Thanks Sneasel! APS is now investigating the Hoffman Associates! Good Work, Boy Blunder! 6/18/21 -

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ugly tranny, [email protected]
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that's part of it and not just some kind of "royal Jewish family" ; Moses and Aaron's kids. We're the high priests forever, whether we like it or not. It's no treat in this era to be standing up to the mental conditioning of Christians and Jews to the religious nationalism and Jewish supremacy of the Zionists.

we weren't selling weed. we were trying to get the laws changed. Some people in the group were distributing the hash they were trading the afghanis for missiles. mainly it's because I'm a life scientist and have been publicly ranting about the inevitability of the climate disasters we're seeing today, including the pandemic, for the past fifty years along with a true history of the Rothschild-Morgan's NWO and their perpetual war machine driving us to the brink of the 6th Great Extinction.

There are thousands of people like me, way too many for there to be agents assigned to all of us, so what they do is just flag our names for the corporate shills working the social networks who are already out spreading propaganda contrary to the facts we're trying to share. We're denied access to MSM platforms and dogged relentlessly by mean and stupid people who get their jollies harassing minor public figures. Really difficult ones like me, get an actual team assigned to do things like recruit this crowd to do their heavy lifting.

i'm probably older than you and i'm not male, so please don't be calling me "son".

Zionism is not Judaism. It is national socialism for gullible christians and jews, rooted in anti-semitism that's been around since the 1300's as a means of getting the Jews to leave on their own. What don't you understand? My ancestors wrote those books and made huge sacrifices throughout the ages to protect them and the truth of the Torah. My clan was tasked with preserving the law and it's a very difficult job in this era with all the core moral principles inverted.

you probably should get some help for your coprophilia.

the arrogant refusal of jealous children to accept an older person's experiences at face value is really quite pathetic. would you like some peanut butter for your jelly, infant man?

i could do better, but people come back years later to thank me for things they learned from me. A lot more people adore my music and humor than ridicule me for it and always have.
more raging bullshit I see Thomas One more time YOU ARE A MALE a very vile one and a dog fucking pedophile


Kyle Avgvstvs, Antifvs Maximvs. AVE KYLE
the arrogant refusal of jealous children to accept an older person's experiences at face value is really quite pathetic. would you like some peanut butter for your jelly, infant man?
Well, accepting your wisdom and experience as an older man at face value is what that dog and that 14 year old did, and look what happened to them - sexually assaulted by Tommy Tooter

PSA: never accept anything a smelly filth-encrusted old man tells you at face value. You will get no-no touched.

Consider Lizards

About that supposed false report, and subsequent visit from APS that caused Tommie to lodge a complaint, I think it's quite likely that Tommie instigated the visit.

On Tommie's live stream of 10th June, having been triggered by someone in comments, Tommie appears to call this crisis line with a "Soft crisis"
Tommie explains that because the concern troll in comments thinks the county need to help Tommie, Tommie should call them. The call is punctuated by Tommie shouting at the troll. Must have sounded VERY odd to the lady on the call. The audio is pretty rough, so I'm not sure how the call resolves, but they've dealt with Tommie before. I suspect they alerted APS.

The livestream, timestamped to Tommie getting the crisis line number.

I see he is now acknowledging and replying to everyone calling him Tom. Baby steps but I think he's starting to come to terms with his manhood.
I think he still has me on ignore. I actually prefer it that way. Would rather talk about him than to him. Actually, you can't really talk *to* Tom with his mental illness. You basically have to talk *at* him instead.


It's just pretend

Hoffman can't stop won't stop

Mariposa Electrique

October 4-18, Chris Will Be Happy!
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"Hi, APS?

I'm a senior who lives alone and smokes weed instead of taking my antipsychotics.

I also believe that multiple criminal conspiracies have targeted me over the past decades.

People on the computer keep laughing at me

Happy Day!"

lol, god Tom. Way to show them that their welfare check was illegitimate.
PS: I enjoy long walks by the dumpsters, and believe that anything under 9 inches is for amateurs.

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