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RIP that brave couch, how many collective pounds to we think it's holding in pic 1?
Pic 1 doesn't even include the hippo at the far end of the couch. I assume that's Hannah, Rafe, Dana then Amber? Amber looks like she just finished consuming the other three. Maybe it's the angle or what she's wearing, idk, but she looks like she's gained at least 35 lbs since her first vlogmas post.
A conservative estimate is at least 1,500 lbs on the couch. That's assuming the other three weigh 300 each, but I suspect their all pushing 400, except maybe dana. She looks like she may have lost some weight, or it's the effect of sitting between two gunt masters.

Situation Type Deal Gorl

Fuck your feelings, nancypants
She, (as Jo Black), is fiercely sticking to the story that she's NOT AL but is remarkably in tune with what AL is thinking, feeling, doing & the happenings in that house...LOL

Miss "Taking a Break From All Social Media Because You Haydurs Don't Deserve Me" has been active as Jo Black on Eric's vlog & of course, featuring strongly in Eric's most rcent vlogs as herself.

If she's going to continue this sort of nonsense, she really needs to think about acting lessons. Her overacting reminds me of the old silent movies when actors had yet to transition to the more subtle expression needed when the camera is closer than a stage audience.
I'm sitting here laughing my ass off, again, about her terrible double-take "acting". Never before has the moniker (that means "name", Big Al) HamberLynn been more apt. Here's a protip for you. If you're going to pretend like you didn't know the camera was there - and you clearly did, as it was obvious when you came through the door - there needs to be something that actually draws your attention to it in order for you to have a reaction. Someone says something (they didn't). Someone moves the camera and you see it (they didn't). Someone picks up the camera and shoves it in your face (they didn't). There was nothing at all that made that stupid little act of yours work.

Also, I love how pissed off she was that they got a full body shot of her sitting like a flabby boulder on that ottoman while everyone else is sitting on the couches. See what happens when you eat yourself into a shelf ass and legs so fat you can barely bend your knees? You don't get to sit with all the cool kids.


Fattest Among Thousands, Altogether Lethargic
Rickie was having cheesecake with peanut butter on it. No wonder these people are fat.

Is that Tammy Slaton? Oh wait, it's Amber! Jesus Christ gorl, fix yourself.

Cheesecake hangover! What a great way to start the true meaningless drivel part of the video. Keep up the good work, Eric!


Ride the Lightening
I love how Destiny is the one presenting Princess Amber with her dainty cake, while Becky sits on a couch alone and Amber is on a couch with other people.
Becky looked like a 70 year old dementia person sitting there. Just dull.
Big dainty gorl didn't like being filmed. You can tell by her facial expression.
It's so damn funny he actually posted those laygs.
We told him in previous vlogs he'd get more views if he got those layg shots.
And boy he did. I'm sure she's fuming.

a bootiful jung woman

Checkmate, I WHISPER
I suspect their all pushing 400, except maybe dana. She looks like she may have lost some weight, or it's the effect of sitting between two gunt masters.
Dana carries a lot of her weight up high. She's fitting into one of Amber's torrid castoffs apparently and it fits her fine so I'd say the chances of weight loss are optimistic.