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None of that is automatic. You can just send me receipts. It has to be a single TX.

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@Null do you accept prepaid VISA Vanilla cards? I was looking at getting one but it said US only. Not sure how that works with your living situation. If not, can you recommend something similar (a prepaid card that can be bought with cash) that would work for you?


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None of that is automatic. You can just send me receipts. It has to be a single TX.
Oh ok, I was under the impression that the 20$ target could be met through accumulated donations, not just a single transaction.

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Forgive me for being so technologically exceptional, I got around some BTC that I would like to donate, but I have a coinbase account and by the looks of it, it isn't recommended. What can I do to send my little shekels?

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So I know you can pay $20 to change your account name but can we start paying to change other people's names. I know with @Y2K Baby the mods like to play with his name so it gave me the idea. We can already buy T&HF status for people so why not for a prank?

Unless it actually affects their ability to log in, then that's kind of an issue.


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Is it still $25 for True and Honest status? I'd like to give and probably will be contacting Null in a little bit, but I don't know if I can do it now if it's still $25.

I have been tipping over Brave, however, so I guess I'm donating anyway.


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Hey, I'm gonna try and shoot a bit of money the forum's way while I'm out, but I don't really have any crypto or the like. I believe at the start of the thread it said y'all accept prepaid cards (Visa)? Do I just shoot you the card info?


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Otherwise, as it says.
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I can digitally accept these and people find buying prepaid visa cards at corner stores are most convenient. PM me the details. I need the CCN / CVC / Expiry + the exact dollar amount on the card. Try to avoid Walmart-brand debit cards and American Express "Serve" cards because they're a pain in the ass to setup. is a way to create gift cards online without revealing any of your own details to the merchant. If you want to send a gift card very easily, just sign up, plug in some funding source, and then create a "Merchant" account (not specific to any service) with a "Total" value of whatever you intend on donating. Send the details of this card over PM.
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