The Clear Pill: A 5-part Essay By Curtis Yarvin - Mencius Moldbug reappears from the shadows...

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Libtard-Wrecking Krogoth

On a mission.
So Moldbug re-appeared on the commentarial landscape again, posting the first entry (archive) in a 5-part essay meant to address the current (American and perhaps more generally Anglosphere, or even Western) metapolitical landscape for Claremont-based publication The American Mind.

The first essay is too long to post in toto here, but I thought it'd be interesting to post about since he's been under radar for some years now despite greatly influencing many reactionary voices in the internet era, not to mention founding (and then leaving) Urbit. The first entry overall just seems to be a redux of Unqualified Reservations and in particular his Open Letter, though in much more consumable and condensed format. His writing style starts off a bit lazy but picks up near the end, he might be trying too hard to sound like the younger Moldbug despite being a decade older. If you're familiar with Moldbug or reactionary-right (or even reactionary-left) ideas, not much will seem new here, just a general overview of the landscape he would usually cover with regards to politics. I'm hoping the later articles will pick up steam - it's not like we (people who agree or have sympathy with reactionary ideas, that is) don't already know that fascism, communism/socialism, and "democracy" are all bad answers to the question of (modern) governance for various reasons - and I'm curious to see if he has any new ideas, which would presumably be reserved for the final essay. It could also just be more of the same, considering he'd been so heavily invested with development of Urbit and raising a family presumably, but it'll be interesting to see where exactly he might take things.

Marco Fucko

I fantasized about this back in Chicago
True & Honest Fan
Oh boy internet reactionaries are coming back. Can't wait to see how far along Michael Anissimov is with his Waco compound.

Krokodil Overdose

IIRC, Moldbug was the first guy to use "the red pill" in a political context (or at least the first one to catch on.)

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