Joshua Wise & Stephen Boyd The Bad Beginning -


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What next? trolls convince Chris to commit a actual crime or off himself? Seems like it could happen at this rate

Considering Chris already committed a crime on his own accord - over blue arms least we forget - that basically means these trolls/A-Logs aren't even inventive if that's their goal. As for offing himself, it takes the mind of an autistic madness to think this is worth being in the history books for.

Yop Yop

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Remember that time a bunch the I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME came from inside the thread?

Kiwifarms remembers!

Hulkster's right btw. Stop giving Chris money, it just gets filtered out to people far worse than him
>that moment when you realize all the money people were giving him went directly to two faggots even more autistic than Chris himself