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Careercow Terry Rose Christo / Theresa Christodoulopoulos / Tara GilesbiePretendian, Author of My Immortal, Currently Writing Fanfic Of Own Life

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Piga Dgrifm, Sep 26, 2017.

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  1. I trust everyone here is familiar with My Immortal, the legendary Harry Potter badfic written by Tara Gilesbie, which can be found here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6829556/1/My-Immortal

    For years, its origin was a mystery. Was it a trollfic, or was it really written by a semi-illiterate teenager? The mystery came to a head recently when drama blew up over a Young Adult Novel that bought its way to the Number One spot on the bestsellers list. (Info on that here http://ew.com/books/2017/08/25/handbook-for-mortals-how-nyt-best-seller-list-works/) A rumor began that the author of this book had also written My Immortal, but this was quickly debunked when Rose Christo (real name Terry Christo) revealed herself as the real author.

    Her tumblr: https://rosechristo1.tumblr.com/

    This came with the announcement that she would be writing a memoir on the true story of My Immortal. (https://www.amazon.com/Under-Same-Stars-Rose-Christo/dp/1250147034) Which she claims is that she wrote it to find her long lost brother while in foster care. Sounds far-fetched, right? That's because it is.

    Her brother happens to be a member of this very forum (@DawnDusk ), and his side of the story paints a different picture, not that she lost communication with him while being shuffled through the system, but that she just doesn't contact him and never was in foster care. He began poking holes in her claims in this thread; https://kiwifarms.net/threads/author-of-my-immortal-possibly-found.33996/

    On her Tumblr, she also frequently blogs about the struggle of being Native American/Indian. Problem with that is she's actually white.

    Whether My Immortal itself was genuine or not, these lies show that its author is worthy of further discussion.
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    Piga Dgrifm

    Piga Dgrifm Where are those good old fashioned values?
    True & Honest Fan

  2. ...She's still writing?

    Personally, I couldn't even begin to read something at ridiculous as My Immortal...
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    Meta Junglira

    Meta Junglira The Fuck is a Junglira?

  3. Hopefully she has gotten a lot better since then and dropped the edge.
    It's been what 10 years? If I remember right.
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    Tetraphobia This is a hurt-box I can't leave
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  4. A very accurate start to the thread thus far, OP.

    I'm phone posting at the moment but will answer pretty much any question you have about her. Hate to seem vengeful, but I really don't feel it's improper given the fictions about me which build her memoir...

    There's so much cow-worthy stuff from her Tumblr alone I look forward to unpacking a bit for you all when I return home to my pc.

    I believe it was you who asked about the child porn/familial history item. I'll also endeavor to answer that when I return home.
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    DawnDusk Rose Christo's Brother
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  5. Ooo this gon be good
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. 112.png


    Real human bean btw

    Why is she obsessed with being Indian?
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    FemalePresident In office.

  8. Going through most of her blog she is pretty much obsessed with being "native". Some of the more interesting caps I took:

    d54d743319906f7c2bb0a6847935cbe3.png de4594e14acae2bda866e9fce9ed1d98.png 22ffef0af4726f49b256cd69da3b8430.png

    I also saw more posts mentioning the cp stuff and her mom. Most of it is at the tail end of her blog but there are some long wordy posts about it.

    3ad2b7caaea2617ee38b9bfbe9728323.png 3bdbc7b9bff3638252a5beaccf7f7f87.png

    I can't get it to look nice but here's her other two long posts archived.
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    Kari Kamiya

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  9. I can answer the origin of the native thing even while phone postting.

    She's basically spent her entire life with our grandmother as her guardian. Still lives with her at 27.

    Our grandmother always claimed she was Native American because... she was born in America. She's completely white.

    Looks like my sister's story has evolved, though, to have a tale of some "Cree Indian" as her father. You can see that on the tumblr - might be in the screenshots above.

