The Foreskin and Chris's Ass Thread

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RV 229

Man dis crazy.
I like dis.

So hey, have you ever met anyone who was all foreskin? Like, say you meet a guy for the first time at a fancy restaurant, and you sit at the table with him, and he has to peel his skin back from the top of his cranium down to his jawline to look at you and say hello? Y'know, like that?
Yeah, but she ended up being a chick. Her name was Tammy Slaton.


Guvking Stalbjer
Feb 4, 2013
Because reasons

lets have another article.

Yes, Lets.

The "health benefits" of circumcision are overstated and overrated.
The only reason this bronze age idiocy is still practiced is for theological reasons that don't hold up to scrutiny; or which only make sense if you assume Yahweh is a bloodthirsty sadist who revels in the suffering of newborns.

OP, This thread is bad, and you should feel bad for posting it.
But I know OP be twolling, so that's why I'm not even mad.


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Oct 14, 2014
  1. A moment ago Liquid Squirtle:
    @ @TheAmazingAxolotl, We're using Chris' ass to release some of the autism in the thread in the same way that Chris' ass is ued to release some of the shit into his pants
This is by far the greatest explanation for a thread I have ever seen in my pathetic life.