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Dramacow Tess Fowler / Teresa Fowler / Tess Gutierrez / tessfowler7SJW Comic Artist, Scammer, Most Hated Woman in Comics

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by damian, Jun 12, 2018.

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  1. tess.jpg
    Tess_Fowler_01.jpg Tess_Fowler_04.jpg tess-fowler-5.jpg download.jpg
    Tess Fowler is a comic book artist that has worked for Image, IDW, DC Comics, etc., who actively tries to gatekeep who can be a fan or professional within comics. She has scammed fans, fellow comic pros, and a dying man, while also portraying herself as a kind and inclusive moral authority. She is infamous among comic book pros as the most hated woman in comics.
    3F801699-A355-41E1-A682-760D8BECDF86.jpeg 9912D8D7-92E5-46AE-BF46-E1EF374463F2.jpeg Source: https://youtu.be/8zgawjX4WSI?t=13m20s

    Tim Byrd is a comic writer who was one of the first people to find out Tess Fowler's true colors. He commissioned her for artwork, which she never delivered, and then called him a mentally ill harasser after he repeatedly asked for the work he paid for. You can read more from the blog he made, where he also chronicles other times Tess Fowler has scammed people:
    She will label anyone she dislikes as (X)-ist, and actively try to drag their name through the mud and end their career within the comics industry. In this tweet she’s referring to Ethan Van Sciver and the black man is Darryl Ayo, who for months had been calling EVS a Nazi. When EVS tried to invite Darryl into a stream to talk things out, they (Darryl and a bunch of other loons) acted as if that was a racist attack on Darryl:
    https://twitter.com/TessFowler/status/957517109541593089 (http://archive.is/E9b9x)
    More on EVS: https://nickmonroe.blog/2018/02/12/on-ethan-van-sciver-and-comicsgate/

    Elevatorgate 2: Horrible Taste and Dodged Bullets- Brian Wood, a comic writer, made a pass at Tess Fowler at San Diego Comic-Con 2005. She shot him down and then cried sexual harassment:

    Brian made a statement, which he apparently deleted, but I managed to find:
    The lesson to learn is: Don't hit on danger hair.

    Tess Fowler uses block bots and says that any pro who doesn't use them is enabling hate speech:
    https://twitter.com/TessFowler/status/968192233391374336 (http://archive.is/7vvOQ)
    https://twitter.com/TessFowler/status/968268128324009984 http://archive.is/zmD3d
    page (10).png

    I don't know what's more pathetic, Tess Fowler’s reaction to someone she admired voting differently than her:
    https://twitter.com/TessFowler/status/978088798813790208 (https://archive.li/0IM0s)
    Or her (equally) exceptional follower’s reaction:
    “OMG, I’m so sorry that guy you liked voted for the guy you hate. I’m so disgusted by this, I’m burning everything with their name on it.”
    screencapture-twitter-TessFowler-status-978088798813790208-2018-03-26-01_41_57.png screencapture-twitter-TessFowler-status-978098495012814849-2018-03-26-01_43_04.png

    https://twitter.com/TessFowler/status/994648603477118978 (https://archive.li/rjrYj)
    Brandon Graham was Tess Fowler’s buddy right until she had an excuse to cut him down while he was at his lowest:
    https://twitter.com/TessFowler/status/393793440594407424 (https://archive.li/WxKux)
    page (8).png
    Brandon Graham is an SJW comic artist who dates troons. He’s currently at the center of a #MeToo styled witch hunt by his own buddies and fellow (far-left) comic professionals. So far they labeled him a transphobe and a white supremacist. Nevermind that his current “girl”-friend is a Hispanic troon, who has pretty much been ghosted and ignored, because “she” went against the narrative they were trying to make.
    He then made a Diss Track in comic form (yes, he’s quite exceptional himself) to vent his frustration at being made into a boogie man. Here’s the comic:
    0FE770D0-DEB6-4064-8D02-B1ADA3A5F320.jpeg 147FAB7C-DD50-4C89-9319-3F6F61079B2A.jpeg FD4FCD6D-9E28-48A0-878B-F86FF09E13F9.jpeg E65F5C90-8625-4808-A522-2DF7EC79CAFA.jpeg CC75AC95-4C25-4963-A42D-0443EF10988C.jpeg
    After shaking the hornet’s nest of fragile egos by defending himself. He made the worst move possible. He bent the knee and apologized:
    Brandon showed weakness and SJWs smelled blood in the water. They intensified their efforts and Brandon was forced to give a second apology where he basically begs for forgiveness:
    In the notes section of this post you can see the type of person Tess Fowler is. Even when apologizing and begging for forgiveness, a co-worker and friend she was cold hearted and spit on his apology:
    page (9).png
    TLDR, SJWs eat their own, troon thirsty cuck pleads forgiveness twice and Tess shows how kind she is to her former-friend and co-worker the moment he isn't useful to her.

