are basically all other straight Andros, as well as SARMS. Personally I would avoid "hardcore" Anabolics like Tren, Clen, and some of those other 2.0 Androgens (the 1.0 stuff is even worse). They have a lot of side effects, and while they certainly work, Test in reasonable doses is better known and definitely safer... while SARMS, though not well-studied, are also likely to be safer by virtue of their mechanism(s) of action.

If you're gonna use IM Test, I wouldn't use more than 250mg/week. Cycles should be shorter, 4-6 weeks, and you shouldn't plan on running multiple. Definitely get "real" PCT for afterwards, and take estrogen conversion blockers or at least OTC post-cycle pills during the cycle. If you do this once or twice, or very sporadically, you'll probably be OK with non-prescription PCT, but in the interests of harm reduction you should get "real" shit. Once you pass a certain threshold of exogenous Test, your body will shut down production entirely and that can have some nasty effects.

If you're gonna use SARMS, be aware that while they were designed to have far fewer unwanted Androgenic effects, they are basically research chemicals that are still in trials. Some are better known than others. RAD-140, Testolone, is an effective staple and has a very low unwanted modulation profile. Supposedly, it has 90% of the beneficial effects of Test with something like 10% or so of the negatives (side effects on prostate, bitch tits, stuff like that). MK-2866, Ostarine, is another effective and popular one which is supposedly more like 3:1 in terms of good/bad modulation. LGD-4033, Ligandrol, is an additional highly effective SARM but is considered less effective at bulking and more geared towards fat cutting, especially of the shoulders and upper limbs. LGD is also (IIRC) roughly 3:1 in terms of side effect profile.

There are a bunch of other SARMS, some more popular than others. If you're gonna do it at all I would stick with the half-dozen or so that have seen common use. When I say to take the unknowns seriously, note that at least one of these drugs, I don't recall which exactly but it was available right alongside the others, was trialed for the purposes of male birth control. Uh-Oh!

PCT is important from a harm reduction standpoint and considered essential for anything more than a short and low-dose Test run. Basically "real" PCT consists of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) to get your balls going, SERMS (Tamoxifen/Nolvadex, Clomiphene/Clomid), the cunty mirror image of SARMS, which modulate Estrogen receptors instead of Androgen ones, and Aromatase Inhibitors like Anastrozole (Arimidex) which block conversion of excess Androgens to Estrogen. These drugs all have their own pharmacology and use profiles, and anyone planning a cycle should read up on them. Luckily there's tons of info out there. Getting them prescribed can sometimes be a pain in the ass, and note that they're basically just as "hardcore" in their own way as Steroids themselves are. They should be used judiciously, and only during/after a cycle depending on the product.

Herbal and OTC forms of PCT can be surprisingly effective and I would recommend using them with any sort of Steroid cycle. Some of the basic components like Tribulus, Fenugreek, Grape Seed Extract, and Tongkat Ali have been used as natural Test boosters (various products seen in GNC, historical folk medicine) for a long time and are considered safe. Other compounds are supposed to control Estrogen, like Indole-3-Carbinol, Chrysin, and Resveratrol. Safety and efficacy of these may vary a bit more, to be honest I'm lacking detailed info on this. The remaining products found in these supplements are usually Liver and Prostate related herbals, Stinging Nettle, Milk Thistle, Saw Palmetto, and isolates like NAC (n-Acetyl Cysteine).

As with any other exogenous substance, you should limit the use of most of these products, but overall these are much safer than the pharmaceutical stuff. Note that you can use these supplements by themselves, they're no Steroids, but they can have some marginal effects - even if just as diuretics to cut water weight or detoxes for your liver.

So that's about it. In closing, I want to add that the best condition I've ever been in was natty. I worked hard and smart, I ate well, and I even managed to bulk at a similar rate and to a similar max weight as when I took any juice. In fact, I managed an even leaner and meaner bulk. The only thing that never fully recovered was my deadlift, but it's still damn close. If you wanna gain 40 pounds of muscle in a year though...

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I think this topic needs to be discussed as a dichotomy. Testosterone isn't the same as synthetic or semi-synthetic anabolic steroids, in the context of increasing testosterone within the typically expected physiological range for men (240-950 ng/dl) is substantially different from anabolic steroids in a cycle for muscle gain. Increasing testosterone within the physiological range from the lowest quintile to the highest quintile is fairly safe [with appropriate monitoring, it carries the risk of polycythemia vera, thromboembolic stroke, etc...], anabolic steroid cycles, which, are not only difficult to do correctly, are a major stress on the body during the cycle.

So, IMO, testosterone increase within the physiological range needs to be discussed separately from anabolic steroid cycles, they just aren't the same thing.

Say a dude was already bald, already had small balls, and didn't plan on having kids. Would he have anything to worry about? Asking for a friend.
From testosterone? Stroke and CVD (cardiovascular disease), but the risk of those can be mitigated with monitoring for polycythemia vera (which can be treated easily) and making sure that blood lipids stay within a reasonable range (or if they don't, meds to make them go down).

From anabolic steroids? Risks of testosterone, plus cancer, mostly of the liver or kidney, and the risk of doing it wrong, and ending up with bitch tits (actual tits, because your body converted the extra testosterone into estrogen).
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