The Fishing Thread - I fuckin love the fall

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So you have to move a little bit to catch fish, and fish themselves move, seems to qualify for here.

This is a general thread for all discussion relating to the great worldwide sport of fishing.

Post about recent trips, baits and techniques, and anything at all related to fishing. Pics are ok, but take care not to dox yourself ofc.

Right now the northern US should be in full ice fishing mode. Has anyone been out?

Have been doing pretty good on walleyes at a rock reef in maybe 30 feet of water on a lake. Catching them mainly on hair jigs tipped with minnows and powerbait twitch tails on a drop shot.

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Bream = bluegill right?

Can't get much simpler than that. To start go buy a simple walmart special panfish rod and reel combo. Should be able to get one for less than $20. In addition, you're going to want to buy some small panfish hooks, small bobbers, and some small split shot weights (I would go with ones even smaller than what I pictured, but that was all Wally world had atm). Bait your hook with small chunks of nightcrawlers. SMALL pieces of the worm, only fools use whole worms for bluegills.

Rig the bobber above the split shot, and the split shot above the hook. If you need help with you knot I would Google "improved clinch knot" it's very easy to tie and incredibly versatile. I probably tie this and a palomar knot more than anything else.

Once you're at your spot, take a second to survey the water and explore a bit. You're going to want to look for what anglers call "cover" or "structure". At its simplest this is any variation from the overall standard environment. This could be a tree or stump that's fallen into the water, a rock or boulder pile, or perhaps some weeds/vegetation like a some lily pads. Fish will use these spots to hide from bigger fish, hunt for smaller fish, and as a simple reference point in the environment. Find one of these and fish your bobber near it. While fishing is about patience, bluegill are supposed to be easy to catch, if after 15-20 minutes you haven't had any action from one piece of structure, move Down shore to the next. Sometimes you need to find the fish rather than wait for them to come to you.

Lucky for you I'm at Walmart and took pictures while here of all the basic stuff you'll need.

Happy fishing!


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We did a little trolling
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I wasn't fishing in ages, sadly.
In my part of germany you need a license( I have one) for many waters, so that you are allowed to catch predatory fish(you're restricted to use only low level equipment without the the license) so you aren't likely to catch predator.
But in private waters you mostly don't need that (you need to follow the rules of the owner ).
Here are some native species for the lurker to watch.

EN: common bleak

EN: Common rudd

EN: Tench

EN: Common roach

We have many species of Carp
EN: common carp / european carp

EN: grass carp

EN: European perch

EN: northern pike

EN: Zander ?
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Out on the ice today. A decent if not great bite so far.

Update: Been getting out for the first time since ice out. My first success was getting largemouth in the local small ponds. Yesterday I caught my first fish out of the river. The ice went out on the larger lakes a couple days ago, going to be out trying to stick some walleye on a boat tomorrow. I'm elated, it was a long, long winter. And real fishing season is finally here.

Anyone else been catching some fish?


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Ha! I forgot about this thread. It's been a pretty good spring so far for fishing. I started getting my first fish when the ice went out in late march. I've caught hundreds of smallmouth, walleye, pike, and crappie since then. I'll have to post some pics later.

Tight lines and good luck to you all this season!

I've started fishing but have had a real bad time of it. On most days I don't catch anything. When I do, it's usually small panfish. Got one decent-sized largemouth bass once.

What kind of water bodies do you usually fish? What baits and gear are you using and what are you wanting to be catching?
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What kind of water bodies do you usually fish? What baits and gear are you using and what are you wanting to be catching?

A local city park where lots of people fish. I mostly sit on the shores and use a standard pole with a small hook and worms as bait, sometimes Panfish Assassin lures (small minnow replicas). I try to aim for bluegills, because I know they live in the lake, but I've also pulled out what I think was some sort of trout and a largemouth bass once. I fish between 4:30 pm and 7:00 pm.

I don't own a boat and don't have much experience, so I don't try anything more complicated.

