The Dragging of Ricky Gervais - makes trans joke, defends Count Dankula, in process of being excommunicated

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We really have come full circle as a society when comedians are being targeted by hysterical moral guardians

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When in the hell has Rocky Gervais ever been politically correct? I see a bunch of you saying “this is what he gets!” but his whole standup career was based on making fun of fat people for years.

Is apologizing for using the word “Mong” really what gets you labeled as an SJW?

He might be a liberal but labeling him as some sort of SJW is pretty ridiculous. His comedy (standup at least) has always been intentionally offensive
I think it's context, mong might just sound like a general Britishism for people who don't know British slang but it's not just a general insult it specifically refers to someone with downs syndrome, it's like how spaz is a lighthearted insult in the US but seen as a pretty offensive one in the UK.
I watched the special out of spite, the trans stuff is pretty mild.
Me too, the trans-chimpanzee thing made me just wish Karl was there.
this is ricky gervais right now:
I thought that was one of those fake Fedora/Euphoria magazine covers at first.
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