Supernatural experiences / encountersBecause I keep clicking on the other thread by accident.

Discussion in 'Deep Thoughts' started by Vocaloid Ruby, Aug 6, 2018.

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    1. I saw a tree with a face on it. It was a rubber mask but still. I saw a tree with a face on it. It was not Halloween. It was there every single day.

      Also, I think I had a night terror/ sleep paralysis once because I remember falling onto the floor with dolls screaming at me. But there was also that tree with the face on it.
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    2. Not sure if it's like supernatural but I'd always get; for years extream paranoia at night. Always in the same house.
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    3. I was once sent to a very old steel mill in US. It had been in operation for over 100 years. The place was very large. It was integrated mill meaning it made everything. Largest open hearth furnances I ever seen going five stories into air.

      My job was to inspect and look for equipment to salvage for a separate company. Very depressing job because I am being led around by millwright who lost his job. He was forth generation worker.

      The site was very dangerous because old standards. They still had 4160v knife switches and shit like this. Every part of mill, the guy had story of someone he knew get killed.

      Just after WWII, the company got in trouble because they would dump bodies in "company morgue" which was just a pit on the grounds instead of releasing bodies to family. He showed me the small plaque for the dead workers. I asked him how many and he says no one knows. The company wanted to use the grounds as a slag pit because every once and a while a stray dog would dig up human bones.

      The place was creepy quiet, with light beams through holes in ceilings.

      It is all torn down now and is Superfund site. The local city is now shithole as the city depended on steel mill for good jobs.
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    4. I only recently found out that what I considered to be a bad dream was actually something others have described.

      A few years ago, I was walking home from work on a warm summer evening, around 2330 or so. As much as I realize this sounds like a shitty horror story, I decided to take a shortcut through a graveyard. I crest this small hill and at the bottom I see these two children just standing there. Even from a distance I knew there was something...unsettling...about them, but I decided to approach anyway; it was a shit town of about 500 people, there's no way they could've lived far. So as I get closer, it becomes more and more apparent what's so creepy about them: Their eyes are pitch fucking black. Being the health care professional I am, I assume it's just a medical condition and talk to them. They keep insisting that they go to my house. I offer to walk them home. "No, let's go to your house and call my parents." I offer to call them from my cell phone. "I'd rather we go to your house and call them there." I tell them that I'll call the police to help. "You need to take us to your house".

      Their insistence on going to my house creeps me the fuck out and I decide to walk away. I walk for about 30 seconds and turn around, they're gone. I recently discovered that there's an urban legend called Black-Eyed Children. I thought I'd experienced a hallucination or really weird dream.
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    5. I have another story, but it’s long.
      When I was about 13, I was up late one night, just browsing AOL instant messenger, when I recieved an IM (instant message) from a high school friend. It said “My name is Fraumaldehyde, I am a four year old girl who died in Germany after my face was burnt off with acid. If you do not send this message to 20 people within the next hour, I will come for you. I will take your face.” Obviously I wrote this off as bullshit (huge mistake), logged off, banged whichever cheerleader was with me that night, and after sending her away with cab fare I went to bed. It was about midnight when I awoke to the unmistakeable feeling of being watched. “Go home, bitch,” I whispered in the darkness, “I gave you cab money and I’m too tired for another round.” But then, I felt a cold, boney hand caress my cheek. Its long, unkempt fingernails dug into my skin, and I felt blood run down my chin. “Alright,” I said rolling over and reaching for the lamp, “just a quicky, but then you gotta get the fuck outta here.” But the words died on my lips as I switched on the lamp and saw not my fair maiden with the hands and teeth of a meth-addicted hobo, but instead a long-haired figure with a cascade of formless, ruined, pulsating flesh where its face should have been. After shitting myself on the off-chance it was planning to rape me, I dove out of the bed and escaped the room. I pounded on my parents’ bedroom door until my dad threw it open, furious at the noise I was making. “I’m not lending you more cab fare,” he said. “You handle that shit on your own.” But then I began to explain what happened. My mother was awake too, and overheard the story. She got scared and said "You're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-air!". I whistled for a cab and when it came near the license plate said "fresh" and had a dice in the mirror. If anything I could say that this cab was rare. But I thought nah, forget it, yo homes to Bel-air! I pulled up to a house about seven or eight and I yelled to the cabby "Yo, homes smell you later!" Looked at my kingdom I was finally there, to sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-air
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    6. I saw ghosts like twice when I was a kid (weird house n shit), but this one takes the cake

      So my grandma (bless her soul) was the sweetest, nicest lady ever. Not revelant to the story, but still. When her and grandpa got married, they got a candle, and decided to burn it every year on their anniversary. After he passed about thirty years ago, she still kept taking it out and burning it every year before tucking it back all safe and sound. Fast forward - absolute bummer with an aneurism, dementia, etc, and she ended up passing on their anniversary.