    Just isn't true. Our biological father is Greek. Her last name is actually Christodoulopoulos. Mine was shortened to Christo at birth, which she seems to have adopted since our separation.
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    DawnDusk Rose Christo's Brother
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  10. I've been reading the thread in PPWJ, and based on everything else she's been doing Terry Christo comes across as a lolcow whether or not she wrote My Immortal. If she actually wrote it, that's just the cherry on the cake.
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  11. What was she like as kid?
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    Jerry_ smith56

    Jerry_ smith56 The man in black

  12. Did a character or event of My immortal inspired by your action toward her?
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  13. Oh boy, am I surprised she's white or a lesbian? Tumblr is full of those. Dang.

    Tlazolli pingas

  14. Just to clarify, this woman is Tara Gilesbie, right? Because, you know, she's already pretty well known.
  15. Back on my PC. As I answer this question, so too will I answer the question of her being in child pornography OP posed - an answer I stated was laden with my biological family's tendency for mental illness.

    There are three big mentally ill players here: our maternal grandmother, our mother, and my sister.

    Since the mother was born, the grandmother mistreated and abused her. The grandmother was drug-addicted and quite manipulative and harsh - she knew precisely where our mother's insecurities lied: her intelligence and ability to find a significant other. The grandmother would frequently let lovers abuse her, as well. The mother did not finish high school, instead leaving home at 16 and finding our biological father, an illegal alien from Greece whom she wed.

    But she wasn't mentally well. The mother never progressed past the mentality of a child, whether it be in articulation, emotions, or her idea of love (obsessed with the likes of fairy tale romances). She basically knew one thing: she was either enraged or content.

    When she wed our father, she elected to move into an apartment downstairs from the apartment our grandmother owned, despite their history.

    She even named my sister after the grandmother, Theresa (though the sister always went by Terry when I knew her).

    Four years after having my sister, the mother had me (this is perhaps the most easily verifiable of my sister's lies in her memoir - why the hell claim there's a seven year difference in our age for anything other than to create a more dramatic "rescue quest?"). At the same time, though, her rocky marriage to our father finally ended. With it, her facade of sanity created by the contentedness of her marriage did too.

    For the next seven or so years, the mother would frequently enter bouts of "black rage," as one of her lovers termed it. Although she would never strike us in this time, she would uncontrollably yell and destroy the environment. It's also worth noting that she had rants practically on repeat, for want of better words. She would recite the same stories verbatim (and I mean verbatim) of how the world wronged her since her youth, again and again, if not daily then at least every other day.

    Of note, she would in her anger, again a la a tape recorder, state that my sister and I were the causes of her life being horrible - making her desire suicide or to never have had us. I truly believe this affected my sister deepest of all, in addition to the fact that the mother would never apologize for her actions, always saying roundabout things to my crying sister along the lines of "I'm sorry you thought I was mad" or "I'm sorry you don't understand."

    Recall that for the entirety of this we lived right underneath the grandmother. Particularly as the mother had to work more frequent hours, we would spend time more frequently with her - often days straight. In this time, despite my youth, I noticed my grandmother and sister had a strong connection. They would often exclude me from the room to talk privately.

    It was during one bout of eavesdropping through a door that I heard the grandmother telling my sister about things that happened to her that she was too young or traumatized to recall: being raped by our mother's lovers, it being filmed, etc. To say the least, my sister had a sincere hatred of our mother by this point (and as I stated previously, I cannot blame her).

    In addition, they were preparing for a custody battle with my mother.

    Once the grandmother was closer to initiating that battle, she began having private talks with me. I was only 7 or 8 at this time, and she likely deemed a different methodology was necessary with me. She told me I needed to tell the people we were to talk to soon that our mother beat me every day (there's an irony here) and encouraged me to let her boyfriends touch me sexually. She assured me it was so she could protect me. As the charges drew nearer, even my sister began having this conversation with me.

    The long story short is that my grandmother won custody of our sister but not me because I didn't corroborate their claims. Neither of us was ever in foster care, unless you want to really stretch and consider the grandmother somehow to be a foster mother.

