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There were more than a few ads that failed to sell an actual product and instead served as vehicles to try and push agendas on behalf of brands and companies as an attempt to look like allies to the types of idiots who aren't even watching the Super Bowl to begin with because they're crying about racism or whatever. Dodge Ram and Coca Cola ran similar "ads" that were just some progressive bullshit with a couple quick shots of their products.

Anyways all I gave a shit about was the new Cloverfield movie that was announced in a commercial around halftime, and then released through Netflix after the game. Fucking radical. :drink:
It's like they didn't take any notes from one of the most disliked ads last year: The audi wage gap ad.

Kermit the Frog
Billy Cosby getting in on the good times :story:

Cosby Eagles.jpg


I laughed my ass off at that Prince Halftime "Tribute". I knew there was gonna be immediate salt from the fans.

If you know much about Prince's opinions of record labels and big corporations using his image...

Then the fact that huge corporations basically dredged up his ghost, projected it on a screen at someone else's shitty event, and forced it to sing about how it will "Die for you" feels like some sort of meta-trolling.

Even though his sister approved it (Probably for the sweet shekels) and he was supposedly pretty okay with Timberlake, I can imagine he's doing some seriois spinning in his grave.
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