      So for her funeral, we get out the candle to burn it one last time. There wasn't a breeze or a draft in the place, but all of a sudden, in the middle of the service, the candle just went out. Spookiest shit ever, but kinda reassuring, in a way
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    7. Had a dream when I was like 8 of running away from something off a road and then coming across a small cliff overlooking a large body of water with a little crevice on the top which I accidentally slipped into before tumbling off the cliff towards the water, I woke up right before I hit the water, for some reason the dream freaked the hell out of me an I remembered it.

      10 years later or so on vacation at a place a few hours away from home my cousin and I found a cliff overlooking part of the lake we were staying on, we decided it would be cool to use it as a jumping spot into the lake. So I decided to climb it, and found a crevice that looked like a good spot to jump, so I jumped a few times and had a blast.

      The next morning I remembered the dream and why the cliff looked familiar so I went back and walked through the forest behind it which lead to a road to some mining quarry or something.

      Shits probably a coincidence but it freaked me out good.
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    8. I don’t believe in the supernatural. I enjoy urban exploration, so I’ve been to some creepy places at some weird times. I’m also very interested in the occult. But I’ve never had any experiences I couldn’t explain rationally, except one.

      I was staying in an old cottage with some friends and I was up late reading. Then, from the next room, which was by the front door, I heard a sort of rustling noise. It was exactly like someone going through our coats, which were hanging out there. It was unmistakable. So I figured someone must have come in through the front door.

      I picked up a walking stick and went over to confront the person I was convinced had broken in. I opened the door, and discovered nothing. The front door was shut, the coats looked undisturbed.

      I just figured it was my overactive imagination, except then I felt, very distinctly, someone pushing roughly past me - as if coming from by the coats.

      No doubt there’s a sane explanation, but it scared the fuck out of me.
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    9. Humans are trying very hard to search for aliens in space.
      Guess what? They are already here, sharing the same planet with us!

      Some of these entities/beings are very nice, some are pure evil.
      Watch your back .. Because they could be staring at you right now, at this very moment.

      You cannot see them anyway.. So don't worry about that last part Haha..
      UNTIL THEY DECIDE TO REVEAL THEMSELVES.. In that case Good Luck ; )
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    10. Florida is a space colony.
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    11. I had the opening to the attic space in my room as a kid. Sometimes when the wind was right, the panel that covered the hole would get sucked up and bang around making a racket. First time it happened scared the shit out of me because I was like 5. Then again it also scared the shit out of my mother when she came up to tell me it was just a nightmare and it started banging around again.

      Now I can accept it’s the wind no problem. The problem was that when I would tell it to shut the hell up and stop acting out, it stopped.
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    12. I've been meaning to post in this topic, but I wanted to check it with my parents to make sure I got the story right. I don't actually remember any of this since I was very young, but here's what they said.

      My grandpa, my dad's dad, let's call him Randy. Randy died rather young, just a few months before I was born. Colon cancer. He knew I was on the way, but never got to see me.

      When I was about 4 or 5, my parents come outside to see me skipping down the driveway. They didn't know I could skip. They weren't exactly worried or anything, just curious. They asked who taught me how to skip, and I told them it was grandpa Randy.

      Now that in itself wouldn't be that interesting, kids say weird things. But they told me that's something Randy used to do with the young kids in the family. He would take their hand and skip with them. According to them, they hadn't told me this. So they were pretty blown away.

      If I wanted to be a real skeptical hardass, I'd say it was a coincidence, or they had told me that about him and they just forgot. Maybe that's what happened. I'll probably never know for sure. But I like to think I might have had a short visit from the grandpa I never got to meet in the flesh.
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    13. My grandpa died over a decade ago. Last time I saw him alive, he wanted to spend some time alone with me but no, I was in a hurry to return home, so I declined. Anyways, some years later I would occasionally have dreams when I'm taken aback to earlier times, when I was little. Places that didn't exist in my life anymore, apartment way before renovation, or grandpa's old car. Family was there, and everyone was happy. Everything felt real, and then I would suddenly realize this can't be, grandpa is dead. Grandpa would then stare at me for a moment, looking regretful, as if he had done something wrong or didn't do something, and would fade out with the dream's scene vanishing after him. Years later I learned he hanged himself, parents wouldn't tell me truth as a kid. To this day I wonder what did he want to tell me, feeling great great regret for being so hasty. I also always give my relatives and close friends a hug before departing, so that even if there are any unspoken words between us, at least I have shown my affection if something happens to them.
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    14. I feel like I need to preface this: I do not, in the ordinary course of things, believe in stuff like this. If this was anyone else describing it, I would pass it off as bullshit, but it happened to me. And yes, I know there are other things that could explain it, but all I can say is that from my perspective, and what I've figured out, they don't.

      Anyhow. This isn't something like an "encounter", but it's what I've got.

      My family - running through my father's bloodline - seems to have prophetic dreams. When we have them, they're like an alarm goes off in the dream - nothing else feels quite like them, you wake up fully alert. You just *know* something with absolute certainty. And the dream never fades, like a normal dream.

