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Discussion in 'Forum Discussion' started by Null, Dec 29, 2016.

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  1. Due to activities of actual terrorists, traditional means of collecting donations are unavailable. I try to make this as painless as possible. Things like PayPal and my own credit card charge form are unavailable. And no, there is no crime in sending me money, as long as you're not gifting more than $12,000/yr (lol). I even do my taxes.

    Check / Gift Card

    I can digitally accept these and people find buying prepaid visa cards at corner stores are most convenient. PM me for details.


    Privacy.com is a way to create gift cards online without revealing any of your own details to the merchant. If you want to send a gift card very easily, just sign up, plug in some funding source, and then create a "Merchant" account (not specific to any service) with a "Total" value of whatever you intend on donating. Send the details of this card over PM.

    (or other Cryptocurrency)
    Bitcoin remains the best option, always.

    Signing up on Uphold is easier than PayPal. It does require some form of ID but it's straight forward. Coinbase is another dropdead easy Crypto provider with multiple options but it only works in certain countries.

    You can also sign up with Coinmama and buy up to $150 with only a mastercard/visa. You must send the bought Bitcoin to a wallet, though, so unless you plan to send me BTC directly through the purchase, you must also set up a wallet. Coinbase will give you wallets for free as a part of your account. I can confirm this works fine.

    Jaxx is a free, open-source decentralized BTC/crypto wallet you can run on your own computer and phone. Blockchain does this online.

    My Wallets (As of April-17)
    These are our cryptocurrency addresses. I rotate them spontaneously for privacy reasons. It is preferred you use the most recent one listed here. If you'd like to contribute in a different cryptocurrency, contact me. If you would like a unique donation address, please PM me and ask for one. (There is no direct privacy risk using these, but some people prefer a unique one. XMR is always private.)

    BTC: 16tKVydHAFjQFBa58oh2Rgyt1FqN1Sm3NS
    Use the BTC address for Coinmama purchases.

    ETH: 0xc1071c60ae27c8cc3c834e11289205f8f9c78ca5
    LTC: LNjmyhxThrTMY4izBdcdWqvW287LmCB6bg
    XMR: 438fUMciiahbYemDyww6afT1atgqK3tSTX25SEmYknpmenTR6wvXDMeco1ThX2E8gBQgm9eKd1KAtEQvKzNMFrmjJJpiino

    Cash / Money Order / Restraining Orders / Legal Services
    Joshua Moon
    913 Beal Pkwy NW
    Suite A-1017
    Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547

    Do not send cash by mail. Check and money order are perfectly fine, but may take up to two weeks to settle.

    Please do not send physical gifts or cards to this address as they will not reach me.

    Prepaid Debit Cards
    Any prepaid Visa/Mastercard debit card bought at Walmart or a gas station works, but avoid the Walmart brand reloadable ones. Private message me with the exact dollar amount and the card details. If the card says it needs to be activated online first, you may do that or you can tell me what site to do it on myself.

    Bank Transfer / Zelle / Venmo
    Contact me if you'd like to wire money. I do not accept these kinds of transfers from people who are new to the site, sorry.
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    #1 Null, Dec 29, 2016
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  2. [​IMG]
    Misspelling to correct before this thread goes big, I'm more than happy to delete this post once it's corrected because i'm not doing this to be a dick.
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  3. No biggie. I appreciate it. I'm very blind to my own typos for some reason.
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  4. I'm shit at mine too mate no worries it's funny because considering I spent most of my time in front of a computer you'd think I'd be better.
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  5. God dammit!

    I used my donation money elsewhere yesterday...
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    A Mashed Potato

    A Mashed Potato yeah... oh, no shame, no shame in these farts
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  6. Just do what I do. Post absolutely stupid shit, then after you did that, read it like it was written by somebody else.

    When you realize how stupid the shit you said was, edit what you said to make it better.
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  7. Hopefully this form will be around for a long time, so don't sweat it. Just hit it when you can.
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  8. Out of curiosity, if we bought supporter status off redbubble and still have confirmation of that, can we get neat shit too? Or is the sticker my prize?
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    Lurkette ★★☆☆☆
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  9. Your neat shit was supporter status. The prizes for these receipts will be based on if you redeemed it for supporter status and how much you gave.
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  10. Ahh, gotcha. Makes sense.
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    Lurkette ★★☆☆☆
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  11. I finally donated! It's only five bucks, can't afford to donate much more but I still wanted to donate something :biggrin:.
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    PrincessOf Aus

    PrincessOf Aus Professional Slacker

  12. Needs a dark version.
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    alex_theman Conflict Resolution Officer

  13. How much would one have to donate to make this happen?
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    Jackass RN

    Jackass RN Schmuck in Scrubs
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  14. Also, I meant a dark theme for the donation page, if that isn't obvious from context.
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    alex_theman Conflict Resolution Officer

  15. Merry Christmas
    Happy Holidays
    Happy Hanukkah
    Whatever the fuck Kwanzaa

    Enjoy the donation.
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    JSGOTI Just some guy on the internet
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  16. ...Why don't we do a raffle of some kind?
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    RADICALGOBLIN www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooEAm7L-sGI

  17. isnt that technically illegal?
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  18. I would totally wear a KiwiFarms t-shirt if it was designed well.

    We got any dank graphics designers / illustrators / artists on the site willing to work for a good cause?
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  19. Donating here felt oddly more satisfying than giving to my other pet causes. It was also less annoying because the form was only three lines.
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  20. Donate or die people
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