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Nov 12, 2021
Inclusivity Project (At least a year old footage):
Nice to see a rare unfiltered look at the family. According to Glenn's assessment of her emotional telegraphy, Luna did not like the interview. Maybe she's just camera shy? If that's the case she must really have a hard time living in that home.

Apr 20, 2021

Apr 20, 2022
Given how quiet she's been about the Cali visit to see Luna's surgeon I think it's a fairly safe bet she didn't hear anything she wanted to hear. Seems like Robyn is also sinking even deeper into woo horseshit.

Sperm brows still perfectly sperm-shaped tho

She’s also noticeably thinner, probably stress related.

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Mar 16, 2022
I don't think Robyn realizes how dark, and darkly funny, her "you don't see the full picture, what's really going on, you only see what I show you" speech is.
Yeah. We know we don't see it all. But it's clearly much worse than anybody knows. A person doesn't need to be an "empath" to pick up on the big "you have no idea how bad things truly are" energy.

Mar 12, 2013
So Luna's new chair shes been showing is this one. Price is lowballing it since some required options that Luna has have to be set up
with an agent:

Attached is the brochure on it.
I'm fine with the wheelchair since Luna is so immobile and brain damaged that she will benefit far more from a safe place to sit than all the therapy bullshit she goes through. Unfortunate that allowing Atlas to play on it like that nullifies the safety aspect that poor Luna deserves. But if Luna fell and it caused her head to explode everywhere like a dropped egg, it'd be nothing less than the narc deserves.


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Jun 17, 2016
It's not the doctor's fault, and I don't think it's fair at all to say he "made such a terrible mistake". He thought it was possible he could help a child who was suffering by doing something he has devoted his entire life to mastering. Pediatric surgeons really, really care about their patients in a way that adult surgeons do not.

Robyn was never going to accept the inevitable from the start.
No, I guess I worded that wrong. No blame to the doctor, I’m positive he thought he was doing his best, and I’m not one to believe that Robyn got one over on him. I was talking about mistake more in the unintended consequences type of way.

I saw a mediocre show about a guy going back in time and stopping the Kennedy assassination. He intended to do a good thing for humanity but it backfired in ways he couldn’t foresee and ended up ruining the world.

This surgeon had no idea that Robyn would not understand what he most certainly told her-That this wasn’t a cure, she’d never be normal, but might help in ways they weren’t sure of. He didn’t realize she’d drop the idea of early death and imagine her daughter fully cured, just needing facial reconstruction.

We all make mistakes that we can’t see at the time, thinking we are doing out best. The doctor did do the best for his patient, Luna, but he couldn’t foresee what would happen to the family system.

Hope that’s clearer but no blame on the doctor.

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May 5, 2020
No bitch, you don't get to just sit back. You have another very healthy child that you could be actually playing with and keeping him out of the therapists' way while they work. They aren't there to babysit your children for 45-60 minutes.

Also, I noticed something about her posts. The ones with Luna and/or Atlas get thousands of likes while the reiki and other woo shit gets a couple hundred and the healy get even less. It gives me a chuckle.
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