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Disaster Teen rapes overdosing woman, then texts pics to his friendsFriends do nothing and it gets worse from there

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by Bunny Tracks, Feb 12, 2018.

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  1. When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending the best.
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  2. How does one go about gentrifying trailer parks when they're already made up of white people (who rent to illegals constantly)?
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    Wesley Willis

    Wesley Willis Rock over London, Burn down Chicago!

  3. I'm powerleveling, but the Washington state needs to have a death penalty for this. His illegal ass had sex with her while she was dying.
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    FunnY Shocked. As Shinoa would think.

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    Chan the Wizard

    Chan the Wizard My Gemsona is autistic

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  4. At least he didn't get her pregnant, the silver lining to this tragic story.

    What a piece of shit.
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    Banh Xeo

    Banh Xeo Just a big piece of crêpe, a wierdough.

  5. Kid is going to go to jail for rape and depraved indifference. Which is

    But I'd just give him the Mozambique Drill and be done with it.
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    Secret Asshole

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  6. is this one of those special times where we bring back the electric chair for this fucker?
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  7. There was a similar case a few months ago where a guy fucked his ODd girlfriend "to wake her up". He admitted he tied her up beforehand because she hated having sex with him.

    From memory he only got a year, pretty much a slap on the wrist, because he was fucking her dead body rather than raping her live body.

    There's practically no difference between the two. But the guy fucking his dead girlfriend got a ridiculously lenient sentence and this guy is probably spending a decade in prison at a minimum. It's a weird fucking world when you effectively condone fucking the dead.
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  8. There's a difference with that. She was already dead and he didn't know. This time she was actually dying and could have been saved.

    Sadly this little faggot has a rich daddy who will bail him out and this sociopath will go on living. He is clearly a danger to society and should be imprisoned for his entire life or killed outright.
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    Secret Asshole

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  9. Holy shit, fuck this guy. Jesus...
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    SteelPlatedHeart SOO FUCKING CRAZY
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  10. While rape is obviously wrong, if the girl was already unconsious\doomed to die, then what's the actual harm in having some fun before she goes?

    Fyi the level of moral faggotry is outstanding here MUH LETHAL INJECTION muh prison RAPE
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  11. 'My daughter Alyssa has passed away'
    That's a cute way of saying she was a drug-addicted whore who died a dog's death sad and alone.
    Smh I'm not even being edgy this time, some harsh parenting is needed here.
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  12. You guys sure are optimistic about the unspoken man-rape justice of the prison system.
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    escapegoat The answer is always "porn."

  13. Have you been not here long enough to know this?

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    AnOminous so what
    True & Honest Fan Retired Staff

  14. What a piece of shit. He's not remorseful at all, he's just sad his dumb ass got caught. People like him are dangerous.
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    Cosmos Soldier of Love and Bitching on the Internet
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  15. I hope nobody ever overdoses around you.
    Someone like him can't function like a normal human, he'll never feel guilty or ashamed of what he did.
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    Alpha Loves You

    Alpha Loves You Today is a good day for Justice
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  16. Besides lacking in empathy it also further illustrates that the guy is dumber than a bag of hammers. Or maybe he's just trying to enjoy smirking while he's still physically capable of doing it.

    A bitch-ass punk twink like him, who committed a highly publicized sex crime as well, is not going to have a good time in prison.
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  17. Yeah. He's not operating at full capacity, for sure. He thinks he is, though. All the attempts to cover his tracks.

    escapegoat The answer is always "porn."

  18. what even is this? I see it all the time on facebook

    why dont people just post normal statuses?
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    UncleMoeLester cum ration connoisseur
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