      Talking to people in my father's family - me and my sister, my nieces, my dad, and people up the maternal line of his family - I've collected quite a number of accounts. Most of us seem to have a small handful of them in our lifetimes. About half the time, they're strictly inter-familial, relating to other members of the family, but not always.

      I've had two, so far, and they are disturbing as shit.

      The one was fairly trivial, only noteworthy for being accurate about something I had no earthly way to know about.

      The other was... creepy.

      My dad was in the hospital. He had just had a major operation. The "fillet your entire torso open on both sides" sort of major operation. But everything had seemed to go well.

      That night, I woke up in the early hours of the morning. I remember looking at the clock, it was 2:34. I had had an absolutely clear dream, that my father had to make a choice, whether to live or die. And that although he had wanted to give up, he hadn't.

      A few minutes later, we got a call from the hospital. My dad had woken up in a panic, the nurses couldn't calm him down, and they called us. When we got up there, he had started to calm down. And he said that he had had a dream, where he felt like he had been asked to make a choice, whether to give up, or to stay with us. That if he gave up, everything would be over, he wouldn't suffer, but if he chose to stay things would be hard and unpleasant, maybe forever. But he had chosen to stay with us. He had woke up, as best we can tell from the nurses and accounting for clocks not being perfectly in sync, almost to the moment exactly when I did, with almost the exact same dream.

      And there ended up being complications from Dad's surgery. He needed a second one a few months later to fix them and save his life, and because of those complications he lives with pain every day, and he can't do some things he used to do.
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    15. My grandfather would often bring weird toys home from yard sales, I remember one night I was staying over with two of my cousins and we pissed one cousin off because me and the other cousin were excluding him in our video games or something. They had this walkie talkie thing hidden in a room that we would hear creepy voices through which my grandfather swore was him or the cousin pranking us for not playing with him, but me and the cousin also DISTINCTLY remember impossible, supernatural shit happening like one of those animal noise toys playing itself on the floor (you know, the cow goes moo, etc) The next day we didn't really know if they were telling the truth, we just preferred to file the memory away.

      There was also the time (I think it was pretty close to the first event) where he brought this creepy stuffed doll home that just gave me a terrible sense of dread over the course of a few visits. I don't really know what happened to it. Some relatives around my age didn't like it either so they must have done something to it. I remember opening the outside door and seeing it stare at me on the deck as I swear I hallucinated chopping its head off with an axe. The vision felt completely real. I don't know why it was outside either.

      It's possible the two things were connected.

      I also thought I saw a ghost once but it was just a Klansman wandering into my grandpa's lawn. I'm not even joking about that.
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    16. My great grandmother's home was haunted. It used to be a hospital during the Civil War so tons of people died there. Here's the details I remember:

      1. The mother heard children playing outside and she thought it was her kids. It was raining so she wanted them indoors. When she called out to them and got no answer she looked for them and found them in the room playing. They told her they never went outside. Nobody was outside at the time she heard the noises of children.
      2. Mother got held down by an invisible hand while she was putting away food in a lower cupboard. The grip was so strong she had to call for help. When she finally was able to get back up she claimed that she felt a hand let her go.
      3. The entire family was in a room together. Something made the doorknob twist and try to open even though nobody was on the other side of it.
      4. Footsteps on the stairs at night. One time loud footsteps woke up the father and went into his room. He heard something drop coins under the bed. Of course when he looked under the bed there was nothing there.
      My mom lived in a haunted house with her family when she was younger. The woman who sold the house lost her teenage daughter and kept the room the same way it was when she died. She didn't tell me many stories about the place except one.
      My mom and her siblings and parents went out for the day but her older brother stayed home. She told me that when they returned to the house, her brother was sitting on the roof. He said he went up there because he was afraid to be in the home by himself because something in it was scaring him. He either saw or heard something freaky while he was alone.
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    17. Apologies for double posting, I had one really recently. Also forgive the powerleveling, it's kind of central to the story.

      My grandma passed away a few years ago, and my mom still has a bunch of her stuff. My 1 year old was rummaging around my mom's house and found my grandma's favorite blanket. I tried to take it from her and she freaked the fuck out. Not her normal "I want that give it to me!" freak out and will subside when you distract her, seriously freaking. My mom gave her blessing to give it up and my daughter now sleeps with it.

      Weird thing: I swear to Christ, from time to time I smell my grandma's perfume when she stays at my house and I give her the blanket (ONLY after I give her the blanket). I've tried washing it, but that doesn't help. And the kid instantly mellows out. I'm sure there's a logical explanation, like the texture is comforting to her and something in my brain connects the smell with the blanket, but the smell isn't consistent. I like to think my grandma is popping in from time to time to see that she's okay.
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    18. Once I made a tulpa of a kiwi farms poster and that is who types all my comments here.
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