    Part of me believes my sister believes the rapes/child pornography to have happened. Perhaps there is extant evidence I am unaware of that even proves it did. I only know that if the courts had such evidence, there is no way our mother would have retained custody of me.

    But in the context of all other things my sister claims - editing our ages to make me younger for dramatic effect, claiming she has never been able to find me despite me reaching out to rejection from her since then (as well as me being a Google search away), claiming Native American ancestry and subsequent mistreatment in foster care that never occurred, claiming to have a host of debilitating diseases insofar as she could be called disabled, and being so very public about these things on the likes of tumblr suggests another thing to me.

    I believe she has the same histrionic tendencies that those who commit Stolen Valor do. Just as the men falsely claiming to be veterans truly want it to be true that they are heroes and desire so greatly the adulation and sentiments that come with it, so too does my sister want to be a tragic hero that any who hear her story offer compassion or pity for.

    I also believe, just as men who commit stolen valor so deeply subsume the facade that their world comes crashing down if it is broken, this too is the reason she avoids me, uses a somewhat false name on all her authorships, and uploads no pictures of herself anywhere (you'd see she's whiter than wonder bread). I am uniquely able to shatter the story of her memoir as I do to you, my fellow lolcow watchers.

    This all breaks my heart because to finally answer the question, she was brilliant but angry in our youth. She couldn't connect to her peers very well. She was a loner but desperately wanted kinship. If she was aware of her gayness back then, she wasn't open about it, because she loved brooding pretty boys to death. Her anger got gradually worse: she hated me more and more as we neared the custody battle. Like I said, though, she was brilliant. She could have easily skipped grades, and she imparted knowledge beyond my grade to me such that I too was offered to skip grades (our mother refused).

    It's a shame to see what she's become. She had a hard childhood, without a doubt. It's worthy of telling truthfully alongside her claiming the fanfiction in and of itself in a memoir. Instead, she has concocted a nobler and more melodramatic "quest to find me" that stems far from its kernels of truth (like our separation).

    She should be so much more than she is.

    Tragically, her mental illness seems to command too great a control of her life... just like her mother... just like her mother's mother.

    This isn't about me, and I won't powerlevel about myself unless it's relevant to her. But if you have the question of whether my account is reliable given the genetics I share with the trio of women, I cannot blame you. I can only afford you this: I have dedicated my life to distancing myself from all family, and I've very gladly succeeded. I've no desire to ever be known for tragedy or heroics of our childhood.
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    #16 DawnDusk, Sep 26, 2017
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017

    DawnDusk Rose Christo's Brother
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  16. Dox

    Theresa Rose Christodoulopoulos
    768 Weathergreen Dr
    Raleigh NC 27615
    Race: White

    Theresa Liell Cava
    DOB December 4, 1942 (age 74)
    Her husband Carmine died in 2007 at the age of 76.

    "Here's a helpful tip: If you want to educate children about Native American families, don't shut up the Native American families when they tell you your curriculum is incorrect."

    "It is so obvious to me that this adoption system is not about what's best for the children, but about the interests of middle-class white couples who want to adopt them. Throughout this case Mr. Brown has been repeatedly demonized for the crime of wanting to raise his own daughter. Do you know how many little girls in this nation grow up wishing their fathers had wanted them? South Carolina--right the wrongs of your past. Start looking out for Veronica, not for the wealthy white folks who feel like playing house with her."
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    zedkissed60 "I'm not retracting shit."
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  17. Spot on.

    I should mention that I sent my sister a letter just a few months before she revealed this memoir to that very address you posted (I found it through white pages). I wasn't aware of any of her writings, tumblr, or twitter. I merely said "we haven't talked since childhood. If you want to get to know me, e-mail me here." To say the least, she did not, and I wonder if that missive was the impetus in her using me for a memoir.

    Also, the husband Carmine was treated like such shit by them as he became more disabled. He was the grandmother's meal ticket. I forgot about him. That's perhaps the saddest of all of this.
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    DawnDusk Rose Christo's Brother
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  18. Holy shit.
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  19. Welp, now i'm feeling sad.
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