The 'Buying a Farm' 2020 Merch Run -

Should the Kiwi Soup be a back or front shirt design?

  • Front

    Votes: 381 82.1%
  • Back

    Votes: 68 14.7%
  • Opt-out

    Votes: 15 3.2%

  • Total voters
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Double Dee

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I will order as many stickers as my paws can get and... welp, I'll find their places somewhere in this city.

As for the shirt, I'm happy you want the T&H design again, that was one I missed.

ETA: as an idea for a future run, could we get the Stealth logo as a sticker, too? I don't know how good of an idea it is to put a KF sticker on my laptop; CDS seems safer.
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Oban Kamz

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I hope less than I speculate in that post. I really wanted to get rolls of cheap stickers that I could sell 100 of for $10 and get every crosswalk pole in every university in america covered in.
that would be really hard to do quality wise. if youre able to pick the sticker material and want to go with longevity over quality, go with a material known as “eggshell”. although im assuming the standard is vinyl.
im buying merch either way so it doesnt matter to me 👍
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