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New Denzel bangs hard
It sure does! Such a great track all around.
I gotta say Curry's my favorite current era rapper. All of his releases since his VII EP have been consistent top quality to me. He has great talent and instincts when it comes to his beats and hooks, and also towards creating the right mix of rapping and melody. He also puts effort into trying to incorporate different n new influences into his music, and progressively improve with each album. It shows too, as he doesn't fall into the trap of becoming boring, "same old same old" and having tracks that sound too much like too many others of his own or other artists. His music gets me pumped too, it's got shitloads of energy

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Apparently Bad Azz just died in jail at the age of 43. Dunno what he's been doing in the last 20 years, but he had some great tracks way back then. Stupid fucker. Dying in jail on a domestic violence charge like a juvenile tard - pathetic! He was best known for his guest appearance on 2pac's Killuminati album on the track Krazy.

The production on these two was pretty solid:

New Denzel bangs hard
That sounds archaic as fuck. It sounds like late-80s almost, if it werent for the boring screwed sample. It reminds of Bust Down. How cheap and lazy.
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artworks-000644717938-hkj33e-t500x500.jpg This just dropped a few days ago. A lot of his recent releases have been feeling 'weak' as of late - but this feels like a solid return to form (i.e. 'TeenWitch' and 'Skinny').

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Discovered this rap group a couple of months ago called the LOX. These guys were signed to Bad Boy but due to contract issues, industry politics and the rejection of mainstream appeal Diddy pushed at them, they dropped and signed with the Ruff Ryders where there sound was heavy and grimier.

During Bad Boy:

Ruff Ryder era:

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