    Teresa Mariquita Fowler
    21320 Parthenia St, APT 206
    Canoga Park, CA 91304
    DOB: November 21, 1981 (36 years old)
    Thanks to @emspex.

    Big thanks to @emspex and @neural for the finishing touches.
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    #1 damian, Jun 12, 2018
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    damian Not *cough* Zack.

  2. Is the entire comic industry made up of nothing but cows?
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    Sexy Times Hitler

    Sexy Times Hitler Loves Cheez-Its and America too
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  3. This is what happens when you allow sjws into the comic book industry. :(
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    Fandom Trash

    Fandom Trash Just your typical tumblr trash

  4. upload_2018-6-12_1-17-31.png
    Tess is living proof that cuntiness prematurely ages you. She's only in her mid-30s, but looks like a fucking dinosaur.
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    emspex nice girl
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  5. Well, the industry is always doing Dobson-esque whining about customers valuing Spider-Man and shit more than whatever IRL problems they deal with, most of these problems being self-inflicted. Don't think they intended it to play out like this though.

    I fully await the creation of the "Bullpen" sub-forum.
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  6. I think she is a symptom of a problem within comics. She is a total opportunist and in a saturated industry. I don't think she would be getting up to these shennanigans if it didn't allow her to climb the greasy pole. She clearly has a sizeable and dedicated following as a result. I suppose it really is hard to know if these types of people really do buy into their own bullshit or are just total cynics.

    I fully agree.
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    Toucan Peace on earth!

  7. Well, being perpetually angry and stressed about invisible comic nazi fans would prematurely age you, I'm sure. But seriously. She spends almost all her time online getting angry, this is not a sign of a happy well adjusted person and it shows.
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  8. So another single 30 something feminist angry at the world for being single.
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  9. No, she's married and been with her husband for like 15 years.
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    emspex nice girl
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  10. I can’t imahine being married to her let alone for 15 years. The dude is either a saint or more fucked up than she is.
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  11. Seems like she wastes a lot of energy being a bitch when she could be doing something productive.
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  12. She had been productive.
    It was (and possibly still is) scamming people out of their money.
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    Burning Fanatic

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  13. I'm here early for the inevitable nude leak.

    I'm not a comic sperg, so is there anything in particular I'd know her for?
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    m0rnutz Not a furry

  14. Man, it's like she needs to add more reasons to have the art outsourced overseas.
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  15. Ugh. Just threw up in my mouth a little.

    No. All these 'comic professionals' that are making asses of themselves make tiny comics that nobody buys and nobody cares about. Tess has worked on the comic book version of the show Charmed, and something called "Michelle Obama, Year One".
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    The Manglement

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  16. Tess Fowler comes across as a gender-bent incel. She's also probably the cat lady neighbor that calls the cops on the neighbors' kids because they're playing basketball. If she's not that way already, she will be in about a decade.
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    IAmNotAlpharius For the Emperor?!

  17. What the fuck is this face she keeps doing?:
    F0EA6D5D-00DB-4C74-B175-ADC5F8FB0279.jpeg 46DE09C9-8C3E-4943-9798-BA0954DC4A63.jpeg F596113D-6090-495B-AB44-14F66DD784A9.jpeg
    Speaking of Dobson:
    The husband looks normal, she might have been his first girlfriend tho. I can’t imagine having experience with other women and still sticking with Tess. He’s a web comic artist:
    DF0D5EB0-D815-49A2-8A7A-964452C53B5A.jpeg 45F4895F-AEC4-47DA-8B51-14491A73E1BE.jpeg 172E9FBA-9208-4694-8CD3-3E366E60C6A0.jpeg
    She has an obsessive amount of picture of the cat:
    76025FD5-6CB1-4D07-B23A-6AC2DEBDAABE.jpeg 31B41D93-F189-45BB-9D5B-B88A20E585D1.jpeg
    Btw the cat’s name is: 32FCE976-6CFA-4268-89AA-8FA22206857A.jpeg
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    damian Not *cough* Zack.

  18. upload_2018-6-12_11-24-53.png
    Don't blame Trump just because you're a fat alcoholic, Tess.
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    emspex nice girl
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  19. When I scrolled past this the first time I thought it was the big titty glamour model and my heart sunk

    Never been so glad to see a disgusting monstrous genderqueer weirdo in my life
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    BubbleButt Fisting Artist

  20. > comic artist has an SJW haircut
    Not surprising. Dead giveaway of a cow.

    Jesus, the husband's art is awful. I could sketch better, and I'm a terrible artist.
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