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TARGET HAUL VLOG!!!!7/11/2018

Discussion in 'Amberlynn Reid' started by C3PBRO, Jul 11, 2018 at 1:11 PM.

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  1. Hooktube link

    Her haul from exotic Lexington, KY;
    • disposable cutlery/plates
    • water
    • candy
    • soda
    • an additional pillow so she can prop herself up in such a way as to not asphyxiate herself in her sleep with her own fat
    • DVDs
    • a metric fuckton of stickers
    Despite buying a load of garbage be proud of our gorl y'all, she had a journal in her basket but she decided to live with the discomfort of not owning it, and put it back.

    AL and Becky talk about which chain restaurant they're going to visit for dinner, despite having Cheesecake Fattory leftovers.
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  2. She's graduated to Target now?
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    Sword Fighter Super

    Sword Fighter Super It means what you think it means.

  3. I’m-

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  4. This bitch is at a hotel for like 3 nights and really went out and bought a pillow, a case of Pepsi and a case of Coke lmaoooo they are seriously aliens.

    Also, she’s “tired from driving”..don’t they live like 2 hours from Lexington? I’m confused.
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  5. She mentions again needing to sleep with tons of pillows.

    https://www.healthination.com/health/heart-failure-pillow - What Pillows Signal About Your Heart Health

    I said a long time ago that I was wondering if she had Congestive Heart Failure because the pillow thing was a big tip-off, but the fact that she literally BUYS NEW PILLOWS when the hotel has already supplied them with 4 made me want to bring this up again. I hope she doesn't play around with this. Asking how many pillows you sleep with is a seemingly odd yet very standard question that a cardiologist will ask you when you get a heart check.

    Also, this part: "I am exhausted and it's only Day 1! Driving, lack of sleep... *shrugs*" How about being 522 lbs and unable to do anything but lay in your house without almost dying?
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  6. "You and your boyfriend need to lose weight" - Amberlynn Reid

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    LightEmittingDiode Ages 16+, choking hazard, may contain nuts

  7. horrifying

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  8. Another dress worn as a shirt.

    Edit - Make that two. The gray one is a dress, also.

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  9. Why buy pillows regardless of the reason? The hotel will deliver as many as you want to use during your stay. Now they have to bring these new pillows back home.
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    Erica resident shitlord

  10. Funny. You'd think a whale would know better than keep polluting oceans with disposable plastic cutlery, plates and other junk.
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  11. Jesus christ, that shirt makes her look more like a pregnant dog-- that ain't fat, that's just three tiers of boobs, you guise!
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    Arrested For YT Crimes

    Arrested For YT Crimes I'm the type that longs for good strokes

  12. [​IMG]
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    LightEmittingDiode Ages 16+, choking hazard, may contain nuts

  13. fat3.PNG

    When you're so fat that you can't tell which side's your front and which side's your back.
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  14. So, much duck face, much mania. Terrible make up, obvs. If you thought WalMart hauls were boring, buckle the fuck up. More fucking T-shirts, more fucking stickers, more fucking DVD's. I'm not mad at the Happy Gilmore or Cinderella, but bitch got excited about Brandy being in it completely ignoring Whitney. And, y'all, Rickie has fucking had it. He is done. Eric needs to take heed now. He's done with the horseshit. He's not even pretending like most people do to appear polite anymore. Also, AL, let's talk about all this intense editing you do. The entire first 30 seconds was your ass trying to get the camera right.
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  15. First things first... watching the beginning of the video with her trying clothes on... her body is completely deformed and hard to look at. Just saying

    And once again, another video where she's sitting down. She'll be completely immobile in no time. :optimistic:

    "I got a pillow, just a regular pillow. Why, you ask?" Uhh, the sleep apnea makes it so you have to prop yourself up in bed when you sleep? Just a stab in the dark. Also, why don't you just ask the hotel maid to bring up 10 pillows to your room. I know you're not used to actually getting out of the house and staying in hotels but that is an option.

    "Diet soda is SO bad for you. I know. Everyone tells me that."
    "But I don't listen, as per usual."

    That grey shirt she bought looks horrible on her. It shows all the lumps and bumps on the front of her body. She should stick with black.

    "No I didn't get any journals" lol! My fiancee was half listening to this and heard her say that and said, "Good you have too many." Wow, how does SHE even know that? She might catch glipses here and there of her videos but damn, when someone who doesn't faithfully watch Amber's videos knows she has too many journals, that's pretty bad. haha

    More damn stickers. So she decided not to get more journals but satisfied her shopping addiction by buying a shitload of stickers.
    She is on a shopping high. Rewatch the haul and listen to how she talks in a sing songy voice. Almost manic.

    "So I just did my makeup". This is where I usually think, "but you didn't wash your nasty hair", however, her hair looks washed. I guess she can't get stuck in the hotel shower so she took advantage of it.

    "I don't want to do Five Guys though, I feel like that's way, heart attack style." But the greasy ass food you eat at other restaurants isn't?
    "You've never had Five Guys? Oh my god, it's sooo good! Well, she's never had it before so that makes me feel bad."
    Five Guys it is! Heart attack be damned!

    Out of breath just walking down to Eric and Rickie's room. Christ on a cracker.

    How rude is it for Eric to invite obnoxious, loud Amber into his room when Rickie's trying to sleep. But we all know Eric has no respect for him so I guess it's whatever.

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    Oh Hamburgers

    Oh Hamburgers Hey fellers!

  16. Amber doesn't want to eat at Five Guys because it's "heart attack style"
    My fucking sides
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    LightEmittingDiode Ages 16+, choking hazard, may contain nuts

  17. I see she strategically put her hair in front of her massive arms so she could hide them.

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    Crisseh American Hero and/or Film Star
    True & Honest Fan

  18. Yikes.. she must be pushing 300lb by now.
    fat fuck.png
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    PiggyPie I only know good.. and ball.. and rape

  19. disgusting
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    Not me

    Not me It's a me, Mario!

  20. I reckon they will end up switching rooms with Eric because he has a handicap accessible room and she can't step over into the tub.
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    hotcheetospuffs Keepin' it 522.2

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