T.J. Miller / Todd Joseph Miller / @nottjmiller - Brain damaged Hollywood actor of Emoji Movie "fame", V& for terrorism threats, hypocritical feminist


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Feb 7, 2016

T.J. Miller is a Hollywood actor, left leaning comedian, and currently the living embodiment of a car crash in slow motion. You might recognize him for his work as the protagonist in Cloverfield, Weasel in the Deadpool movies or as Robbie from Gravity falls. He was also the lead actor in Sony's much reviled 2017 film The Emoji Movie.

In 2010 he found out he had brain damage whilst recording VA for the Yogi Bear adaptation following unusual behavior. While he survived the surgery that followed he hasn't exactly been acting normally ever since and in the past few years has had controversy after controversy, with the most recent one occurring just over a month ago as of writing this OP. I'll save that one for last because its a real treat.

T.J Miller and Donald Trump

#1: The Emoji Movie

You'd think of all the things to be connected to the Trump presidency, a near-universally loathed film about talking emojis would be the last thing to be associated. Miller, who plays the lead character Gene, thought otherwise. In an interview with the Huffington post about his performance in the TV show "Silicon Valley", which he just left for reasons that are in the next section, he said that he chose The Emoji Movie because, among other things, he thought it could help with fighting back against the new administration.
The decision to leave “Silicon Valley,” Miller suggested, freed him up to resist President Trump in other ways. “My position [to oppose the Trump administration] became more powerful when I left ‘Silicon Valley,’” he said. “I had more control over the content, the time, the schedule, the everything.” Even “The Emoji Movie,” he argued, was a meaningful step toward encouraging younger audiences to “understand and adopt progressive values.

So this was an opportunity to do something optimistic, positivistic and you know, we have very few weapons in the current administration, and one of them is to target a younger demographic and try and help them understand and adopt progressive values.
So the movie has a lot to say to women, and how they have limitless potential, and one of the characters literally breaks through a glass ceiling. And you’ve got a guy who wants to be what everybody wants him to be, but his malfunction is that he expresses himself and is ― we’re trying to say that the best you is not the you that you’re doing for everyone else, but the authentic you. And don’t hide that, be OK with expressing it
(archive/Second quote archive)

#1.1: The Emoji Movie suicide threats/doxing attempt
After the movie bombed critically, TJ took to twitter to make a bizarre rant asking why he shouldn't kill himself. There was some mention about how following Trump on twitter would motivate himself more to become an hero but the whole things absolutely fucking weird to read.


Miller then promptly deleted the thread and put out another tweet implying that it was an attempt to weed out his haters. He thought this is how doxing works.


#2: Silicon Valley
I should also mention that this very same interview started with TJ saying the reason he left SV was because his fellow cast did not, in his eyes, do enough to prevent the victory of the Trump campaign. He then went on to slam said cast for it.
Just before the 2016 presidential election, he told HuffPost, he spoke with the show’s cast about the campaign. “I asked, ‘How much money did you donate, you Hollywood elites, how much did you donate to Hillary Clinton’s campaign?’ And everybody in the cast said nothing. They hadn’t given a dollar,” he said. “What did they think was going to happen? How had they not joined a fight that they had such strong opinions about?” He noted that despite “not even really being a fan of hers,” he donated the maximum amount permitted to her campaign.

#3: He tried attacking an Uber driver over Trump ha ha ha holy fuck
Returning home from the GQ awards, Miller got an uber driver to take him home. Somewhere along the way the two get into an argument about Donald Trump, which ends with Miller slapping the driver. He was arrested but he was released O.R.
(archive. Also mentioned in this archive is how he tried to burn a trump tie on Conan and then tried to one-up the safety pin fad by putting a pin through his ear, causing him to have a constantly bleeding ear visble in his next appearence on Conan)

T.J Miller and feminism
#1: Metoo'd
Being a prominent male feminist it should be no surprise to you that Miller was one of the early few to get called out in the wake of the Weinsten scandal, with a woman (his former girlfriend in college) alleging that he punched her during sex and then anally raped her whilst intoxicated. (link is archived)

#2: Tranny Dumpster Sex/post-Emoji Movie email sperging
Being a prominent transgender rights activist it should also be no surprise that this activism is selective and ceases to exist if you tell him he was in a shit movie. Danielle / Daniel Solzman, a former friend of TJ's -so much so that he was the first person they came out to-, was alerted to the then-current google result of Millers site. The sites google description contained a series of phrases that seem like they came straight out of a MGS 2 codec: "Garbage Perfume Line, Hot Garbage, Warm Urine, Tranny Dumpster Sex, Heterosexual Dumpster sex, Straight Dumpster Sex." (archive)

Solzman took offense at the fourth line and emailed their lifelong friend to consider removing it. Millers response is perhaps even more unusual than his public suicide-baiting just shortly prior.



On that very same day he sent out another unusual and aggressive emotional outburst over someone not liking the emoji movie. In an interview Solzman suggested that there is li



T.J Miller and :islamic:Domestic Terrorism:islamic:
#1: Train bombing threats
What better way to top off a lolcow thread, let alone a celebcow thread, than with perhaps the most autistic thing you could possibly do on public transport- make fake bomb threats?

On the night of the 9th of April, 2018, Miller was onboard an Amtrak train intoxicated and already having arguments with another passenger. During the journey he called a 911 dispatch alerting them that a woman on Amtrak 2256 (remember this number, its important) had a bomb in her bag. The train was stopped and quickly examined. No explosives were found.

Investigators called Miller back where he gave a completely different description of the suspect and claimed that her suspicious behavior included, get this; "checking her bag without taking anything out" and "kept asking what the next stop was".

So he gave an incorrect description of the suspect twice and his arguments that she had a bomb were absolutely stupid. The real kicker lies in the train itself. You see, Miller was never on 2256, he was actually on 2258, which was also searched to no avail.

Miller was promptly arrested for "intentionally conveying to law enforcement false information about an explosive", released on 100,000 bail, and could face up to 5 years if convicted.


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