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I had some spare money in the bank account and decided to donate. If there is any problems or you dont see the payment please message me.


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I'm not going to give you anything.

If you use my website and the privileges earned by supporting to harass me, my staff, and my users, I will revoke your privileges. If you weren't completely lifeless with infinite capacity for making alt accounts, I'd ban you as well. Even Foulmouth, A-Stump, and John Crowley eventually learned when they aren't welcomed.

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Probably a dumb idea, but has the option of tier rewards been considered? I know it's controversial, but I'd wager there are people who really love this site and who could be willing to donate generously in the interest of its continued operation. I'd be willing to kick in if I have a little extra cash regardless, but even something as simple as a trophy or something for the people who support it more frequently might be useful to maintaining future contributions. I know that sounds like a shill job, and I wouldn't recommend anything major. The Kickstarter model is the wrong way to go, just some form of minor perk for the diehard supporters. The cover photo thing is a good example of this.
Just an idea. I love this site and would hate to see it go. Tiered incentives for regular contribution might help keep to things running as opposed to one-time donations. Having even a small group of people willing to contribute as little $5 a month seems like it could really help keep things running smoothly.
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