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For live bait, sometimes blue gills will prefer wax worms over crawlers. You just use a chunk of the worm right instead of the whole thing? The whole worm is to big for gills u just end up feeding them.

For bass, on a small body of water if I'm just trying to catch something to see if they are there, I'll start with a small ball head jig rigged with a grub or straight tailed minnow, you just cast out and slowly reel it back while bouncing it along, try to make it look like a minnow or bait fish just swimming along. You can also let it sink to the bottom, then hop and crawl it back.

A senko is also a deadly pond bass bait, there are tons of youtube vids on how to fish them, they are one of the shallower learning curves around. Just cast it out on a hook with no weight and let it slowly sink to the bottom, bass will gobble it up as it falls. Once it hits bottom you can bounce it back to you, or just reel it back quick and cast again to a new location.


Caught some bass after work today, a few smallies and one largemouth. Gar were biting but I couldnt get a solid hookset with my small jigs so they kept spitting my bait back at me. Also hooked something absolutely massive. Stripped out almost all my drag and I had to chase it downstream for a good quarter mile before it snapped me. Must have fought it for almost half an hour, but it got into the current, and only having 4 lb test line I was doomed. I can only imagine it was a giant carp or flathead catfish. Based how heavy it felt and its sheer power it was one of the biggest fish I've ever hooked. Literally was nothing I could do to turn it around, but I damn sure tried til the last second, o well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

EDIT: didnt want to double post, so here's a chonk from today. Always fun to catch a fat cat on 4 lb line and artificial jigs. Wasnt big enough to warrant pulling out the scale but I would estimate around 6lbs or so. Fun fish. Species is channel catfish for those curious.

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I go surf casting from time to time. My buddy likes to get competitive but I just like chilling on the beach and drinking a beer at 5am. Cant stay later than 10 because that’s when the green heads come out. Usually catch strippers. I’ll never forget the time I got a ray really tangled up in my line though.
Sometimes largemouths in a pond nearby. There’s a snapping turtle there who loves to visit. If he’s lucky we toss him a bluegill.

Hard to see from that pic but the best way to tell is by counting the rays on the anal fin. A channel cat will have 24-29 rays and a blue will have 30-36.
After looking at it more and comparing it to channels I've caught, it's definitely a blue. Not only do the anal fins have more rays, they're shaped different too. A blue cat's goes straight back to the tail fin while a channel is kind of rounded. Although I wish it was a channel because a 25lb channel cat is a lot more impressive than a 25 blue.


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Haven't had the time this year for any fishing. I prefer to target large mouth bass when I do go. I find that a weightless Texas rigged finesse worm works the best for me. I have to remind myself to slow down my retrieve in cold water. Every once in awhile I'll use top water baits. My favorites are hula poppers and Zara spooks.

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Also, here's my first decent largemouth since like friggin October. View attachment 806853
Hell yeah. A largemouth was the first fish I caught this year after the ice went out in march. The day after the ice went on a local pond I went out and bounced a gulp minnow along the bottom. On like my third cast a I got slammed by a solid 3 elbee fish. I was hooting and hollering when I landed it like I'd just caught an over time touchdown in the superbowl. Felt sooo good to set that hook into that fish.

I thought about going out after work tonight but elected to watch the cubs vs white sox game instead. An obvious mistake as the cubbies lost 3-1 tonight.

The easy mode spring river bite where you catch a smallmouth or pike or walleye every other cast is done here now, so I'm starting to focus more on largemouth bass and catfish.

Tomorrow evening I might get out and try to catch something.

Update: I have been having just too much fun catching all these bass on topwater. This single old, discontinued rebel chug-r has become such a bite producing bait I might have to retire it to my hall of fame shelf because i if i lose it at this point I'll be heartbroken. Need to hit Ebay and find some more to replace it. Always loved rebel pop-r baits but this chug-r variant is something else. Highly recommended if you can get your hands on one.


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