The anus of a man named Trent Vs the anus of Drshoggoth - A epic battle of anus

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Feb 16, 2017
Trent and Mr Magenta were just hanging out. "Man, I sure did have a long day." Mr Magenta says. "Oh." Trent says. Mr Magenta quickly tackles Trent to the ground and slams his penis directly into the anus of a man named Trent.

Meanwhile, across town

Chavel and Drshoggoth are just hanging out, watching tv, and stuff. "Man, I could really go for some anus right now." Chavel says. "Couldnt we all, couldnt we all." Drshoggoth says with a smile. Chavel looks at drshoggoth with a very serious look on his face. "No. I am being serious. I really need some anus." Chavel explains. "Oh...okay." Drshoggoth says, and starts to get a little uneasy. "LET ME AT THAT ANUS!" Chavel screams and quickly tackles drshoggoth to the ground and then without a moments hesitation he quickly slams his penis directly into the anus of a man named Drshoggoth.

The next day, Mr Magenta is shopping at the local mall. Looking at various items and etc. Thats when he sees Chavel. "Hey chavel whats up." Mr magenta says. "I got some really good news man. Last night, I slammed my penis directly into the anus of a man named Drshoggoth." Chavel says. "Congrats man!" Mr magenta says, and gives chavel a high five. "I had sex with the anus of a man named Trent last night." Mr magenta explains. "Right on right on." Chavel says. "The anus of a man named Trent is the best anus in the usa, no, the best anus in the WORLD!" Mr magenta says very excitedly.
"Whoa whoa whoa hold on there, Drshoggoth has a really good anus too." Chavel says. "Yeah im sure. But the anus of a man named Trent? Now THAT is anus! It is the BEST anus ever!" "NO!" Chavel screams angrily. "The anus of Drshoggoth is the best anus in the usa!" Chavel screams really angrily. He quickly punches Mr Magenta directly in the face. Mr magenta punches chavel back in the face and then does a flip kick directly to the face of chavel, mr magenta grabs chavel and slams his head down against a table in the mall. "SAY THAT TRENT HAS THE BEST ANUS!" Mr magenta screams as he holds chavel face down on the table. "NEVER! IT IS THE ANUS OF DRSHOGGOTH THAT I CRAVE!" chavel screams and then wiggles away and runs away. mr magenta gives chase. "THIS IS NOT OVER MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!" Mr magenta screams at the top of his lungs in the middle of the mall. Several people look at mr magenta and stare.

Mr magenta goes home that night. He walks inside. "How was your day?" trent says. Mr magenta quickly punches trent in the face then tackles trent to the ground and slams his penis directly in the anus of Trent. 'I guess you had a bad day today." trent says. Mr magenta quickly ejaculates semen. Mr magenta then gets on his computer. He sees a new thread. He clicks on it. He is downright SURPRISED by what he sees. Its chavel bragging about how he had sex with drshoggoth anus and how drshoggoth anus is the best anus in the usa. There is lots of pics of chavel with his penis in a bent over drshoggoth anus, and even a video of the deed. Mr magenta clicks on the video. He sees Chavel violently and vigorously slamming his penis into drshoggoth anus. "That smug mother fucker." Mr magenta says but then just shakes it off and forgets about it. Then mr magenta recieves a private message. he clicks on it. Its from chavel. The message says, 'The anus of drshoggoth is better than Trents.” Mr magenta punches the wall with much force! He makes a thread, saying, "Hey everyone, chavel is saying drshoggoth anus is better than trent anus! I need help!." mr magenta then submits the thread. Suddenly he sees several new posts in the thread. One poster says, "Thats not right of chavel! I am behind you 100% mr magenta!" another poster says, "How dare chavel! Trent anus is the best anus in the world!

Thats when Mr magentas cell phone rings. He looks at it. Its chavel calling. "hello?" mr magenta says. "If you really think trents anus is better than drshoggoth, then meet me at 123 elm street in 1 hour!" Chavel says. "I will be there!" mr magenta screams and hangs up. He then makes a post on the forum asking all his buddies to meet him at 123 elm street. Mr magenta grabs his pistol and puts it into his waist band, and then grabs his ar-15 out of the closet and loads its. Trent grabs a pistol as well. 'Lets show this mother fucker." mr magenta says to trent. Trent nods.

Mr magenta and Trent arrive. over 100 men are also there. "We saw your message online and we decided to come and help out!" a man says. "Thanks man. I can use all the help i can get.

and then suddenly, from the horizon, he sees men approaching. Its another 100 men, being led by Chavel and Drshoggoth. "ready yourselves men!" Mr magenta screams.

Chavel walks up, from a distance, and screams, "Mr magenta, just admit that drshoggoth has the best anus in the world, and you and your friends can live today." Chavel says.

"No! You say that trent has the best anus in the world, and we will let YOU live!" Mr magenta says. "Okay, you cant say I didnt give you a chance!" Chavel screams, and then lets out a deafing battle cry, His men all start screaming too.

"FOR THE ANUS OF A MAN NAMED TRENT!" mr magenta screams and he ans his men charge.

"FOR THE ANUS OF A MAN NAMED DRSHOGGOTH!" Chavel screams and then he and his men charge.

Mr magenta simply begins opening fire with his assault rifle, shooting several men directly in the forehead.

Trent does a barrel roll then shoots a few men in the forehead with his pistol. Chavel dives behind a car as bullets wiz by. "They got me pinned down!" Chavel says, as his men keep getting shot in the forehead.

a man aims his pistol at mr magenta but mr magenta hits the man with the butt of his rifle then shoots the man in the forehead. "we need to find chavel and end this madness!" mr magenta says.

a Asian man with a samurai approaches. "Hello mr Magenta, i heard you enjoy the anus of a man named trent more than the anus of a man named drshoggoth." the asian man says. 'Your damn right." mr magenta says. The asian man charges, with his sword and slashes mr magenta across the stomach. 'AHH!" mr magenta screams and kicks the asian, then pulls out his pistol and shoots the asian in the forehead.

Mr magenta then walks around the car and points his gun at chavel. "Drop the gun chavel." mr magenta says, Chavel drops the gun and puts his hands in the air.

"You have been defeated Chavel. Its over. Just admit that Trent has a better anus than Drshoggoth." Mr magenta says. "NEVER!" Chavel screams. "So what are you going to do? Kill me?" Chavel asks.

Mr magenta thinks for a moment, then says. "No. I am not going to kill you. That would be too easy for you. Instead, I will just simply teach you a lesson." Mr magenta says. "Huh?" chavel says, in a confused manner. Mr magenta quickly tackles chavel to the ground and slams his penis directly into the anus of chavel. Ejaculate.

Mr magenta and Trent then return home. "Man, today sure was crazy!" Trent says.

Mr Magenta quickly slams his penis directly into the anus of a man named Trent.
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Mar 28, 2019
And there would be the Shiversblood so MIA of late.


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Apr 8, 2018
This both gave me a good laugh and then sadness. It reminded me of a vid from Blackfacekermit, I think, that had some guy doing a pretty good Liam Neeson voice reading a slash fic of Milo Yiannopoulos fisting Jim and doing their voices too. Looks like the vid got nuked and is lost...

Buuuuut to stay on topic, 1/10. No mention of feet. Would not fap.