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Nov 14, 2012
There are concerted efforts to demonetize this site and punish me for hosting it. I cannot use traditional payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Patreon, et cetera. Donating to the site is very convoluted but is the only way to do it. The site's operating expenses exceed $1000/mo because I have to buy far more infrastructure than a traditional website in order to handle our immense complaint volume. Traditional hosting hosting are not an option for us and I have to spend a lot to keep us alive. This is done without the benefit of any parent company or sponsor. The only reason I can afford to do this is because of small dollar donors. I am unemployable because of reputational damage done in association with the site; if I could work a regular job doing IT I would and I have tried.

True & Honest is $20, one-time.

Brave & BAT
I strongly advocate using Brave as a browser and enabling ads. Receive grant money and hold on to it. It is not currently possible to grant money to the Kiwi Farms, but you can send money you receive from advertisers.

Check / Gift Card
I can digitally accept these and people find buying prepaid visa cards at corner stores are most convenient. PM me the details. I need the CCN / CVC / Expiry + the exact dollar amount on the card. Try to avoid Walmart-brand debit cards and American Express "Serve" cards because they're a pain in the ass to setup.

Avoid these cards:
  1. Vanilla Gift Cards. They do not work at all for online spending.
  2. Walmart-brand debit cards. These require an SSN to activate because they're meant to be checking accounts for poor people.
  3. American Express "Serve" cards. Same as above. is a way to create gift cards online without revealing any of your own details to the merchant. If you want to send a gift card very easily, just sign up, plug in some funding source, and then create a "Merchant" account (not specific to any service) with a "Total" value of whatever you intend on donating. Send the details of this card over PM.

Bitcoin (or other Cryptocurrency)
It's easy, it's more valuable to me than USD, and once you learn how to buy it they can never, ever take that know-how from you.

Seriously, just do it.

My Wallets
(As of May 18th, 2021)
These are our cryptocurrency addresses. I rotate them spontaneously for privacy reasons. It is preferred you use the most recent one listed here. If you'd like to contribute in a different cryptocurrency, contact me. If you would like a unique donation address, please PM me and ask for one. (There is no direct privacy risk using these, but some people prefer a unique one. XMR is always private.)

COINBASE WARNING: Do NOT directly send cryptocurrency from Coinbase to these wallets. I have been informed that they are closing accounts for trying to send crypto to them. If you are going to use Coinbase, send the money to your own wallet first (i.e. Electrum), and then send it from there. Alternatively, ask me for a different address.

BTC: bc1qvghgzdewy7tar78uy29ypqjwaur3ueecknln69 (Segwit)
ETH: 0x354c260Ef39E3782FAa5B9712D160636b7ECC5d5
BAT: 0x354c260Ef39E3782FAa5B9712D160636b7ECC5d5 (BAT is an ERC-20 token and attaches to ETH wallets)
LTC: ME4ivwAUSTRd2qvMdYd1VMu3oWyrdowUHb
XMR: 438fUMciiahbYemDyww6afT1atgqK3tSTX25SEmYknpmenTR6wvXDMeco1ThX2E8gBQgm9eKd1KAtEQvKzNMFrmjJJpiino
ADA: addr1qxp4yslzpphahvmszsqja5n6m7zzg8czaum6ywehzykwgk3u0hkwm7dv5y2jzg40ejut0h2urua3kh08sdxwv6sq0vcqfrzzzr

If you're interested in contributing other cryptos I'm open to it, email me.

Kinesis Money
Kinesis is an online exchange that offers crypto but is unique in that it also offers Gold/Silver (referral). Some people don't want to send crypto. This is just as easy and it can be redeemed for physical metal.

Cash / Money Order
Joshua Moon
913 Beal Pkwy NW
Suite A-1017
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547

Do not send cash by mail. Check and money order are perfectly fine, but may take up to two weeks to settle.

Please do not send physical gifts or cards to this address as they will not reach me.

Bank Transfer / Zelle / Venmo / Other Options
Contact me if you'd really like to donate but need something else.
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Aug 6, 2016

Misspelling to correct before this thread goes big, I'm more than happy to delete this post once it's corrected because i'm not doing this to be a dick.


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Dec 28, 2014
I'm shit at mine too mate no worries it's funny because considering I spent most of my time in front of a computer you'd think I'd be better.

Just do what I do. Post absolutely stupid shit, then after you did that, read it like it was written by somebody else.

When you realize how stupid the shit you said was, edit what you said to make it better.