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I love this Snubnose album, so I checked to see what else Grip's put out, and his debut album was also a concept album :
It's awesome too ::
Just a recent Vinnie Paz song I like that has 2 dope newer rappers featuring on it :
This dude Jay Nice is awesome too. He got one of my favorite voices out of all the newest underground rappers :

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I always liked these guys since I first heard them on a Master P compilation album back in the day:
They were on this album with a lot of other rap guys:

Because of that, I remember everybody thinking they were from here (N.O) for a little while until we found out they were actually from Flint, Michigan. Lots of drug references in their music, but not the usual heroin and marijuana references that we were used to , they were the first rap guys I ever heard reference eating acid in their music. They have a line about "popping windowpane" in one of their songs. They also talk about robbing a hospital or a pharmacy in another song and taking all the pills. You didn't really hear about rap guys taking pills back then. They did of course but they weren't singing about it so much like they do now apparently. Kinda neat I guess.
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The new RTJ is out, for those interested. Killer Mike bores me but I've been a fan of El-P since the def jux days. Since we apparently can't get a new solo album from Jaime, this will have to do. Also more and more of the Def Jux catalogue is becoming available on streaming services which is great.

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Long-ass read, but pretty insightful.

Either way, I haven't grown up with his music, other than his "Go Ninja Go" song for the TMNT soundtrack. Every kid my age who was a hardcore fan of the ninja turtles blasted that song constantly, that's what I remember the most.

But I had no idea he had quite an uphill battle; that Jim Carrey parody was fucking hilarous honestly, but that interview with Arsenio Hall... holy shit. He was an absolute cunt. And it's interesting to see that point about Eminem having to be seen with Dr. Dre as a way to be shielded from the hip-hop autists who happen to be pretty racists and can't stand a "huwite boy" beating them in their own game, so as not to have another "Vanilla Ice" character assassination episode.

Really makes you think.
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