The Foreskin and Chris's Ass Thread

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Welcome to the foreskin/Chris's ass thread!


See that guy up there? He doesn't care about children's well-being and safety.

Circumcision has a wide variety of benefits including (but not limited to)
  • Reducing the risk of H.I.V infections
  • Reducing the risk of sexually transmitted diseases overall.
  • Reduces the risk of penile cancers
  • Increases sensitivity (and pleasure)
  • Reduces chance of penile injury later in life.
Circumcision should be heavily suggested right after birth. Some people think it's bad because Muslims and Jews do it, but the evidence clearly reveals the real world benefits.

Anyone else care to voice their opinions?
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Oct 14, 2014
Circumcision is by far the greatest invention since the Jews got it into their head that bread can be sliced. We need to keep on circumcising our infants so that parents won't be burdened by the need to clean the smegma from their infant boys' wangdoodle. Smegma is a plague on the population of purple-helmeted yoghurt slingers, and in order to maintain the health and consumability of the Jurassic pork, we must remove foreskin as much as Hungary removes kebab. Save the Kraken; cut off the excess skin.